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why hello Internet what's up my people

welcome back to my channel if this is

your first time watching me hello my

name is Carly and for today's video I'm

going to be share with you guys how to

keep your home clean and organized for

all the people who always write down

below in the comments like video starts

at 1 minute in 10 seconds to welcome

I'll just give you guys a quick summary

right now quit being a hot mess and go

to the Container Store the end bye guys

totally kidding and my love am I going

to be share with you guys kind of an

easy life hack that will help you keep

your home more clean more organized and

won't stress you off in the process

these are the systems and tips that I

use to help make my home look more clean

and organized without actually being

like a clean organized type of person

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let's get into my tips space is like a

kitchen or a bathroom looks so much

larger and cleaner when you take things

off of the counters this is great for

space like a kitchen or bathroom or

especially in a space like hell I live

in a loft or everything is open and in

sites that they're living in a dorm or

you're living in a studio this is a


to make your place look larger in the

leader so items that do need to be left

out I also like to send organized Eva's

so for example like a coffee table if

you have coasters if you'll remote

things that people are releasing on a

day to day basis I like to get things

like a tray to put in the center of my

coffee table and just put a couple

things in there even though they get the

same amount of items on a coffee table

it appears a lot more organized and put

together instead of being really

scattered the philosopher a little John

would say from the windows to the walls

I disagree little jog I just agree not

the walls

none of the wall homes look a lot bigger

if you don't have things on the wall

focus on having one or two statement

pieces if you have a ton of things

cluttering up your walls like a ton of

decor a ton of pictures it looks really

busy which in turn makes it look really

cluttered that was for you mom that was

for you yes I did just use a YouTube

video throw family shade I love you

Barbara still love you I see something

color-coded unlike stuff told me this is

so beautiful goals actual goals really

doesn't take that long to color code

something like a closet like your nail

polishes these are things that you can

color code really simply and it ends up

saving you a lot of time when you're

looking through things but it also looks

so much more appealing to the eye so

here's someone like me who has a closet

out in the open and it's not closed this

is a way to make it look a lot more


before you set aside days and be like

this is the day you're going to clean

your house and I would dread that day

and I'd be like yeah this is literally

the last thing I feel like doing so I'll

give myself a designated time that I

have to clean in something like 30

minutes and how we're all aboard myself

and multi-task during it so I'll either

set up a show that I hadn't seen during

the week on Netflix or Hulu or I will

listen to a podcast or copy a book if

you break your chores down into timeslot

and also reward yourself in the timeslot

you can get so much more done because 30

minutes to an hour out of 24 hours in a

day really does it feels overwhelming

it's just telling yourself I have to

clean my whole apartment today great

habit to teach yourself to keeping

yourself more clean and organized

putting things away one time you're

gonna take your coat off

just hang it up don't throw it somewhere

it takes you literally just as much time

if not less time is you're not doing it

twice so really make it a point to tell

yourself like as you're taking that

piece of clothing off be like no stuff

don't put it away the right fun works is

throwing it you will save yourself a ton

of time and a ton of stress if you clean

as you go kind of the thing that stops

you from wanting to throw dinner parties

and have people over being like the

cleanups gonna suck but if you do it

while you're cooking it actually isn't

that bad I like to really clean it like

ghosts by the time whatever I'm doing is

done the place is also clean and done

this will help keep your kitchen clean

organized and make you feel less

stressed so if you start to think of

your items by function and what their

categories are and then by organizing

you end up saving yourself a ton of time

and then you train yourself to always

put that stuff in that spot so for

example I have one bag where it keeps

all of my technology devices so if I

ever need a memory card or a charger I

know it's always in that bag so not only

is it keeping cords off of tables and

deaths but I also never confuse of where

that stuff is my bathroom

I just hope containers that I got from

the Container Store and I've split it up

by Bonnie condoms hair products

toiletries this way I know if I'm

looking for something where it is and

everything has its place I like to do

storage inception you know stuff within

stuff yeah it gives the illusion that

your house is a lot more clean and you

have a lot less stuff but really your

stuff is just within the other stuff my

duffle bag I stop extra things like

throw pillows in there because I have a

bit of a throw pillow problem do I take

the throw pillows and I'm not currently

using and I will stuff them in things

like my double bags not only does this

keep my duffle bag shape and it also

makes it look really nice sitting out on

display alright guys those are my ten

light packs and how to have a more

exciting organized home if you liked the

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