7 Ways To Live a More Balanced Life

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I still haven't met someone that's told

me that they're bored and they don't

have a million things going on anyone I

know and I'm sure most people if not

everyone you know says that they're

overwhelmed and busy and you know what

that means it means we need more balance

and this realization could not be more

true for Chad and I we work together we

run different businesses together we

have a baby on the way and with that

comes its own amount of stress and while

we try honestly there's a lot of

improvement that we could bring in so in

this video I'm going to share with you

some of the things that Chad and I have

been doing to regain balance and reduce

stress in our lives and hopefully it

will inspire you to do the same and just

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thumbs up if you could use some stress

reduction in your life you might have

heard this saying dreams don't work

unless you do and that really resonates

with Chad and I we put a goal list

together at the beginning of each year

it's something we've been doing pretty

much since we started dating about 11

years ago we put a list of goals

together for the upcoming year things

that we want to accomplish things all

the way from vacations to business goals

to personal goals like getting a new

house having a baby doing the renovation

all that kind of stuff all of that goes

on our to-do list for the year if we

write it down and we talk about it it's

more likely to happen and then at the

end of the year we review the list and

we see what we didn't get to what we did

and what of course we exceeded which is

always the most exciting now the thing

is you don't have to wait until January

1st to do this if you haven't done it

already you can just do it now it

doesn't matter but the point is if you

have things on your mind they're gonna

keep perpetually getting pushed out

unless you actually write them down and

get them done so if you haven't done so

already make that list and start taking

things off some of those things on your

must do list they're gonna require some

of this that means you need a budget and

budgets can sort of be considered a

four-letter word people don't want to

talk about them they're bad what

but everybody knows when you have a

budget it actually makes sense when you

sit down you look at your finances you

know where everything's going you and

anyone you live with your partner your

family you're all on the same page

financially and you can work toward

financial goals that's how things get


that's how businesses can run

efficiently and that's how families and

people can run efficiently so if you

don't know where your money is going

every month or if you have a goal even

if you want to start planning for

retirement there are simple ways that

you can put a budget together anything

from an app Chad and I actually decided

to work with a financial advisor that

has been so helpful for us especially

because when people come into

relationships they have different

attitudes and opinions about money and

an objective person like a financial

adviser can really help hone that and

give the couple or the family what it

really needs for us having a budget has

really helped us hone our ideas about

what we want and manage our money

accordingly you got to give yourself

space each day and that means telling

everyone else to busy themselves and

give yourself 30 minutes or 60 minutes

of your own time just to reconnect with

you and disconnect from everything else

the way I do it currently I'm going

through a hypnosis program to help with

the birthing process I listen to a

30-minute hypnosis CD every day it has

been amazing I just relax a zone out it

is so good for me mentally who knows if

it's actually gonna work but it just

feels good up here and for Chad about a

year ago he started to face some

difficulties in his life and he needed

an outlet and what he decided to do was

go on these walks we have a beautiful

ravine by our house and throughout the

year I mean we have four seasons here in

Ontario he takes his camera with him he

takes beautiful photos you can see them

on Instagram every single day the

concept is called forest bathing and it

basically means you go out into nature

you reconnect and you feel so much

better those walks have been incredible

for his headspace now you knew this one

was coming but it's so true if your

space is cluttered or messy and

those two are different things it really

can impact the way that you feel about

your space it's so hard to come home

after a crazy busy day and walk into a

messy or disorganized home it just

doesn't feel good you can't relax and

you might be thinking yeah but I don't

have time to do a whole cleaning all the

time and make my place look perfect

listen you don't need to make it look

perfect you just have to start with

minor improvements and build from there

even small changes 5-10 minutes worth of

cleaning you can use our Express cleans

for that we have tons of videos there in

my book you can use that to help your

space look better in a short period of

time and it does change your

relationship with the space the more

time you invest in making it look and

feel beautiful the better you'll feel

about it and the less you'll want to

mess it up kind of weird how it works

but it does and when you're walking

through your home you can always prune

and edit as you go so if you see garbage

lying around if you see a pile of

laundry that needs to be washed you can

just scoop whatever it is up take it

with you on your way my hands full

theory do what you have to do and then

move on to your next task there are

always things you can do to help make

your space feel better and help you feel

calmer when you're at home I want to

make a distinction here between friends

that you have on social media and

friends or relationships that you have

in real life the ones that you have in

real life are the ones that are going to

support you through those really really

tough times the ones that you have on

social media then will be there for you

to an extent but it's completely

different so well you can focus on you

know having friends and posting things

online that's great and liking other

people's stuff that's one form of

friendship but to me the most valuable

form of friendship or the most valuable

relationships are the close ones that

I've created over the years with people

who helped bring me up when I'm down

people who can make me laugh at any time

and who I can do the same for those

relationships are the ones that are so

valuable and so meaningful in my life

those are the ones I love focusing on I

mean I love social media don't get me


but those friendships are the ones you

know when I see a friend and I'm down

and she or he can help lift me up and

make me feel better

that's what warm

my heart and I love doing the same thing

for those people in my life so over the

years have been very mindful to pick the

people I keep company with if there's

too much drama or those people are

negative and bring me down I'm not

friends with them anymore I mean I might

be friends with them on social media but

I won't choose to spend my quality time

with them the people I want to spend

time with again are those people who

lift me up and make me feel good and who

I could do the exact same for eating

mindfully is something that takes effort

but boy does it pay off it's so easy to

just say it's lunch and lazy I'm gonna

go buy something and just eat whatever

looks exciting or is convenient for you

but remember food is fuel it gives your

body the energy that it means it helps

you function if you're not eating the

right stuff you cannot function you'll

be tired you'll be stressed you'll be

Moody you'll gain weight all of that

kind of stuff and especially me right

now I have to be so mindful about the

way I'm eating because everything I put

in despite cravings and all the other

stuff is going to the baby and also I

want to be mindful about maintaining a

healthy pregnancy so I am eating

mindfully and with intention so what

that means is I'm looking at what I'm

eating and even if I'm eating in a

restaurant I try to make the best

possible decisions Chad does too at home

I try to cook healthy full meals with

protein and vegetables and starches so

that I'm getting what I need I'm fueling

myself I'm making sure Chad's getting

the same thing and we're eating well

when we eat well we feel well and when

we don't that's when you feel stressed

exhausted overweight and unhappy finding

a sleep routine that works for you is a

big deal there's this new thing called

sleep hygiene which to me so strange but

it's actually a really important thing

to do so for me I find that if I do

things before I go to bed that throw off

my sleep not only do I have a horrible

night's sleep but it also screws up my

whole next day because if I don't get

enough sleep the night before I'm

miserable I'm tired I can't function I

can't think straight

not a good scene so for me I need to

have good quality sleep and I have to

take a few steps back before I can get

there so what does that mean having a

comfortable bed having a great pillow

chad recently woke up with it what do

you call it crick in your neck or

something his neck was all messed up

because his pillow was bad

so that flagged us okay we gotta get him

a new pillow if I look at my phone I

find too much before bed the blue light

just completely messes with my ability

to fall asleep and frankly even TV I

find if I fall asleep in front of the TV

and then I wake up and I try to go back

to bed that's really hard for me too

so winding down finding a way to

disconnect finding a way to do things

that make you comfortable get you a

little bit tired whether it's taking a

bath spraying some lavender essential

oils around the room having something

hot to drink before you go to bed

whatever it is that makes sense for you

find a sleep routine that gets you in

bed and gets you a good quality six to

eight hours before you have to wake up

the next morning your body in your mind

will feel so much better

because you gave yourself a good night's

sleep that last point is something that

I have been thinking about a lot lately

and it's something that we're really

interested in here at clean my space and

we're thinking about putting a video

together about bedtime routines and that

kind of stuff and how it can affect your

well-being so I'd love to know in the

comments down below a few things first

of all how many hours of sleep do you

get a night or do you need to actually

function properly for me I find if it's

any less than six hours I am garbage

there's the next day and I definitely

need a nap and I'm miserable and you

don't want to go near me I'd also love

to know what is your before bedtime

routine so anything that you do to wind

yourself down and get yourself ready for

bed and finally do you have a TV in your

room or do you think that that is

totally sacrilegious let me know all of

your answers in the comments down below

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