The First Step towards a Focused LIfe

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did you find that you were hyper focused


every activity that you were part of

throughout the day while you were in the


at first no because i was never taught

how to concentrate

i didn't learn concentration until i

joined the monastery so it wasn't until

i went there

that i learned but it was easier to to

learn it there because i was surrounded


monks who can concentrate and then i was

also taught how to

but now i i feel i don't have any

problem concentration but not

because i am a master at it or i am i'm

excellent it's just that i've been

practicing it for so many years and i've

created those pathways

i created patterns in my subconscious

that trains my awareness to be on one

thing at a time

what does that coaching look like if you

were coaching me i'm the distracted kid

i come into the monastery you're my guru

uh i have a hard time concentrating what

are some of the steps you're taking me

with to help me with that

i would say the first thing is i would

teach you how the mind works we wouldn't

even learn how to concentrate we need

i need you to really understand how the

mind works

once you know the mechanics of it then

you can actually start to control it but

if you don't know the mechanics of how

the mind works

then it becomes really difficult and i

don't know anything about the brain

it the mind is what our training is so

if you ask me about the pre-frontal

cortex or the whatever like

i have no idea what you're talking about

if you ask me about the mind that's my


right so understanding the mind is so

crucial so even like in

i have a course that's coming out in a

book that's coming out purely on


i the first big chunk of the book is

about the mind

understanding awareness and the mind

really getting people to understand that

because if you don't understand that

then you can't concentrate