How to eat to manage diabetes

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i'm felicia derose

and i'm going to share a few of my

favorite tips on how to manage diabetes


food if you're newly diagnosed with

diabetes and you feel like you

already have a busy schedule trust me i

understand i had a busy life before

diabetes came in and was like hold up

everything else everything else comes


to diabetes and so oftentimes as busy as

my world is

i have to remember that yes i'm packing

my daughter's snacks for school

but i also need to pack my snack right


she can't get a snack packed for her if

mommy's not here

when it comes to a diabetic diet

i don't use the word diet it's a meal

plan it's an option

there's the plate method the glycemic


and carb counting the plate method is

the simplest one

the plate is nine inches half of it

is vegetables 25 is the carb and then 25

is protein that makes the plate then

there's carb counting

carb counting is about figuring out how

many carbs

are in each food then there's a glycemic


this one is a little bit challenging but

because i love cherries and i love


i had to figure out how many grapes if

they're green grapes

purple grapes they all have a different

level of sweetness

there are these things that are on my i

don't eat that anymore list

and i make sure that i don't bring them


when i go grocery shopping i read the


i'm constantly like reading the food

label and trying to figure out

how much of this item can i have

that fits into my 45 grams of carbs that

i eat per meal

a tip for you when you go grocery

shopping is to shop

on the outside where there's fresh foods

before you go

inside the lines where you have packaged


so if you start on the outside and you

have your protein

then you have your vegetables by the

time you look at your cart

it's pretty much full so there's less

room for canned food or

packaged foods and these kinds of things

if i'm in a restaurant that has a menu i


look at the appetizers like how many

carbs are in these appetizers

if there's an app available that can

tell me the amount of carbs

in that meal great if the menu has it


on there even more fantastic

i always view dessert as

it's my entire card count for the meal

so if i want to have something like

dessert i'll end up with a salad

whenever there is a buffet i scan

the buffet first because what i found is

that people tend to put

the heavy carb foods at the end so if

you don't scan and you start off and

you take some carbs for an appetizer

section and then you move on down

and then you have carbs for the meal by

the time you get to the end where the


is or the fruit or something like this

you're out of cards

so when i'm carb counting i'm not

depriving myself of any carbs i'm


the carbs so i'm exchanging bread for


i'm exchanging potatoes for pasta

i can eat it all but in moderation

sometimes i get the diabetes management

right some days

are smooth sailing and then there are

other days where i'm like

it just didn't pan out perfectly today

why in the world did i eat that

chocolate chip

cookie last night and i'm just trying

not to beat myself

up trying to remind myself that diabetes

is hard and i don't

and i don't need to ruin my entire day

and in those times i just have to say

one day is not the end of the world so

if you mess up breakfast

you have lunch if you mess up lunch you

have dinner

if you mess up breakfast lunch and

dinner in that day

you have the next day to get it right so

that's constantly what i'm telling


i have another opportunity to get it


and i'm gonna get it right the next time

these are tips to not be overwhelmed

about the food choices that you have

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