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you are watching the sunday motivational

video 15 ways to live a more interesting

life welcome to a Lux calm the place

where future billionaires come to get

inspired hello a lectures it's a

pleasure to welcome you back to another

exciting Sunday video this time we're

looking into practical advice to make

your life just a bit more interesting

it's so easy to get caught up in the

routines of daily life to seek and find

comfort once you do your dreams get

further away from becoming reality it's

easy to let them drift away when there

isn't a real need for progress that's

how most people get trapped in an

existence that doesn't excite them but

it isn't bad either give it enough time

and you'll get bored start to realize

there's more to life than your day today

and that is what brought you here today

so we're giving you a guidebook of 15

ways to live a more interesting life

number 1 stop being lazy your life is

boring because you are boring you never

do anything all you do is mope around

and complain that your life is boring

you're waiting for other people to

suddenly appear in your life and bring

you with them in an incredible adventure

well that's not going to happen when we

say stop being lazy we mean it literally

clean yourself up put order into your

daily life and start doing things you've

been avoiding or no that will benefit

you ask yourself what have you done

recently that's at least mildly

interesting your life is the way it is

right now because you allow it to be

like this when people ask you what

you've been doing your answers always

nothing much what are you reading these

days the answer I don't read what do you

do for fun answer I sit home and I watch


shows or play videogames if you want to

be a more interesting person it's time

to slap the lazy out of you number two

remember people's names and their

stories people like other people who pay

attention those who remember things that

they believe are important to them the

easiest step to begin is by remembering

people's names it goes a long way it's

easy to do and you're going to leave a

lasting impression we've always found

that people who are bad with names

almost never have their life together

they're self-centered never good

listeners and are just floating through

time and space if you make an effort to

remember someone's name and listen to

their story you have a simple method of

figuring out who's being interesting and

who isn't the more you listen the more

ideas about how you can live a better

life you'll receive others will inspire

you and they will fuel your desire to

discover more about yourself but you

have to pay attention number three

fight for a cause this is one of the

most straightforward ways to add value

to your existence find something you

care about and then get involved there

are many both little and big things that

need to be solved but unfortunately

there just aren't enough people involved

you don't realize the impact a single

person can have this will allow you to

escape the cage you've built for

yourself you'll meet new people who all

share your passion and you'll finally do

something worthwhile one thing super

important to remember is don't allow the

cause to become your identity explore it

make as much impact as you can make but

use it to grow to learn about yourself

and about other people the last thing we

want you to do is to become an extremist

in your own circle to the point where

people no longer want to hang out with

you because you and your cause are being

too annoying

number four take a class and learn

something new we always recommend you

pick up a new trade a new skill and

learn something new putting yourself in

the pupils shoes allows you to discover

entire new universes you never knew

about before just as an example let's

say you decide to pick up photography in

the process of learning how to become a

good photographer the way you look at

life changes the way you wait for a

moment and how you seize it you will

learn about the community behind this

hobby and if you keep going at it soon

you'll become good you'll have at least

a couple of good photos with exciting

stories behind them by learning

something new you're adding more to who

you are you're no longer the boring self

you used to be now you've got this thing

that makes you interesting and different

number five become a spy no no we're not

talking about becoming James Bond in the

literal sense but we want you to grow as

an observer your job as a spy is to

identify interesting people folks whose

life you enjoy following and then study

them with the hopes of understanding

what they do differently how do they

behave how do they carry themselves what

are their interests what's their

decision-making process like and more by

doing this you're creating a shortcut

for yourself towards living a more

interesting life somebody already

figured it out and paved the road for

you study them and adopt as many of the

things that inspire you into your own

daily life almost every interesting

human in history has a book written

about them they are called biographies

and you get to relive life alongside

your inspiration if you're looking for

some recommendations here are three

books so we recommend to anyone who

wants to learn from interesting people

one losing my virginity by Richard

Branson if you haven't already read it

we strongly recommend you do so mr.

Branson has been an inspiration to us

we began our own journey to meditations

by Marcus Aurelius is one of those books

that makes you re-evaluate your life and

three Empire State of Mind how jay-z

went from street corner to corner office

this is just because we're big fans of

jay-z pick out one of these three books

which sparks your interest and then go

to a locks calm slash free book and sign

up if you do you can get one of these

three as an audiobook for free thanks to

our friends at audible number six travel

somewhere far away in order to

experience different sides of life you

need to move out of your comfort zone

literally take any opportunity that

comes your way to travel and if the

opportunity doesn't show create it

yourself you don't need a big squad to

do this you'll be shocked about how many

people are in the exact position as you

people who want to travel and don't have

a partner join Facebook travel groups

keep your eyes open for anything that

will allow you to explore the world and

meet new people the more you focus on

something the more frequently you'll

encounter it

we know you're scared maybe you don't

have a lot of money but start small and

take the train to a nearby city and

explore the further you can travel the

more you'll understand how complex life

is and the better the stories you'll be

able to tell number seven go to a big

concert we love big concerts the feeling

the State of Mind the way everyone's

there to come together and experience a

great living artist

it's just one of those things that makes

you feel alive going to a big concert

gives you another story plenty of people

are fans of that particular artist and

they will look up to you for taking

advantage of that opportunity they will

be curious to know what it's like and

suddenly you'll find yourself in the

center of the conversation

this is a little trick you can always

use if you're looking to spice up your

experience portfolio if you can afford

it by yourself the experiences that

others would want to experience

themselves number eight experiment in

your sex life life is supposed to be fun

to figure out who you are what you're

into and it's a lot more enjoyable when

you experience it with others if you're

not getting any that sexual tension

builds up you become weird and

frustrated and it shows so have fun stay

safe experiment and never kiss and tell

number nine face one of your fears this

is a great strategy for personal growth

and of making yourself more interesting

everybody loves a story of overcoming a

personal obstacle or fear we're all

dealing with different fears and we get

inspired when we see someone else

conquer theirs because if they can so

can we if you're stuck and don't know

where to begin this journey of

self-improvement start within find what

you're scared of and go after it but

just be aware you'll come out of the

experience a different person afterward

number 10

tell captivating stories we use stories

to tell the world who we are

although conversations have been shifted

by technology storytelling is still the

most valuable skill you can have when it

comes to marketing yourself or the

things you care about we sell people

ideas opinions and lessons we bring

events and experiences to life once

again every time we tell a story in

order to be a more interesting person

one should have at least three good

stories that anyone would be interested

to hear take a moment to think back on

your life what stories would you tell

that would keep someone engaged if

you're struggling with this it might be

a wake-up call to start living more

number 11 upgrade the way you look the

better you look the more people will

want to engage with you it's one of

those Domino effects that leads to

different doors opening up in your life

as a result of small changes that you


we still judge books by their cover and

people based on their Instagram profiles

so it might be time to refresh your

image be clean shave get a haircut

donate the old clothes you inherited

from your older cousin and learn a few

things about style and fashion small

steps like choosing the right shoes for

a particular outfit how to tie your own

tie and how to wear a blazer can go a

long way if you're looking to be a bit

more sophisticated we made a video about

how to be a modern gentleman which you

can check out by clicking in the top

right corner

number 12 perform random acts of

kindness this changes everything

it makes the world better it makes you

feel better and you're investing in good

karma you find yourself in this

incredibly fortunate position you don't

need to be a billionaire to be a good

person kindness is a gift you can give

anyone it's one of those smart life

arbitrage is sometimes a very little

effort on your behalf

could have a large impact on someone

else's life thus increasing value

existing in the world never go too long

without giving something back even if

it's your time or attention you'll find

that life improves the more you do this

number 13 share what you learn with

others the more you live the more you

learn and lessons have value share that

value with others if you're looking to

be a more interesting person follow your

curiosity and it will lead you to an

interesting life

you'll meet interesting people who will

help you grow once you do it's now your

turn to help others

who knows what kind of impact you'll end

up having number fourteen understand

culture you know how some people are

just cool you know it when you look at

them how they behave how they talk and

how they simply fit right in in today's

picture this is a result of

understanding culture and allowing it to

shape you times are always changing and

going through cycles and phases old

school cool will always be interesting

our culture is what's shifting the world

in one direction or the other and those

who are able to understand it are like

surfers riding the wave from personal

experience it's a lot more fun to ride

the wave then just sit there getting hit

by one wave after another number fifteen

be smart

this is important we left it as the last

item on our list because there's more to

this than it seems as we said on Twitter

being stupid isn't cool and we can't

believe we even have to address this for

some reason people choose to glorify

stupidity these days like it's okay to

be ignorant about what's happening

around you the more you understand about

how life works the better your chances

are at fulfilling your own life the more

you learn about the world the less

impact the illusion of mediocre

happiness has on you this doesn't mean

to be book smart instead be life smart

understand what makes you happy what

makes the world tick what steps you need

to take in order to grow toward the

ideal life you want to live some people

think they're smart because their

teacher tells them they are but people

who test well on paper usually don't

test well in the field your goal should

be to do well in both prove that you

have the drive and discipline to focus

your actions and achieve your goals

and that you're intelligent enough to

pick what's valuable to you and what

isn't hopefully this video made you

think about the way you live and sparked

something within you we're curious to

know if you were to pick one of these

items on this list to pursue which one

would you go after we can't wait to join

the conversation in the comments and now

let's cut to the chase here's your bonus

for watching the video until the end

number 16 go offline we're so used to

getting almost everything done online

that we neglect the importance and

impact of things experienced outside of

our electronic devices these incredible

experiences you're hoping to have the

interesting life you wish to live will

not happen if you never go outside your

room that's why offline is the new

luxury treasure the moments you spend

out with friends make plans to see

people face to face and you'll soon

realize how many cool moments you would

have missed if you stayed inside to keep

up the tradition and prove you've

watched this video until the end please

write offline in the comments we also

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