Joe Rogan on Being Sober "You Have to Find Out Who You Are"

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I like those two but again those cut my

voice - I don't know what I'm doing

wrong yeah but um yeah I so would but

with alcohol I will say like I just

could see it snowballing into a point

where I would quit again but I just I've

never I'm miss drinking a lot for the

sex thing for the dancing thing like

just dancing to music in general like is

more fun if you drunk yeah just life

like first two drinks like life is

pretty great yeah drinks yeah good

sending text messages I don't want to

send reaching out to guys they don't

want to talk to in the morning all of

that anxiety and the hangover that's

what I'm avoiding is the hangover and

with weed you know I don't have a

hangover yeah do you get hangovers

yeah from weed no no sure and does it

make you want to quit and question

everything I mean how do you keep your

drink in check um I've never had a

problem with drinking and in like it's

never been like god I need a drink

I've never been like they like like

sober October was the first time I did

absolutely nothing for a whole month I

didn't smoke a joint I didn't do

mushrooms I didn't at nothing right

wasn't that hard what was interesting

about it was the dreams first of all

because the dreams come hard and fast

when you're off the weed and they

because apparently I talked to this guy

dr. Matthew Walker who is a dream

specialist and he was on the podcast

discussing the importance of sleep sleep

specialist I should say but he was

saying that marijuana it impedes certain

aspects of REM sleep which is when you

do all your dreaming so when you um get

off the marijuana your brain apparently

makes up for lost time and hits you with

some crazy [ __ ] dream talking frogs

and [ __ ] unicorns and you know roller

coasters that go straight to heaven and

like [ __ ] bananas dreams did you have

that or you haven't my god well the

thing is this time for sober October I

was way tapered off by the time this

rolled around like I smoked a little pot

in Toronto on Saturday

I mean a little like I took like one or

two hits I had a drink maybe two drinks

I think I had one drink when I went on

stage and then I had a couple glasses of

wine after the show we went out to this

restaurant after the show but yeah it

was the eat this was an easy one because

I was kind of but I think I slowed down

after last year I think doing that sober

October thing made me realize like hmm

there's like some there's some of that

school that right unfortunately that all

my favorite comics did drugs all of them

yeah hex Kinnison Pryor everyone did

drugs they were they were all I mean

Pryor was coke I've never touched coke

but Kennison was coke - but Hicks was

more psychedelics and I mean he did coke

and alcohol and all other stuff before

but there was there was oh they were all

like these wild [ __ ] like Ron White is

a good friend of mine always drunk and

there's like this part of that life that

you know this so it's so attractive

because it's just like this wild loose

carefree rebellious figured out tomorrow

life and that's that's the life of the

comic but I realized like after last

year sober October that there's a lot of

stuff you could do if you're sober like

and it's I think as I said you can abuse

alcohol but you can also use it you know

you can use it you can you can have a

couple drinks and feel good and you

enjoy the moment more you know there's

there's something there's something to

it but it's really a matter of your own

personality and discipline it's like how

much and how much of an addict are you

like what how much what is it

what holes are missing in your brain

that get filled up with that booze and

that like once you take the booze away

there's like this gaping chasm that you

need to fill you know what is that and

you got to figure out who you are

because I know some people that can't

have anything they have one drink and

then they're off to the races and

they're doing math yeah