Why I choose to be drug free!? - Monami Frost

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hello everyone this is manami frost and

welcome to my youtube channel

today i will talk about me being drug


straight age whatever you might call it

there's different meanings to

every single thing i haven't been

drinking or

doing drugs or anything well been clean

for about three years

and it has been amazing it's just


to feel like clear to have a clear mind

and well since the day i kind of quit


everything just kind of started

happening for me

i had more time to focus on

other things than going out at friday

night and

getting drunk and having parties

because there's more to life and

it's just a waste of time in my


i don't hate on people drinking or stuff

it's just not for me it used to be for


i used to love partying and stuff well i

was really young at that time anyway

but i'm quite happy i have realized this

at this

young age not drinking and doing drugs

has saved up so much time for me to


on other things on my family on my work


like do stuff with my life and like

achieve my dreams

and everything that i want and it has

saved for me so much money as well

as you can imagine people spend like

hundreds just going out

one once a week and that's what they do


every single week they all they do they

look forward to going out

and getting drunk and probably not

remembering anything the next day

and what is the point really and

obviously of course

it kind of affected my social life but

i kind of gained more real friends as

you know

partying friends not really real friends

and if people don't accept you

from not drinking and getting smashed

and stuff

they're not real friends and why would

you need people

that try to affect you in

a bad way and try and make you drink and


stupid stuff for me alcohol is probably

the worst drug of all

it just ruins so many families

not only families it makes you do

absolutely crazy stuff

i just for me at the end of

drinking times i kind of started

feeling that when i got drunk

i was not myself anymore just kind of

messes up with my head

and you cannot think clearly you're not

the same person anymore

and that is the worst money i saved up i

can use on buying

so much good food for me now because

mostly people that drink they

eat [ __ ] food they eat fast food and

they eat

like because they don't want to spend

money on

expensive organic food because obviously

they have to go and drink

cocktails and fridays saturdays and


that's just my point of view i just

concentrate on other things and more

important things in life

i'm really blessed that i have realized

this in such an early age

because i can do so much with my life


i don't have to waste any time

time has become so precious to me

time with my family and everything

is just amazing there is no negativity

in my life whatsoever

not having drinking friends around and

not going partying

as that's what it all is mostly like in

all the world

problem with people start drinking they

start behaving

them like they're not their selves

and drama and all kinds of [ __ ]


and that's not for me now i have more

important things to concentrate on when

i talk to people about

big straight age and stuff that's when

they say

i don't drink as much i just rarely

drink and stuff like that

but even if you drink a little bit of

course it's better than drinking a lot

but anyway it kind of stays

it stays in your blood like for 30 days

at least even if you drink like

one glass of something and

it kind of still messes up with your

head as i said before

every single day when i was clean

i became thinking so much clearly

and of course you can try it out it's

amazing you can try it out for a month


you find out some hobbies maybe you find


new meaning of your for your life

because i know so many people just

their meeting is going out and friday

night saturday night and getting drunk

and partying

and well maybe that works for someone

but i think there is more to life

and there is more what you can do with

your life

than just going out and drinking and you

you should try it

and see how it goes maybe spend some

more time with your loved ones watch

some movies

and just enjoy your life being

thinking clearly and remembering your


and remembering what you've done

remembering awesome memories

it is so awesome i cannot express

how awesome it is and how i enjoy

being clean thank you guys for watching

this video i hope you enjoyed it i hope

you got to know me a little bit better

by finding out

this part of my life and if you have any

questions about

straight age being drug free and stuff

whatever you call it

leave them in a comment section below

and i could make

a video about it and answer to some of

your questions

so you could find out more and if you're


that would be amazing if you would try

it and

thank you again for watching and don't

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