How Can I Live a Fruitful Life?

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here's a conversation that you can start

with family and friends about the things

of God in the Bible this conversation

starts with a question and the question

is how can I live a fruitful life well

let me first explain to you what

fruitfulness means the word fruitful

means to thrive to be luck Syrian to

have a free flow of growth and increase

without really trying hard when you

watch your fruit there's no exerting of

effort for an orange to grow out of a

branch it naturally comes out of it as

it is thriving in the midst of that now

Jesus says that the way you become

fruitful in John chapter 15 verse 4 he

says if you remain in me as I also

remain in you no branch can bear fruit

by itself it must remain in the vine

neither can you bear fruit unless you

remain in me no branch can bear fruit

fruitfulness happens if you remain in

the vine and you cannot bear fruit

unless you remain in me Jesus says how

do you become fruitful by remaining in a

relationship with him he further says in

verse 5 I am the vine and you are the

branches if you remain in me and I am

you you won't just bear fruit you will

bear much fruit and fruit that apart

from me you can do nothing about if you

remain in me and my words remain in you

ask whatever you wish and it will be

done for you by my father in heaven this

is my father's glory that you bear much

fruit truth of the matter is it is God's

desire that you and I bear much fruit

not only to bear much fruit because

fruitfulness shows ourselves to be his

disciples let's pray father thank you

for the privilege of bearing fruit in

you Lord is our desire they're willing

fruitful lives in every area of our

lives whether that's our marriage our

relationships our health our finances in

every facet of our lives or our careers

let there be fruitfulness a father help

us to understand and realize apart from

you we can do nothing and the only way

we can become fruitful is by being and

remaining in the vine in a relationship

with you

this is our prayer God that we become

fruitful thriving luxuriant growing

without effort in Jesus name we pray

amen and amen