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what's up everyone my name is Alex Goss

and if you've been following me for a

while you know that I try my best to

live a healthy lifestyle for many reason

a lot of you guys ask me about my life

styling what I do to stay healthy and

lean so I decided to put some personal

tips here on this video to help boost

your motivation and get you to look and

feel your best starting right now by the

way this video is sponsored by the

National Pork Board and we're gonna be

going over some nutrition tips and just

a little bit but first let's talk about

sleep when you're young and you don't

value sleep I know that I never did

right I thought sleeping sucked and it

was just getting in the way of my

parties my work my social life but as

you get a little bit older and more

mature you start to understand how

important sleeping really is and it's


we spend a third of our lives sleeping

so the best thing that you can do to

maximize the quality of your sleep is

invest into these three things number

one a new mattress get rid of your old

crappy mattress and get something that

you love something that gets you excited

to lay down after you've had a very long

day number two get blackout blinds

alright sleep in pitch-black dark and

your life will change completely and

number three get into a consistent sleep

schedule try to go to bed every night at

a certain time and wake up at the same

time the next morning my productivity

went through the roof once I started

applying all of this into my schedule I

have more energy during the day I fall

asleep faster my body is rested and I

don't feel achy throughout the day my

back doesn't hurt you know I'm telling

you it is completely life-changing next

up make working out a priority forget

the rest of your day forget all these

little things that come up because

things always come up things that are

always in the way if you don't make

working out a priority then there's

always gonna be something else happen oh

I can't work out right now because I

have to clean these dishes or I have to

call my friends or I have to do this and

that work out first get your exercising

done before doing these other things you

know once you make working out a

priority you will always work out in

your body will finally start to change

but of course working out is only 20 to

30 percent of what we need to do to

change our bodies our diet is actually

the most important aspect of living a

healthy lifestyle as you guys know I

have a pretty strict diet but I don't

count macros or any of that I don't

obsess over it I just eat healthy food

and I stay away from unhealthy things

make sure you're getting a nice healthy


like oats or eggs with loads of water

and maybe some fruit and as for lunch

and dinner you need to make sure that

you're getting all the protein that your

body needs pork tenderloin is considered

to be an extra lean cut of protein by

the USDA already has two point 98 grams

of fat per serving compared to three

point zero or three grams on skinless

chicken breast that's crazy

it has 22 grams of protein it's

extremely nutritious and to be honest I

didn't really know that I had to do a

lot of research this week to make this

video and you blew me away that pork is

leaner than chicken breast just cook it

to the right temperature until it's a

light blush pink color at a hundred and

forty five degrees Fahrenheit and I know

that some of you can't eat pork right

due to religious reasons and that's

obviously fine but if you can it's a

really good option where I'm from in

Brazil we eat a lot of pork alright it's

how we make some of our best and

tastiest dishes yeah I miss Brazilian

food so much I need to book another trip

to see my family and eat a lot

ASAP guys don't forget to eat a balanced

diet you don't need to count macros but

you do need to realize what is good and

what is bad eating healthy will change

your body from every angle you will feel

better you'll look better from your

muscles to you're lowering body fat

percentage to your overall health

definitely incorporate a healthy diet

into your lifestyle and add pork to your

healthy diet all right you can visit

pork org slash cooking to learn more

quick shout out to the National Pork

Board for helping me realize the healthy

benefits of eating pork and for

sponsoring today's video so now you have

a healthy diet you're sleeping well

you're working out what else can you do

to be healthy well next avoid the big

three all right smoking drinking alcohol

and of course doing drugs sounds simple

and easy but I know a lot of people who

can't stop smoking for whatever reason

and then when we go hiking they're out

of breath in ten minutes into the hype

and I know others who drink beers three

to four nights a week and they put on a

lot of weight because of that and

unfortunately I know people who have

issues with drugs you know and have a

very hard time letting go of that try

your best to stay away from these three

for a healthy lifestyle so I'm weird

alright because normally people hate

going to the doctor's office but me I

actually love honestly there's no better

feeling than going to the doctor's right

you go in there and then you leave

knowing that you are healthy that you

are good

and then you've been checked out by a

professional and if for whatever reason

there is something wrong you can

actually catch it as early as possible

to take care of it so don't be one of

those guys who are too good or too manly

to go to the doctor's that is not cool

the same way that your car needs

maintenance right your body which is a

much more complex machine needs

professionals to take good care of it

also one of my biggest goals for 2019 is

to work on mental health a lot of times

people are scared to talk about mental

health they think it's taboo or

something but I don't agree with that

because if you're not talking about it

you're not learning you're not sharing

your ideas and your thoughts so I am

100% going to make an effort to take

breaks from work to go out with friends

to see my family to talk to them as much

as possible on the phone no matter how

far they are from me right now in Brazil

at Florida it doesn't matter I want to

talk to them as much as possible if

you're working super hard on your body

don't forget about your mind because

that's also extremely important guys

don't forget to check out the National

Pork Board who were amazing to sponsor

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you guys so much for watching and I'll

see you again soon peace