The Simple Guide to a Clutter-Free Home

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you might find this hard to believe but

most of my life I've spent living in a

pretty cluttered home that was I guess

unless someone was going to be coming

over and then we would quick rush and

put everything away and tidy it up by

the time the doorbell rang but

everything changed in my life when I

discovered minimalism and I began owning

less and now for the most part I mean

there's still four people that live in

my home but for the most part our home

is clutter free and it is tidy every

room almost all of the time now I've

helped a lot of people declutter their

home over the last 10 years and I've

kind of broken the process down into

four steps four steps to a decluttered

home now these are pretty broad and

there are a lot of details in each of

them but I just want you to start

thinking through how would I start

living in a clutter free home the first

step is the one that most people don't

realize is so important the first step

is believe it is possible believe that

you can live in a clutter free home a

lot of people have lived in a cluttered

space for so long it's the home they

grew up in it's what their home has

always been and they seem to think that

that's just who they are or they seem to

think the project is too overwhelming

and they can never make it true

but you can you can do it you can live

in a clutter free home if that's what

you want so believe it's possible it's

not gonna happen overnight it's gonna

require step by step drawer by drawer

item by item but you can do it believe

that it's true and then start taking

that step the second key to living in a

clutter free home is remove the excess

begin removing those things from your

home that you don't need start asking

questions of every single item

do I need this do I use this why do I

have it what would I use if I didn't

have this now there are some things that

are easy to get rid of the junk in your

junk drawer or the clothes that you

don't wear the boxes of things you

haven't opened in 10 or 15 years and

there are some things that are more

difficult your book collection your

sentimental item collection your yarn

stash whatever it might be

and there are areas of the home that are

easier than others a living room or

bedroom might be easier than the kitchen

or the home office or the garage here's

the tip here's the key move through your

home starting in the easiest spaces

first don't go try to tackle the Attic

right off the bat get rid of the things

from your living room that you don't

need or your bedroom or a couple of your

closets build some momentum see some

progress and you'll get to those harder

places later so number one believe it's


number two remove the excess number

three implement clutter free habits for

most of my life I skipped the second

step and I thought the key to a clutter

free home was just organizing my things

better and constantly tidying up stuff

but that becomes very overwhelming when

you own too many things but if you do

the second step well if you remove the

excess if you remove duplicate items you

will find clutter free habits much

easier to implement than you ever

thought possible things like cleaning up

the kitchen in the evening having an

evening routine returning daily use

items at the end of every day it's an

important step and it's required to live

in a clutter free home it just becomes

much easier than people think once we've

done a good job of removing the

yes and the fourth and final step is

this to having a clutter-free home we

need to slow the accumulation of stuff

we don't need at some point we need to

break the influence of consumerism we

need to realize that we don't need to

buy everything available at the store

just because it's on sale doesn't mean I

need to bring it home ask do I really

need this do I really want to care for

this do I have a spot for it do I have

something that already accomplishes this

in my life perhaps more importantly

begin to see that your money and your

life can be spent on greater pursuits

that the accumulation of physical

possessions is not the greatest thing

that you can do with your life and so we

begin to see how our money and time can

be used on more important things we

begin to accumulate less and less going

forward it's a different process is a

different conversation but it's an

important one you can even find videos

on this channel about how to overcome

the influence of consumerism again these

are broad thoughts these are broad steps

there are plenty of videos about how to

specifically do each of these things in

your life but if you want to live in a

clutter free home believe it's possible

remove the excess implement clutter free

habits and slow the accumulation of

possessions going forward you can do it

I've done it in my own life I've seen

countless others do it you can do it as