7 Steps to Living a Fulfilled Life | Brian Tracy

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self-actualization and self fulfillment

results when you feel that you are

becoming everything that you're capable

of becoming hello I'm Brian Tracy today

I want to talk to you about how to live

a happier more fulfilled life basically

the great goal of everybody in a busy

world it's very easy to feel as if you

are unhappy or unfulfilled

maybe you feel as if you do not have

enough money or your relationships are

not where you want them to be you may

easily catch yourself wondering if I

just had this or that then I would be

happy this by the way is very famous as

if then thinking it's amazing how many

people live their whole lives if then if

then if I had this if I can have that

and so on then I would be happy the

truth is fulfilment cannot always come

from material things in fact easily 85

percent of fulfilment does not come from

material things it comes from emotional

things it comes from people and

relationships and inner knowledge and

and so on so fulfilment is a mindset and

Happiness is found when you can reflect

and find contentment here are seven

steps that you can take to feel more

fulfilled and happy right now

first surround yourself with positivity

a great deal of your happiness maybe

eighty five ninety percent can be

affected by your environment if you

notice that you spend too much of your

time with people who have a negative

impact on your mood or attitude it may

be time to branch out and connect with

people who make you smile and push you

toward positivity second you must

visualize success all change in your

external world begins with a change in

your mental pictures give yourself goals

to reach whether in your personal or

professional life maybe you want to lose

weight or go back to school for a higher

degree and more career opportunities or

you want to drink more water

whatever you are wanting to accomplish

you are most likely to be successful if

you set tangible goals after you have to

set these goals implement a plan to

achieve them step by step and spend time

visualizing what it will take to be

successful what you will look like if

you're successful third is celebrate

your accomplishments when you achieve

success and reach your goals or a goal

it's incredibly important to celebrate

those wins and reward yourself in some

way give yourself recognition for a job

well done this can be done by going out

with friends for the night or buying it

one thing you have been holding off on

or spending a day treating yourself or

simply doing anything to celebrate that

you have accomplished a goal next take

charge it is often too easy to put

others in charge of your own happiness

such as a spouse or friend the truth is

that you are completely responsible for

your own happiness and your own

fulfillment instead of blaming other

people or things for your lack of

happiness take the matter into your own

hands and find ways to be fulfilled no

matter what comes your way or how others

treats you fifth help others a great way

to feel fulfilled is to share what you

have with other people

this can include time or money or skills

if you are using these resources to

benefit others

you are sure not only to help them out

but you'll also add to your own

happiness 6 take care of yourself even

though it is great to help others it's

vital that you do not overlook your own


give yourself rest when you need it lead

a healthy and active lifestyle if you

are taking care of yourself you'll be

much more able to influence others

around you and you'll feel much happier

overall 7 find the good in others while

it may seem as if there is little to

cherish in your life a time

you must look within and acknowledge the

things that are going right find the

situations and people in your life for

which you are grateful and focus on

these develop an attitude gratitude

focusing on the positives will not only

help you to feel a great sense of

fulfillment but will also allow you to

identify the areas in your life where

changes could be made if you enjoyed

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before we wrap up I'd like to leave you

with a thought to share with your

friends and followers self actualization

and self fulfilment results when you

feel that you are becoming everything

that you're capable of becoming now I'd

love to hear from you so my question

today is this are you in the right

mindset for success

or do you have some work to do on your

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