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hello class of broke [ __ ] university

i'm amber your professor and today

we're going to be discussing budgeting

i really should have put a sign up or

something because now i'm pointing at

nothing but

this was really just an excuse to use

this sparkly pen oh

so nice what's up guys it's amber and

welcome back to my channel

so today i might not be playing the

boring professor but i am still going to

play a teacher and today i'm going to

show you all my best tips and tricks

for living life on a budget because if

there's one thing that i know how to do

it's how to be broke and bougie so here

we go

the official master class how to slay


on a budget


numero uno coupons are your best friend

coupons for whatever you want are

literally everywhere google it if

there's something specific you want

type it in see if there's a coupon i

guarantee you there is

cheap clothes can be great clothes it's

all about how you style them

i actually owe my entire channel to how

to make cheap clothes look expensive but

you guys

seriously everything i said in this

video five months ago still reigns true


lux fabrics clothes that fit well

designer dupes are all things to make

you look bougie on a budget

and an exciting news one of my favorite

online shops agreed to team

up with me and sponsor this video

so here's a quick little fashion show to

show you what i'm talking about

in general designer inspired clothes on

a budget slay the game like this chanel

looking bodysuit so cute

20 bucks this adorable little gucci

inspired black and gold set

so cheap i look like a million bucks for

10 bucks

sparkly kylie jenner-esque jeans again

20 dollars

so lay the game in some adorable workout

attire so cute look at this little

tennis set i am

ready to go to the polo matches and

whatever the heck else i'm feeling like

doing which is probably nothing go in

the grocery store but still

not hard to slay when you follow the

instagram trends throw on some sequiny

shoes because sequins always make you

look fabulous

and there you have it you are slaying

you can also slay the office game on a

budget my version of professional attire

and some white shorts and a pink

sequined blazer

accessories like this little black and

gold clutch is a great way to slay

all the time yes since i know you guys

are going to ask everything that i was


is linked in the video description below

and if you want to grab any of it to

twin with me

i have a coupon code for you so 30 off

the entire website

using this little discount code right

there and finally

there's a quick little giveaway linked

down in there too to in a 500 summer


courtesy of boohoo so there you go good


now back to the video by the generic

version instead of the brand name

you're getting the same product for a

much lower price

like when you're in the grocery store

and you're starving to death and there's

wheaties right there for five bucks but

there's also bran flakes right next to

it for two dollars

get those instead if you check the

ingredients you'll notice they're

actually exactly the same

learn to diy if you see something you

want but can't afford it

make it yourself if you spy something

beautiful that you love figure out a way

to do it yourself

there's almost always a video on youtube

about how to do whatever it is that you

might want to do

for cheap easy and just as fabulous as

the real

thing find the digital revolution shop


literally everything you want is online

much cheaper than in stores

seriously though online shopping has

everything you ever wanted not to

mention it's more unique than the stuff

that you get in stores so you can be

your own form of fashionista

like look at this 30 bucks are you

kidding you would never find that

anywhere else

not to mention when you order stuff

online it's like christmas when it comes

so fun check out local happy hours

instead of going to dinner at 7 00 pm

try going at five you'd be amazed you

can get things for like half off

check your imaginary watch when it hits

happy hour go to dinner early it's also

a little awkward to film when you're not

actually eating anything and no one's

talking to you but who cares i'm getting

all the tasty treats that i want all

for a very cheap price buy your everyday

random products that you need at the

dollar store

they're the same and they're only a buck

the 99 cent store is a game changer holy

oh my goodness you can find

anything you want in here you can get

batteries cotton swabs tupperware pens

pencils gift wrap

whatever it is that you might need on an

everyday basis all for 99 cents

find some budget saving apps they're

going to literally change your life

my two personal favs that i use all the

time gas buddy shows you the cheapest

gas near you and retailmenot which shows

you coupons for stores that you are near

shout out to whoever made those apps

i owe you one forget about department

stores check out the discount stores

ross marshalls tj maxx

all your favorite brands are sitting in

the discount shops just waiting for you

to find them

we all know i love me a good discount

store seriously all the brand name

things that you like are hiding in these

stores for half the price of what you

would get anywhere else and they'll even

show you on the tag how much you're

saving like look at this hairspray

usually 20 only 10.99

stores like this just make my heart

flutter all right anyways

if you see something on sale buy it in

bulk for example these protein shakes

that i was talking about in my get ready

with me video i

love them they were on sale the other

day so i literally ordered a bajillion

of them

if it's something you know you're gonna

order again you might as well get them

when they're cheapest

cheers to that don't forget you're a

queen you're a star just because you

don't have a million bucks

doesn't mean like you can't feel like it

looking like a million bucks is easy

girlfriend do your hair

do your makeup feel fabulous like the

queen that you are just like with

anything else if you're rocking million

dollar confidence

you're gonna feel like a million bucks

another great tip

if there's something you really want buy

it used like seriously half the stuff

that i own is used amazon or ebay are

great places to check for used items

because they're usually in nearly mint


for less than a quarter of the original

price who cares if someone's read this

book before

i've got a chanel book now for ten


or don't buy it at all literally the

library is so cool i recently discovered

we had a library it's

amazing you can literally get books and

movies all

for free you can walk out of there with

a million books for free

so fun to keep yourself motivated don't

forget to treat yourself every once in a


if there's something you've been eyeing

for a long time girl save

up and go get it re-prioritize your

spending if you go to starbucks and

spend five bucks on a coffee every day

but there's a pair of earrings that you

really really want

take the week off of starbucks and eat

at home use all the money that you saved

that you would have usually been

spending on your coffee to put towards

the splurge item

there's something you still really want

get an extra side job to pick up some

extra cash

walk the neighbor's dogs i don't have a

dog so i'm gonna pretend this stuffed

animal is a dog

try babysitting too and again i'm gonna

pretend this is a child because i don't

have any kids to be in this video on

such short notice so

anyways point is get an extra side job

nothing like having a little extra cash

for a little extra spending

tip number whatever we're on you would

be amazed at how many fun things there

are to do in your city that cost

literally no money the outdoors is free

you can go anywhere i love walking

around rodeo drive because it makes me

feel bougie as hell even though i'm not

buying anything but it's so fun how


not to mention you stay inspired looking

at all the diamonds wow

ghouls prancing around outside is free

unless of course you decide to stop for

ice cream like i did in which case your

total tab comes to three

if you're lucky enough to be a student

always sign up for the student discounts

from movie theaters to restaurants to

online shops it's always worth a shot to

test your student discount

for some reason mine doesn't expire

until 2018 even though i graduated three

years ago

shh don't tell anyone all that stuff you

have that you never wear

sell it to buy some new stuff you'd be

amazed at how much people will pay for

your old things

like they always say one man's trash is

another man's treasure not to mention

you'll have new cash to buy what you

want to buy

did you fall in love with a designer

item and you just can't afford to foot

the bill

find a dupe nothing is worse than

falling in love with something that

costs more than your rent for a year

so google it watch some videos i

guarantee you there's a dupe of whatever

it is you want

online by stealing the designer fashions

you can look just as good as the runway

for 20 bucks another great tip pay

attention to stores social media

stores are always posting all the info

further sales so if you pay attention to

store social media you'll always know

where to get the latest deals

or even bloggers and youtubers like me

youtubers and bloggers are always

posting dupes to all sorts of fun things

plus they always have oodles of discount

codes that are good all year round for

just about anything you ever wanted

when it comes to doing bougie things on

a budget having friends

is your best friend that didn't make a

lot of sense but let me explain

forget a limo get picked up in a bentley

when you're splitting it with 10 people

everything's gonna be cheaper

side note the fact that i decided i

wanted to film a luxury vehicle for this

part and only had to walk two feet

before i ran into a bentley

huh that's a lie for you by the way i do

have friends

you guys never believe me when i say

have friends because i'm always alone

but i have friends

this is my roommate selena hi this is

her boyfriend kai

anyway point is split things with your

friends it makes everything

much cheaper goodbye you guys

bye guys if you're really pressed for


get the half size of things or even just

use samples

i know it's not necessarily actually

economically sound because you're really

getting less for what you're paying for

but if you really can't afford it but

you still want the same thing i am all

for buying the half size also hello

samples i haven't bought an eyeshadow

primer in months because i've just been

using this for sample from sephora

i want the bougie experience of a spa

without footing the bill

instead of paying like 300 bucks for a

massage just get a day pass you can get

them on groupon for like 20 bucks and

budding but

you may not be getting a massage but you

can still hang out in the saunas you can

hang out in the hot tub it's super fun

great girls day you can see on my

snapchat me and my friends literally do

this all the time because only like 16

to go in for the day super fun and you

feel just as relaxed and cleansed as if

you paid the big bucks

no matter what you're doing always get

the most bang for your buck for example

sephora gives you a free makeover if you

buy 50 or more products so if you're

gonna be doing that anyway

get the free makeover too you might as

well get the most bang for your buck

same thing when it comes to beauty

treatments if you can do it at home

do it at home do your own nails dye your

own hair

super easy and you save the cost of all

the salon treatments

fake it till you make it my friends

instead of a crystal chandelier get an

acrylic chandelier instead of real

flowers get a fake flower it's all half

the price with the same look

and that my friends is what it means to

slay on a budget

ps you guys before i sign off don't

forget the biggest and most important

tip of all

work hard play harder don't give up

you're not going to be on a budget

forever someday we'll all be living in

castles and palaces

living our dream life so keep a mood

board remind yourself of your goals

there are lots of sparkly things waiting

to be purchased so keep

at it you guys we'll all get there

someday but for now we'll just keep

slaying on the journey there

and with that my friends i complete the

master class

so there you have it you guys my best

tips for slaying life on a budget

as always if you have any questions

comments concerns professor amber will

be at her desk

monday through friday 24 hours a day

answering snaps comments whatever it's

all at amber scholes so hit me up on


i love you guys so very much thank you

for sharing your life with me it truly

is the joy of my life to make these

videos for you guys

so um don't forget to subscribe to the

channel for lots more budget friendly

tips and life and whatever else i want

to share with you guys i love you

kisses till next time exo

gives me chills in here so cheap and fun

should i buy this i don't know probably

not no