Hygge | How to Bring the Simple Living Danish Lifestyle into Your Daily Routine

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hello everyone and welcome back to my

channel I'm Chelsea diamond and we're

really so excited for today's video this

is a topic I truly wanted to talk about

for quite some time now and today is

finally the day so today I wanted to

talk to you about hookah you may have

seen the word who got before or perhaps

you've seen the book The Little Book of

hookah Danish secrets to happy living by

Mike Viking we'll go back to this book

soon but I just wanted to give you a

little understanding behind what who get

is where it comes from and how you can

incorporate it into your own life so if

you can't tell by the name of the book

Kouga is really the cornerstone of the

way of life in denmark so for starters

denmark has consistently been ranked as

one of the happiest nations in the world

danes have a high quality of life and

perhaps hookah is why so let's really

break it down what is hygge mike viking

describes it as getting consciously cozy

coziness of the soul it's taking

pleasure in the simple things it's cocoa

by candlelight it's socialising for

introverts at the end of the day hygge

is a feeling it's an experience it is an

atmosphere it's not about things it's

about that feeling of comfort and of

home of being safe of belonging of being

really comfy and cozy I first found out

about hygge over a year ago it was when

I was consciously creating this

atmosphere for myself and I didn't know

how to describe it I didn't know if

there was a word to describe the way

that I felt when I was creating this

space this safe haven around me where I

would complete my morning routine

especially my slow living Sunday I would

have my blankets and a really good book

and a cup of hot tea or coffee and my

cozy slippers

my cat Stella and I would light my

candles and they would have me classical

music playing in the background and all

of those different components made me

feel that coziness of the soul and

that's when I found out about hygge I've

always had such an appreciation and

respect for the Danish culture and so to

learn about this and to learn how it's a

part of everyday life in Denmark it

really inspired me to welcome it into my

own life and to incorporate it into my

own daily routine I will be doing a

video specifically on how to incorporate

who got into your morning routine so if

that's something that you want to learn

more about be sure to subscribe because

that will be up soon the word hygge

actually originates from Norwegian and

it means well-being and I just love that

because there is so much more to life

than doing and go go go and that's why I

took such an appreciation for simple

living slow living intentional living

and then I found out about hookah and I

make that conscious effort every day to

invite that feeling into my heart and my

soul in my home who get is something

that you can do by yourself it's

something that you can do with your

family with loved ones with your friends

with your pets the biggest part of it

all is that feeling you are bringing

more positivity more happiness that cozy

feeling into your life and you will

begin to see it show up in other ways in

your life as well

again hookah is easy for anybody to

incorporate into their life you don't

even have to go out and buy anything you

can just gather the candles that you

already have or the blankets

put on your favorite cuddly sweater and

enjoy time with your loved ones or

simply cozy up and read a book and drink

a cup of tea but pay attention to that

feeling that you feel when you're doing

that and invite more of that into your

life I think that there is a time that

we can learn from the Danes I'm really

grateful for learning more about hookah

and I've read many books about hooga

about the Danish Way of life which I

will link to below in case you

learn more about forget yourself and

I'll also be sure to link to Mike

Vikings book the little book of hookah I

highly recommend this book it's a real

treat to read and honestly it's the

perfect book to read when you are

starting your own whoo thing the journey

if you want to see more about how I

incorporate who get into my life you can

always follow me over on Instagram at

Chelsea dine-in if you felt inspired by

this video to bring more who get into

your own life more coziness of Fissel

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I look forward to seeing you a next time

until then bye