How To Be A Free Spirit ☆ (with Kate Flowers)

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hey guys what's up its Elise here and

guess you get this you probably already

know it's my friends Kate flowers we're

here at the Woodstock fruit festival

second year in a row last year this is

where we met each other and I'm so

excited to have her here in a video to

share with you if you guys didn't see

our other video we had one back in this

springtime it kind of had some

controversial comments little


the message was positives yeah if you

want to see our first video together

we'll put that in the link below we also

filmed what we ate today which is going

to go up on Kate's channel and yeah do

you want to just give like a little

intro of what you have on your YouTube

channel what you're all about is were

I'm Kate flowers on YouTube and Kate

fruit flowers almost everywhere else I

talk a lot about food and being vegan

being raw vegan I do tons of what I eat

in a day videos because people really

like to see them so I just keep making

them I talk about my history with

anorexia I talk about my history with

drug use I talked about sobriety I talk

about LGBT lgbtq+ community and also I'm

a ballet dancer so I talk about that and

being like a vegan raw vegan athlete

she's basically like a bundle if you

aren't already subscribed to gate

channel definitely go do that we'll put

the link in the description so today we

want to talk to you about how to be a

free spirit and we're gonna jump right

into it without hesitation yeah

tip number one define what being a free

spirit means to you yeah because we

don't all have the definition same

definition of anything we don't all have

the same definition of what being

successful is what being beautiful is or

any of that so define what a free spirit

means for you personally individually

it's not going to be the same as what we

think it means for us but do you want to

talk a little bit about like what it

means Preston yeah I think that like

it's this great idea and I remember

being younger like 15 16 17 18 years old

and like posting things on MySpace or

Facebook that were like free spirit and

I just wanted so badly to body that I

like felt like I was a free spirit

trapped inside of a non free spirit body

or mentality or emotional state or

whatever but I always resonated with the

idea of it I think the main thing that

keeps coming to my mind which is gonna

sound a little strange is confidence

because and you have this sense of who

you are it really

comes through and everything that you do

in life how you interact with people how

your thought process how you manifest

things into your life the kind of

abundance that you bring into your life

all comes from feeling like you own it

you're secure in it you

yeah and so to me it kind of means

having that inner sense of self and

confidence and self-worth like not

having the fear of judgment of the

people right because you're so darn

confident in exactly anything and

everything that you're doing so for me

being a free spirit definitely embodies

a lot of the things that came just

mentioned about having that like boost

of self-esteem self-confidence like self

assurance within yourself and also to be

free of like health problems to be free

of shippable ailments to be free of

those mind traps that we could have set

ourselves into flow with being fearful

being doubtful shaming ourselves feeling

guilty like all of that stuff just pulls

you down and read you down and keeps you

like locked in this little cage and to

be free of all of that so all the stuff

that keeps that plus to be healthy to be

healthy in your body both physically

mentally emotionally all of that stuff

and also financially yeah that's

something that I feel like I was never

taught as a child like not for my

parents not from teachers so basically

what that means to me is not having a

limit on the things that I can earn in

life because I feel like with a

traditional job there's there's a limit

on how much you get earned you can only

get so many raises and only earn that

much money so there's a

but for me being an entrepreneur and for

us being entrepreneurs means that

there's no limit like the more love and

passion and energy and time that we put

into network whatever it is passion

project and more financial abundance we

can create yeah I mean I think that the

main thing is that so many people are

worried about and stressed out about

finances and money and they put at

emphasis on it and all that does is it

perpetuates the issue more it doesn't

bring you more abundance or any more

money and when you have more of the

financial freedom I think that that

aspect is so important it just allows

you to be more free-spirited you get to

do more of what you love you get to have

that sense of yeah that funds of being a

free spirit and you don't have to say no

to things as you wish without having

that limited like wait okay so with the

camera died so we're filming new device

a little different yeah tip number two

what is it the little things yeah the

little things means incorporate things

into your life every single day make it

a ritual make it a habit that you do

things every day that make you feel a

little bit free for me that might be

driving around with the windows down and

the wind blowing in my face and

listening to my favorite song and that

could just take five minutes and it

doesn't have to be that you spend your

whole day doing things that make you

feel free but incorporate little things

that do

yeah it doesn't have to be something

massive like moving to a new place yeah

quit your job and try and start over

completely because you wouldn't be a

free spirit and do it yeah and look

that's a great idea baby steps but baby


yeah and one thing for me is I love to

have bare feet makes me feel super free

and not shaving my armpits also makes me

feel free like not having to fit into

those societal norms so kind of just

like honoring myself in those ways oh

yeah another little thing that I like to

very often that makes me feel through

you spirited like whenever I'm happy I'm

just like always making some sort of

sound and sometimes it's like well it's

always just like a sound tonight come up

with Addison's always like babe what are

you singing or like what are you humming

and I'm like I don't know like the song

of my heart like I just feel so free and


so expressing myself definitely makes me

feel free to find what it is for you it

could be hugging a tree going for a walk

in the woods it could be meditating

dancing singing drawing journaling

whatever it is find those little things

and incorporate them every day don't

just do them every once in a while make

sure you spend five or ten minutes at

least every single day doing that

eventually these things will add up and

they'll feel more comfortable and

natural for you and one day you'll look

back and be like wow six months ago I

was a totally different person yeah and

a year ago and five years ago so taking

those little tiny action steps and doing

things that make you feel good and make

you feel free spirited and light and

just like open to the world and loving

those things will all add up yeah and

you can start doing a little bit of

bigger things and it's kind of step your

way up or just be satisfied with those

little yeah to your life it definitely

over time makes you the more you feel it

the more you will embody it and then

more that it will become your life you

just have to trust that process and it's

not gonna change overnight you're not

gonna go from you know working a job

that's something you don't like or being

in school all the time we're feeling

totally trapped in on you're free to

being a free spirit the next day but

incorporating those little things will

definitely help and don't get


like looking at where you are now where

other people are just focus on yourself

and taking those

then what the reading is to let go

totally letting go of the things that

are keeping you and preventing you from

feeling free so what's something little

I have a big one not a little addictive

habits so I I quit doing like seriously

hard drugs like ten years ago I quit and

then I still held on to like smoking

cigarettes even alcohol for a really


and then two years ago I put both of

those things and letting go of those

even though I thought it was kind of

still there's a normal than they do for

me personally letting go of those things

completely completely change if you

watched our other video if you guys hear

this craziness in the background they're

singing and dancing a little kids

playing so please bear with us just a

couple more minutes of what we have to

share with you today

so what little thing that I let go of in

my life that I felt like was preventing

me from feeling free was answering text

messages like as soon as I send them for

answering test text messages like period

so I used to feel so stressed and like

tied down to my poems and answering

individuals when they were text week and

I kind of just like let go of that make

me feel good it made me feel like

anxious hundun um so now I answer texts

when I feel like

filled with joy I'm like excited to

answer a text and that might mean like

hours go by before I enter it or days go

by or months go by and that I explained

like hey this is what was happening in

my life but I'm so excited to like catch

up with you now and that feels really

freeing to me do not feel those like

ties you'll do people cuz it's so much

more at ease in my experience more

authentic to connect with people when I

feel totally ready and stove's to me

yeah absolutely so it can be something

big or something little anywhere in

between once you start incorporating

more things that you feel free and you

feel like you're ready to let go of

certain things you'll know you'll have

this sense of what it is and whether

it's something big like letting go of an

addiction or a relationship or a job or

it's something small that just you'd

you're doing because you feel obligated

like over you said rather than when

you're doing these sites you really want

to when you're a free spirit you don't


so that's a people in for sure yeah

and again just like the previous step it

takes time and everything can add up and

then you look back and you're like wow

there was little tiny adjustments we

allowed me to feel absolutely I have

that I didn't I didn't even really know

it was happening while it was happening

in - I like the retrospective like wow

I'm a different person so it's exciting

and I want you to be a pree spirit I

want you to feel what that feels like

because it's completely liberating and

we all are inside so don't get

discouraged just take the little steps

that will get you there and trust

yourself trust your intuition with those

feelings that come up something or

adding something new into your life and

we wish you the best and we'll see you

in a new video together in the future

eventually I hope that you enjoyed our

talk today I hope you enjoyed Kate's

presence again check out her channel if

you haven't already