How To: DAIRY FREE TIPS for Acne (Dining Out Easily, BEST Substitutes & Getting Your Calcium)

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I cut out dairy to clean my acne and yet

I still have coffee chocolate have ice

cream and have my sweet potato fries

with aioli how you may ask well in

today's video I'm going to teach you how

to go dairy free the easy way so that

you never feel like you're missing out


hello my name is Madison date and I help

women get smart about their bodies and

understand their symptoms so that they

can heal naturally in today's video I'm

going to give you some solid tips on how

I make dairy-free life easier than it


the key is not to cut out the taste and

texture of dairy altogether but to find

really good substitute and if you're

worried about the difference in taste I

promise you you will adapt so my first

favorite substitute is for milk and that

is almond milk now I never honestly

never thought that I would get used to

Armand milk I always used to think it

smelt like play-doh but I can promise

you that now I can't even tell the

difference I even have it in my arts and

I can't even identify the taste at all

it just kind of is my normal now so I'll

show you the one that I really like just

to say do you need to find the almond

milks that have the good ingredients

because there are a lot that have

anti-caking agents sugars and just a

whole bunch of stuff that you don't need

and definitely aren't healthy

alternatives so what are my brands that

I like to use is the pure harvest almond

milk this isn't actually the one I use

this is original but I use the

unsweetened one not because of being

conscious of sugar or anything like that

although that's good too but because the

unsweetened one actually separates less

in coffee and if you've tried to make a

coffee with a bad I'm a milk that

separates it looks disgusting I might

even try and put some of this in water

and show you what it looks like but it's

gross so this is just the one that mom

had lying around because she uses it in


I can use this one for my oak because it

doesn't matter if it separates but what

you do need to be aware of is that

lactose free milk is not dairy free

it's just lactose free so basically when

you are lactose intolerant I can talk

about this more in another video but

when you're lactose intolerant it's

because you're intolerant to the lactose

and so what they do in lactose free milk

is they put a lactase enzyme in it that

kind of eats a whole the lactose and

therefore you have milk without lactose

in it but you still have milk so it used

to be dairy free not dairy free I used

to be lactose intolerant but for some

reason I just grew out of it so this one

is now just chilling in the cupboard

unused and you can actually see the

ingredients the only ingredient in this

is skim milk and lactase so still milk

whereas the ingredients in this one

filtered water organic activated almonds

organic rice syrup and sea salt and the

one that I use the unsweetened one

doesn't have the rice syrup in it

because it's unsweetened it has brown

rice something I don't know but it's not

a sweetener so yeah I recommend this one

this isn't the best one there is that

don't separate there is an even better

one I can't remember the brand and lots

of coffee shops use it but it has an

anti-caking agents in it and it has

sugar so even though it's a nice little

treat it's not what I would like to be

having in my fridge so products that are

advertised to be better for you because

they're dairy free it doesn't mean that

they're healthy so I can go down the

health food store

and you find all these biscuits and you

find all these this like I don't know

random stuff that has dairy free on the

packet but then it's packed with sugar

so even if you're going dairy-free for

your acne and then you're using an

almond milk that the third ingredient is

sugar sugar also causes acne so you

might just be doing a bit of a catch

to this so just make sure that you

always read the ingredients list

the second substitute is one of my

dairy-free favorites and it's aioli so I

think dairy-free mayor is easy to come

by maybe but I don't really like

mayonnaise but I love aioli especially

as like a dipping sauce so I went to the

health food store and I actually found a

dairy-free aioli just to say and it is

this one YUM

it is naked firing foods I'll hold it up

I don't know if it's focusing and

depends which health food store you go

to I think the first store I went to it

was ten dollars but then I went to a

different one then the next time I had

to buy it when I ran out and I think

this one was only eight dollars so I

know that that sounds expensive for a

Olli but it is a pretty big jar and you

just don't really have a Olli with heaps

of stuff it's kind of like a spread so

it lasts ages and it yeah it's perfect

it's on wraps it's good on everything

and with your chips so yeah I am just

super super stoked that this exists I

don't even care that it's ten dollars

and my next favorite substitute is

carrillo ice cream you know I'm not sure

if I like all the flavors I do remember

once upon a time having some of my

sisters salt salted caramel one and not

really liking it but I reckon if I tried

it now I'm probably used to the taste

but I transitioned into dairy free ice

cream by getting a coconut ice cream

I think the soy ones taste disgusting

but if you're used to soy milk that I'm

sure that that'll work for you there are

also sources that say soy is bad for you


I just avoid it but um Co yo yeah it's

just not I haven't found it in bullies

or coals which sucks they have the

yogurt but they don't have the ice cream

but my trick into to transitioning into

dairy free ice cream is to have a

vanilla flavored one

so my first flavor that I really was

like yes I can actually eat this as ice

cream and without covering it in like

chocolate sauce or whatever is that you

nutmeg in vanilla one so I really like

that flavor but mum bought this the

other day and I tried it and I think

because it still has the vanilla in it

it hides the fact that it is courier or

just hide the fact that it is a

dairy-free or healthy alternative this

is a little bit more expensive I think

it's like $13 a tub and obviously you

can go through your ice cream a lot

quicker than you can go through aioli

which sucks but it's dairy-free and it

means that you don't have to miss out on

ice creams so you got to do what you got

to do okay so the next one that I

recommend is avocado now I know that

avvocato isn't exactly a substitute for

dairy but it's really good for its

creamy texture when I have avocados on

tacos it kind of means that I'm not

missing the cheese and the sour cream so

it's still getting that nice creamy

texture so I've found that I am

definitely eating more avocado since

going dairy-free but I know that a lot

of you at home are probably already

obsessed with avocados so that's not a


okay so my next substitute is chocolate

let's start with loving earth trusty

loving earth so my favorite flavor is

the salted caramel flavor I haven't

really heard of a flavor that everyone

absolutely loves and some people prefer

hazelnut some people prefer the creamy

chocolate one and some people prefer

soda caramel they also have through many

other flavors but yeah I've loved this

one since like April or something they

are in health food stores their use

695 or 795 but I have found them on

super pharmacy for 595 so whenever I buy

my probiotics from the super pharmacy

online I chuck in I like to stock up on

these I get like five different blocks

at the same time so this one is a really

good one as well so this one's actually

an almond milk chocolate but this salted

caramel one is so good because obviously

it has the flavor of salted caramel but

what it has that loving of salted

caramel doesn't have is it has like what

are they Carolyn pieces so like

crystallized sugar that's like caramel

and oh so it's like crunchy it's so good

actually we're almost out we've only got

this much left and I'm gonna eat it

right now

so I'll show you the country this if I

can you probably can't see it I'll try

it like

it has like crystal bits I don't know if

they're shimmering for you on the camera

but Allah hey coach good I'm gonna have

to get some more of that long so that's

chocolate and as far as cakes go

obviously you can go to different cafes

and stuff and they make their own cakes

but it turns already made what like ones

that you can buy I really love the blue

dinosaur lamington bar so so good and it

tastes just like a real lamington but

maybe even better like it's it's

chocolatey its yummy I love it I haven't

really tried any of the other blue

dinosaur bars I've heard the banana

bread one is good but yeah I just really

love the lemon one and I'm kind of

scared to try any others because they're

like four dollars 50 a bar but yeah

the best part about all those

substitutes that I just gave you is that

you don't have to cook them you don't

have to do anything to prepare them so

obviously there are healthier

alternatives if you cook them yourself

but I'm not really big into cooking it's

just it's good that those substitutes

are things that you can just access

straight away they're pre-made up and

ready to buy now I do just want to give

you guys some quick tips as well if

you're eating out

two-five dairy-free places really easily

just remember that dairy-free

is vegan so dairy comes from animals so

it comes from a cow or some other

animals you have goat's milk

so if you go to a vegan cafe then that

means that it's going to be dairy-free

also if you have a look if you just go

to like the local surf pub or anything

like that and you look for the symbol

for vegan on the menu you know that

that's going to be dairy-free as well so

that's what I recommend if you're eating


please don't get the vegetarian and the

vegan symbols mixed up which is very

common because they both start with v

because vegetarian is obviously that you

don't eat meat whereas the guinness that

you don't have any animal products so if

you're eating vegetarian you're not

necessarily dairy-free so that's just a

little tip for when you're eating out

otherwise if you find say for example I

know this is gonna sound super lame but

they had a farm E on their menu and so I

asked for the source for heme and then

not the cheese now it was interesting

because in the oven it just kind of like

crisping up the ham and there was no

cheese to kind of melt over the top but

it was better than just a schnitzel

because I got

tomato paste actually I think it was

pretty subbing because the tomato paste

I'm not saying I recommend that

combination but I'm just saying that you

can take things that have dairy and ask

if they will tweak a few things or leave

off the cheese or you know if there's

mashed potato then instead maybe you can

get fries or I don't know there's

options so is that just some easy ways

that you can eat out dairy free as well

now the biggest worry that I hear about

people going dairy free is that well

other than the fact they can't have ice

cream in all their favorite treats is

that they aren't going to get their

calcium dietary requirements but dairy

is not even the highest source of

calcium in the diet so just make sure

that you are having leafy greens because

they are actually the calcium inland is

actually more bioavailable so it means

that it absorbs into your body easier so

I will put up a list or a chart from a

textbook of the bioavailability of

calcium in certain foods and it's

actually things like cauliflower bok

choy broccoli and that's actually

something that I learned in my nutrition

lecture next week at last week is that

Cal see you don't need dairy to get your

calcium but that's all from me for today

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