80 things that you can do to help save the planet!!! - Eco-Friendly Tips & Eco-Friendly Swaps

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so today I'm going to be sharing with

you 80 things that you can do to help

the environment so I did film a very

similar video not that long ago but I

wasn't really happy with the way I

filmed it so I decided to just private

that video and make a brand new one and

add 30 extra things to it so can take

awhile to get through these 80 things so

I'm gonna stop rambling and let's get


so the first thing is eat less animal

products so now I'm not telling you to

go completely vegan vegetarian

pescetarian you don't have to do any of

that although it would be a big help if

you did but even if you don't it will

still help a lot because even eating one

vegetarian meal a day a couple

vegetarian meals a week a couple vegan

meals a week it'll help the environment

so so much so if you go vegan for one

day you will save 1,100 gallons of water

45 pounds of grain 30 square feet of

forests and 20 pounds of co2 so if you

go vegan one day out of the 365 days in

a year you will save all of that and I

think that's pretty cool so investing in

a reusable water bottle whether that's a

plastic one or metal one I prefer metal

because it keeps my beverages cooler for

more of the day now investing in a

reusable water water will be such a big

help because every year thirty eight

billion plastic water bottles are thrown

out each year and that's just in the

United States alone so think about the

worldwide numbers now you guys have

probably heard about this one that so

much but just invest in some reusable

straws there's a few different choices

that you can get you can get metal

straws and I have a bunch right here or

you can get bamboo straws I have one

right here or there's even glass straws

I actually have a bunch of these metal

straws I put in each one of my purses so

I never go without one

using a hand so far instead of bottled

soap is also better for the environment

because you don't have the plastic

packaging that you throw out after each

bottle that you use now if you're vegan

you do have to be careful of what is

inside of your soap because there's

lanolin and other stuff like that this

one is just a basic glycerin bar soap

and glycerin is vegetable base so yeah

you have now something nice which too

recently is a shampoo bar switching out

your regular bottle shampoo for a

shampoo bar will also cut down on

plastic packaging this is packaged in

recycled paper with using the shampoo

bar I personally do not need a

conditioner because this really keeps

the moisture in my hair since it has no

sulfates or detergents to strip out my

natural oils now if you do feel like you

need some excess moisture they do have

conditioner bars available this shampoo

bar also works with every hair type so

whether you have short hair like me or

very curly hair and I work for you I've

seen people with super curly hair use

this and they really like it so that's

pretty cool oh yeah this also does take

a bit of getting used to your hair kind

of goes through a detox period if you

look it up you'll get more information

on that but after a while you'll see the

huge benefits of using a shampoo work

investing in a safety razor will also be

super beneficial for the environment

shopping and bulk is amazing 1h cheaper

too you can get as much as you want and

three of course it's good for the


now the sucky thing is we always go to

Winco for the bulk shopping and right

now they don't allow you to bring your

own bags for the bulk section so we do

have to use plastic bags when shopping

in the bulk section but to help the

environment I reuse my pasta bag so i

empty all my bulk stuff into jars and

store the plastic bags in this little

jar right here so every time I go to

Winco I bring this little jar and my


and I reuse these bags for the bulk

exception now fast fashion is so bad for

the environment they make clothes that

are intended to last a very short amount

of time so you just throw it away and

buy more and that is not good for the

environment ah

so I highly recommend not supporting

fast fashion brands examples of fast

fashion brands are forever 21 H&M zaple

Shion Cup she pop shop Zara and all the

stores like that so instead of shopping

for a fast fashion you can thrift which

is fun eco-friendly and quite frankly

very cheap and you could find some

supercool gems I found this awesome

sweater from a thrift store and this

shirt and so much more and honestly a

lot of my closet is thrift ahead

so that's pretty cool now if you have

the money shopping from sustainable

brands is also a really good option of

course it's not as eco-friendly as

stripping but there are so many good

sustainable brands out there that have

super cute amazing timeless items and I

do a video on xx sustainable fashion

brands you can definitely check out a

hobbit in one of the I cards up here so

if you go to coffee shops and stuff and

get hot beverages or cold beverages and

if I recommend in investing in a

reusable cup I just have this one from

Starbucks I got for a few dollars so if

you have clothes are so destroyed that

you can't give them away

sell them donate them then you can

repurpose them so you can repurpose

clothes into rags we've been doing that

in my house for a long time or there's

even super creative ways that you can

repurpose them such as making them into

dog toys there's quite a bit of

tutorials on Pinterest and stuff and a

lot of different creative ways to

repurpose your old clothes now another

super cool thing is a search engine

called cozia you can either download it


to your computer or you can download it

as an app on your phone and it's

basically like Google you can search

anything up and the difference is

everything 45 searches a tree is planted

so that's pretty cool you basically

don't have to do anything except use the

Internet whenever you use the Internet

no this is something a lot of people

don't think about but buying an

eco-friendly phone case cases are made

out of plastic and most likely

unsustainable materials so purchasing an

eco-friendly phone case like a Peola

case which is compostable will

definitely be a big help in the

environment now right now I don't have

one because I've had this phone case for

years now but once it gets absolutely

destroyed to where I can't use it I will

buy a pillow case cooking more slash

meal prepping is also very beneficial

because as you may know takeout creates

quite a bit of waste because a lot of

takeout comes in styrofoam packages

comes with plastic cutlery even sauce

packets are plastic so cooking at home

and meal prepping will definitely be a

huge help and it'll be a big help for

your bank account because you'll save so

much money learning how to cook good

meals at home and meal prepping to take

your lunches and stuff to work there's a

lot of YouTube videos on meal prepping

so I definitely recommend looking into

that so now if you do get takeout I

recommend keeping utensils in your purse

or you can keep them in your car so you

always have them for when you do get

takeout because I know all of us don't

have a meal prepared all the time so you

have these so you can cut down on the

plastic cutlery and use your utensils

instead now you can switch out your


I guess cleanliness products for more

sustainable products such as a

zero-waste toothpaste a zero-waste

deodorant or a bar of soap to use as a

body wash and bamboo toothbrushes you

guys have probably heard of this one a

lot but bamboo toothbrushes are

absolutely amazing because they're made

out of bamboo and if you guys are afraid

of cutting down you know forests and

stuff bamboos

one of the most sustainable materials

because bamboo has actually been known

to grow up to 35 inches per day and

there are plenty for us and the pandas

so I don't recommend getting a bamboo

toothbrush as well

picking up trash whenever you're walking

down the street or at a park or at the

beach is such a good thing to do for the

environment whenever I go to the beach I

always have about with me to pick up

trash when I'm walking down days and I

just feel better and I feel like I'm

making the beach beautiful again it's

being conscious about buying things and

eco-friendly packaging is also very

beneficial so an example of this is

Aurora peanut butter in a plastic jar

and a jar of peanut butter in a glass

star the more eco-friendly option would

of course be buying the jar of peanut

butter in the glass start washing your

clothes less is also super good for the

environment and your clothes clothes

actually don't need to be washed every

single time you wear them like of course

unless you get them absolutely filthy or

they just smell funny I guess actually

washing your clothes after a couple

wears is better for them to hang drying

your clothes is amazing as well once

again for your clothes and for the

environment now one of the best things

that you can do is find less just don't

buy stuff that you don't need and will

be good buy your clothes and

eco-friendly materials such as 100%

cotton linen and other materials like

that try to avoid non eco-friendly

man-made materials like polyesters and

nylons all of those materials contain

plastic that will seep into the ocean

every single time you wash them and

contribute to the micro plastic

pollution now of course if you do

already have clothes with polyester and

stuff where you buy it from a thrift

store you can purchase a guppy bag to

wash your closes and that prevents the

microplastics from leaching out of the

clothing biking walking using public

transportation and carpooling are all

amazing ways to not contribute to

pollution now instead of using the


bags you can buy your own reusable

produce bags which you can find out a

lot of eco-friendly shops or even Amazon

or you can just not use produce bags at

all which is really good because a lot

of fruits and vegetables like avocados

bananas and stuff like that

has its own skin to protect itself why

do you need a plastic bag to do that and

also I'm pretty sure all of us will wash

our fruits and vegetables at home

anyways so if it does touch the car in

the conveyor belt it's gonna be getting

washed whether you put it in a plastic

bag or your cart buying local is an

amazing way to the environment and

support your local farmers so things

like attending a farmers market flea

market and stuff like that is a really

amazing thing and it's also quite fun

and the produce at a farmers market is

so much tastier than it is at a

traditional grocery store using reusable

shopping bags whether that's just

plastic bag that you've got in the past

and we're using those or just finding

random tote bags that you have or

actually purchasing reusable shopping

bags is really good for the environment

you can also invest in reusable cling

wrap instead of using plastic wrap

there's also of substitute for

traditional Ziploc bags which are

silicone reusable bags which are

microwave-safe freezer safe and that

come in many different sizes to store

your snacks the most popular brand that

I know up it's called stash their bags

instead of using napkins and paper

towels all the time you can just use

rags or the old clothes like I mentioned

earlier or you can buy like table

napkins to use to wipe your face while

you're eating in stuff instead of

traditional cotton cotton pads there are

reusable cotton pads there are also

reusable makeup base wipes the most

common one that I know of is called

Vegas halo and I don't even think you

need makeup remover for that one you

just get it wet with just water and it

removes all your makeup so I definitely

recommend looking into that now is that

washing your clothes in your dishes

every day or so wait until you have a

completely full load of dishes and

clothes to do your laundry and dishes

you can also hand wash your dishes in

of always using the dishwasher making

your own DIY cleaning supplies is better

for them the vironment

and she-bird for you there are a lot of

different DIYs on different kinds of

cleaning supplies so if you need a

window cleaner a mirror cleaner a

counter cleaner a bleach just any of

that there's a DIY for it I love using

vinegar and water to wash my mirrors and

windows I actually find that it works so

much better than a traditional window

and Meara cleaner because those I feel

like you're super chemically and leave

weird smears and stuff and I'm just not

a big fan of that so yeah making your

own cleaning supplies is super awesome

and customizable now say no to

single-use plastics it's a simple a big

change that you can do for yourself and

the planet taking shorter showers is

also really helpful I time myself I'd

listening to music so I listen to one or

two songs and I'm done donating snot

selling your clothes is a really good

thing to do to limit on textile waste

you can also make your own home garden

to grow your own vegetables and fruits

now starting your own compost bin will

help limit on food waste and is also

really good for your garden now if you

have food waste such as onions garlic

carrots celery and stuff like that you

can use all of that to make your own

vegetable stock which is super easy you

could just look up different recipes and

stuff and once you're done with those

vegetables and the vegetables talk since

they're only boiled in the water you can

compost those because they don't have

oil or anything now this one is pretty

simple and straightforward but turning

off your lights every time you leave the

room leave your house etc it's just good

it's great so just remember to turn off

your lights

keeping it reusable tote bag in your

purse is also really nice for when you

want to go shopping but you weren't

prepared now you have a reusable tote

bag in your purse spreading the word

about the impacts of the way we live on

our environment

and informing your friends and family is

super beneficial you can also share some

of these tips with them and encourage

them to switch out some of their

products I actually encourage my family

to switch from their plastic

toothbrushes bamboo toothbrushes so just

little changes like that and just

spreading the word and informing people

is super beneficial when washing your

clothes be sure to use eco-friendly

detergents also use eco-friendly

sunscreen oh I actually heard about this

very recently but chemical based

sunscreen it's actually horrible for the

reefs in the ocean there's actually

places that actually banned you from

wearing sunscreen when you go diving and

stuff because it impacted the reefs that

much so instead of using the traditional

pads and tampons which are usually

plastic contain them out of plastics or

wrapped in plastic you can use either

period underwear such as things or

something like that or a Diva Cup

you can also invest in solar panels and

solar lights turn off your water when

you brush your teeth if you have a

compost bin composting your paper such

as your homework documents that you

don't use anymore

etc is super good for your compost bin

to provide the nitrogen source be sure

to buy consciously so buying less is of

course the best thing but of course we

can't not buy anything forever so just

by consciously just make sure you're

gonna use the item up and make sure it's

beneficial for you educate yourself

further before I was so ignorant on what

I was doing how much waste I was

producing and everything but once I

started further educating myself I

started to better myself as well so

honestly just doing some research see

what's the impact of plastic see what's

the impact of eating a lot of animal

products etc well really help you and

the planet be sure to recycle and also

look at the labels on your items that

you're recycling because they have

different ways so some things told you

to wash it and dry it before recycling

because that'll be the best so just look

at the labels when recycling try to use

Tanner's instead of plastic bags and

stuff like that so when you're storing

stuff in the freezer either use your

reusable bags or containers and also

using containers when you're bringing

your food and stuff is really helpful as

well use a lunchbox over a paper or

plastic bag when bringing your lunch to

work in school

remember the five R's reduce reuse

recycle repurpose and refuse if you have

a dog or even a cat buying eco-friendly

dog and cat poo bags is really good for

the environment because a lot of the dog

poo bags are made out of plastic so

buying eco-friendly ones like

biodegradable ones will definitely be

beneficial getting a low-flow showerhead

will be beneficial and water

conservation is quality over quantity

just remember that reuse jars and

containers I have like I said earlier I

would store my food in jars and a lot of

those aren't in the cute mason jars

they're actually in old pasta sauce jars

peanut butter dollars etc it may not be

the cutest but it's more eco friendly

and you can also decorate the lids and

stuff so you don't have the printing and

stuff on it

so yeah reuse your old jars and

containers so now this one is really

different and I never knew this was an

actual thing but it's actually keeping

old files on your computer and keeping

old emails and not emptying your trash

on your computer and stuff actually uses

a lot of energy now bring up the thing

that I saw about that and I'll tell you

what it's about but so of course all

your stuff is usually stored in the

cloud but the company's offering the

cloud services have huge servers

dedicated to strong data which are

essentially huge warehouses filled with

servers which are running 24/7 365 so so

all of the old files and stuff that

you're not using are so having to be

stored and using energy in those huge

warehouses those warehouses are also

super polluting and use so much energy

from even stuff such as AC

systems to keep all the servers at the

right temperature so they don't overheat

so yeah literally just deleting your old

files will help conserve energy and I

never thought of that

until I saw this that was just like that

what that was so surprising and it just

makes so much sense though this one is

also different but a lot of chewing gums

contain plastics that will not

biodegrade for a very very long time so

you can use mint instead of chewing gum

now for your trash cans either use paper

trash bags or I've seen compostable

trash bags at my local grocery store or

you can use no trash bag which is of

course the best option you can volunteer

at local cleanups like buy beaches near

me at San Diego beaches and Orange

County beaches which I have above and

below me they always have beach cleanups

or join a local City cleanup just

volunteer for cool things volunteer

maybe for planting trees as well creeps

your own list of eco-friendly goals this

will further encourage you to be more

eco-friendly if you create a list of

goals that you want to complete I have

my own list I hope to complete every

single one of these 80 items on this

list so we'll see how it goes

try to avoid those single-serve snacks

so single-serve pudding cups yogurt cups

for those weird split things that have

the peanut butter and jelly in it like

oh my god all that stuff is so bad for

the environment so just try to avoid the

single-use single-serve snacks you can

also regrow food from the grocery store

there's there's a lot food that you can

actually regrow from the scraps at the

grocery store so green onions you

literally just cut out the green part

that you're gonna use and then stick the

rest in a cup of water and it will grow

new green onions we do that so much you

can also regrow lettuce and celery just

look up what vegetables you can regrow

from scraps and I'll come up with a

numerous amount of results research

alternative ways to store your food


in the plastic bags from grocery stores

music website called recycle by city is

super helpful for a win

you need to know how and what items you

can recycle in your city specifically

because I know every city is different

so using that website will definitely

hope you be more conscious when

recycling this one is weird but try to

avoid like plastic accessories and

plastic jewelry once those all break and

stuff we throw it away and it's once

again more plastic now the last thing I

can tell you is try the best you can now

like I said earlier you don't have to do

every single one of these things even

just doing one of them will be a

tremendous help so honestly just try the

best you can so no I probably have an

hour and a half of footage that I have

to go through but I really hope you guys

enjoyed this video and if you have more

eco friendly tips I did not mention in

this video feel free to comment it down

below so you can help me and other

people out and I hope you guys have an

amazing day and I'll see you guys all in

my next video