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hi guys how's it going check this out we

are here in Nusa Penida

and it's pretty late and in today's

video we're gonna go over mike the seals

ultimate guide to freedom and abundance

but with that being said let's actually

cue the intro




awesome guys so yeah I know the

backgrounds a little bit different we're

doing something different where we do

like the epic intro or whatever

recording the entire thing in the actual

place that we are right now who we are

here in Nusa Penida we are actually

waiting for our ferry to take us back to

mainland bali where we can continue to

provide epic content for you guys on

YouTube on Instagram on Pinterest and

literally every single thing for my blog

but you know one of the biggest things

that I want to talk about today is just

the ultimate guide to freedom in

abundance and I'm not just talking about

like financial freedom I'm talking about

like all the different freedoms possible

and I think the best way for really me

to explain this freedom to you guys and

to allow you to understand and learn the

lessons that I did is to kind of like

take you through the journey of how I

was able to do that guys remember we

guys gonna understand right especially

when you're like building your business

is you know money is not the end-all

be-all right it's not like the thing

that you are actually waking up for it's

these five freedoms and these five

freedoms the money just really opens it

up okay so let's actually talk about

gonna talk about the five freedoms right

now and then we're gonna go dive deep

into each one of those so we could

actually catch our ferry back to

mainland Pali hopefully make it because

like the waves or we're kind of bad and

um yeah so the five freedoms are

financial freedom our time freedom our

location freedom and then that opens up

social freedom and physical freedom so

let's actually start off with the

financial freedom okay you know let's

kind of talk about the story on why I

wanted to get into financial freedom

okay financial freedom is defined as a

way where for the rest of your life you

never have to work a day in your life

and I definitely recommend every single

person out there get on some type of

journey to financial freedom I mean

think about this man what's the goal in

retiring when you're 65 right I mean

when you're younger you have all the

energy in the world you have all the

time but you have no money when you're

when you get a job you have all the

money in the world you have all the

energy but you don't have the time

you're trading eight hours of your life

every single day for your job right and

then when you're old you have all

money in the world you have all the time

the world to enjoy and travel the world

with your wife or husband or whatever

you know you don't have the energy to

actually go out there and get like live

the life that you want right like I'd

rather be young and have the time the

energy and the money and that's why

every single person I don't care if

you're 18 16 14 or like 29 39 49 89

right you need to commit to the first

level of freedom which is financial

freedom and the reason because of this

is because of the fact that this money

right we are such a slave to money where

you know we do things we don't like so

that we could just make money so that we

can buy it to impress people we don't

like right so when you kind of get your

finances straight it kind of like frees

you from just societal pressures from

you following the status quo and you

just you know getting a job and just

being a good little boy so that you know

you can make some money and then you

know support your family okay

so once you walk focus on financial

freedom you know either start a business

maybe start investing in real estate

like what me and my little sister and my

dad are doing is finding more ways

multiple streams of income coming in so

that the cost of living is less than

among money that's coming in on a daily

basis and you could look at my blog and

everything about you town for that the

moment you do that the second thing

that's going to happen is you're gonna

experience the second freedom which is

time freedom okay now remember this we

have 24 hours in a day now you're

sleeping for eight of those hours and on

top of that you're working for eight of

those hours and the other 8 of those

hours people just normally watch TV now

what happens when most people start

gaining some money and their financial

freedom level or the money that they're

making every single day is more than the

amount of money that they're actually

spending once it exceeds what happens is

normally people start working more okay

so I don't really believe in it I think

you take that newfound freedom that time

freedom start living your life guys I

mean if you really think about this

imagine if you had a bank account and

every single day you had eighty six

thousand four hundred dollars that was

into your bank account and

your goal was to spend every single one

of those dollars okay because by the

time midnight happens you know all of

those dollar bills would be burned okay

if you had eighty six thousand four

hundred dollars in your bank account and

it was gonna deplete by midnight would

you spend it all or would you just save

it all right

you're probably gonna spend it on

especially if it's gonna like burn by

midnight well the thing about this is we

do have that bank account and it's

called our time every single day we have

86,400 seconds in a day and most of the

people they just throw it away they

watch TV right they watch Netflix and I

love Netflix man but trust me dude I'd

rather like see like dude if you've been

a new sip Aneta and you've seen and just

like broken BTW you've been a choose

Beach and I will put some pictures right

here your brain literally expands and

your imagination turns into a television

okay Nomi you have time freedom to live

your life maybe travel the world maybe

do the things that you want to do and

actually me to the third freedom which

is social freedom okay

the reason why people are walking around

like drones no one's saying hi to

someone it's weird guys it's weird for

you to go up to a stranger and just say

hi right like how insane is that us as

human beings you know we're social

creatures and the reason why we're

surviving in today's economy are just

like in life or just an evolution is

because of the fact that we're social

creatures we learn together

and it's because of our cooperation yet

how come when someone like goes to a

coffee shop and they're curious about

something or they see a pretty girl

where they see something on someone's

like laptop it's not being nosy they're

just like oh man that's also shop fire

oh that he's also has a blog instead of

actually asking and relating and sharing

that experience how many people just

like flinch and then they go inwards and

they just antisocial man you know in

story with this is like man there was a

point in my life where I was making a

lot of money and a lot of time but I was

so alone man and it was it sucked

because I was like ma'am maybe I'm

unhappy because I just need to make more

money right in all honesty do the reason

why you want time freedom and financial

freedom is so that you could spend it

with the people you care about

right like hanging out with your mom and


dad we're like doing a challenge with

your mom and say hey mom if you lose 10

pounds we'll give you $1000 every

sometime you lose ten pounds we'll give

you a thousand dollars that's a cool

thing right all money is in all time is

is a tool for you to allow you and your

loved ones to live the life that you

guys want and not by other people's

definition okay not by getting the fence

car that mansion whatever it's by

whatever it is that you want what makes

you happy right and that leads me to and

that that's why social freedom literally

get out there and say hi to someone you

know every single person that we met and

what we'll do a video of us maybe like

running or on the mopeds right here you

know is because of the fact that me

Gavin an REO when we were in Bali we

just said hi to random people and now we

were literally with a group of 10

awesome people in Nusa Penida because of

the fact that we just said hi to a

random stranger can you imagine how cool

would be to literally live in life where

you are never alone in the world imagine

would be like right now you're like on

your computer alone right but to be able

to go anywhere in life and just be with

somebody it would be amazing right you

never have to be alone and that leads me

to the last freedom which is physical

freedom allow yourself to be healthy

okay and it's allow yourself to live

longer okay so what we do is we do

fitness we do like Muay Thai we do

boxing we do everything so that we can

actually liberalize so guys this is the

ultimate guide to Michael seals freedom

and just everything in life so hopefully

this helps guys what do you guys want

more of you guys want more of the

financed freedom to time freedom the

social freedom how we're actually gay

being able to hang out with ten random

strangers that we just like all are so

damn close because the fact that we

literally randomly met them seven days

ago because they're mindsets are saying

what do you guys want more comment below

and I'll see you guys because I think

we're gonna be late for our ferry so

that thing said take it easy guys I love

you guys and yeah man thank you so much

for joining us on our journey outro