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hey guys welcome back to my channel hope

you're having a great day today

today's video is going to be on how I

managed to live comfortable / humble on

a minimum wage salary minimum wage is

something that I think it does go up

from time to time but it some people

think that living on a minimum wage

salary is not comfortable and you're

always constantly worried about money

but that's not the case if you manage it

well so I'm just gonna tell you my

experience and what I do to live a

comfortable lifestyle and try my best

not to be worried when it comes to bills

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are new here and let's get straight on

into the video number one thing that I

always keep in mind is that I'm always

saying that my job does not define me

even though I'm a waitress and I do

great hospitality to the residents at my

job do work in a elderly facility it's

kind of like a dining room setting so I

am a waitress I do make minimum wage as

in Massachusetts minimum wage is like

$11 an hour so I know some people get

paying way less than that and I'm not

complaining or anything like that so a

little disclaimer so you guys do not

tear me apart in the comments section

but what I do like to keep in mind is

that even though my waitress and I know

some people that I see from high school

or some people will tell me no you

should go to school you should do this

and that's that's great yes I should go

to school and then I should become this

but as of right now I'm unsure of what I

want to do I'm unsure of you know just

certain things like like that in my life

where it's to make a big giant change

like that but what I'm sure is that I

don't want to be in debt I'm already

paying a school loan from my previous

mistake so I'm very skeptical on going

back but I know that I should you know I

learned that your job does not define

who you are and you're not gonna make

everybody happy

you have to figure out what makes you

happy and just go with that plan you

know yes I've been at my job for six


and people always say you know that's

too long at a job it's time to move on

you're not you know you shouldn't be a

waitress anymore and I get that you know

my family members and everybody wants

the best for me and I do live

comfortably and I do manage to live very

very humble lifestyle

so in conclusion even though I'm a


it doesn't define my whole entire

lifestyle like I'm not like I try to

tell people I'm not a complete like low

light just because I am working as on a

minimum wage salary um another thing why

I'm able to live comfortably is that I

was able to save $14,000 before I move

out of my mom's house around tui

like almost going on three years ago I

saved that amounts because I became to

realize that I was spending too much

money on clothes spending too much money

on accessories makeup and I finally came

into this minimalist lifestyle and it

made so much sense to me so I just kept

going with it going with it and thanks

to her I love her so much she didn't

charge me right I know some parents

charge rent to their kids if they're

living with them over in their 20s and I

think her so much for that because if it

wasn't for her for letting me stay there

as long as I did I was able to save and

I'm able to pay my bills

ahead on time so I was able to buy all

my furniture on everything you see in

this apartment I bought all myself

obviously I had to get it delivered my

in also I had to ask my sister's

boyfriend to build the bed and to build

a couple things like the desk and stuff

like that but I was very I was very

fortunate and able to purchase

everything in this house by myself so

thanks to my mom not charging me rent or

you know I definitely would help out I

go to get water for the house or you

know get a couple things for the house

you know and whatever she

I would go out and grab without any

hesitation because I know that I watch

she know she knew that I was saving to

move out so that's why she wanted me to

continue it and not take from me so I do

thank her for that but if you guys do

live at home with your parents and

they're not charging you try your best

to say because it makes life so much

easier when you have that safety net

I don't even call it savings I call it a

safety net for instance I'll give you a

little example without going too

in-depth when I look around the winter

time last year my car broke down and

it's an old car so it's fairly it's

getting there the mileage is getting

there and things are gonna break so I

was kind of like alright so let me go

bring the car and I wasn't worried back

in the day we might when my car's broke

down I would cry I would freak out

because it was usually the motor or the

transmission and I would be like what am

I gonna do because I have no money saved

but with having a safety net to live

comfortably and you're able to live I

would say stress-free because when I

brought the car in I wasn't afraid of

how much it was gonna cost to fix

obviously if it was something really

really serious so I had to get a new car

but then that would be like okay like

well let me try my best to figure this

out but it ended up costing me like five

to six hundred dollars and you know with

having that safety net and be able to

just pay it and not worry about it it's

a really great feeling to have so if

something ever happens I know that I

have a back-up plan so what I'm trying

to say is that for me being able to have

a safety net and pay my bills ahead and

all this stuff because of that safety


it makes me live a little bit more

comfortably every day another thing is

living on a budget living on a budget

can definitely benefit you and it also

teaches you responsibilities so with me

on a budget my monthly budget for myself

like obviously without bills or anything

like that so it's a whole other

discussion but so with my monthly budget

is a

as a month $50 for gas $50 for food it's

just me I don't go anywhere I go to work

and home and then the gyms like right

across the street but with living on a

budget it helped me so much to figure

out okay I'm able to spend this amount a

month and I can save this amount put

that back into savings

you definitely train your mind and see

just being a little bit more cautious

with your money so I do give that

hundred dollars to myself every month I

do not neglect myself if I do like right

now I'm working on my capsule wardrobe

so for the fall the fall is coming

really soon around next month I want to

get into a more minimalism more capsule

wardrobe style less colors more neutral

colors so obviously I gave myself on my

jaws to get a whole new wardrobe because

I haven't bought clothes for myself

since I moved my mom so I was still

wearing my old clothes from back in the

day and they just you know when you have

clothes and they're just not your style

so anyways without going off-topic I

gave myself an extra hundred ounces

month so this month is $200 so 100 was

to spend on my whole new capsule

wardrobe for the fall and winter and

then 50 for gas and 50 for food another

thing that lets me or is able for me to

live comfortably is that I am around

everything everything is closeby which

saves me gas money and saves me a lot of

time to go to other places like for

example the grocery store

Walmart's Marshalls all those stores are

literally right down the street for me

so I don't need to drive 20 minutes or

30 minutes they're literally 5 minutes

down the street from me um same thing

with my bank my bank is right down the

street so this little town has

everything that I need my job is only 10

minutes away so that's also a great

thing for me

because the gas and sometimes if I don't

feel like drivin I can just go walk down

the street and grab what I need and just

come right back and my last thing that

helps me live comfortably is side

hustles I've always had a side hustle

ever since I became a minimalist so my

first side hustle was me

selling all of my old stuff it was I was

able to make about forty three to forty

five hundred dollars with selling all my

old clothes selling makeup that was

never opened selling jewelry everything

you name it I sold it and it was about a

year and I made that amount of money so

it's able to put that into savings um

obviously right now I have nothing to

sell because I own very very minimum

stuff so my side hustle right now is

YouTube obviously where you guys like

see videos or my channel there's an ad

so you guys know the deal you get paid

it's not an enormous amount I would tell

you guys like I think I make about like

forty to fifty bucks a month on YouTube

but with that amount that could paid for

you know like like recently I got a bill

in the mail last month to pay for to

re-register my car and that was around

fifty to sixty dollars so I just used

the money from YouTube to re-register in

my car for the year and I don't know

it's always great to have a side hustle

because that's extra cash coming in

whether you choose to have a second job

or whether you choose to sell all your

stuff or have you know a garage sale or

babysit having that extra cash to put

into savings is great because you can

you know add that to the safety net and

or you can just use it for another bill

that's coming up so obviously I could

probably just use the YouTube money for

that and not have to dip into my savings

account or anything like that to pay it

always having a side hustle definitely

definitely benefits me to get that extra

cash to pay other bills so I'm not keep

dipping into

save its account anyways I hope you guys

enjoy this video this is something that

I wanted to make because I know a lot of

people get put down for working at

minimum wage places and not going to


or you know they just constantly get the

question where when you're gonna go to

school when you're gonna have a real job

I wanted to put this out to tell you

guys it's okay to get paid like minimum

wage I'm not trying to put down anybody

that hat that's got a degree or anything

like that I think that's great

hopefully one day I could you know

figure out what I want to do in life and

get a degree as well but it's also okay

to make minimum wage and you are able to

live alone I remember people at work

well like you won't ever be able to live

alone on this salary here like it would

really hurt me when people would tell me

you should just find a husband and then

you could split things with him and I

was like no I'm gonna do it by myself I

don't need to live with a man or leave

need to live with a roommate in order to

pay my bills so I definitely proved

everybody wrong and that's the best best

feeling ever enough rambling I hope you

guys enjoy and I will catch you guys in

the next video bye