5 Tips To Stay Sober In Early Sobriety

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what's up guys five tips on how to stay

sober in early recovery

I know these work for me I cannot say

they'll work for everybody this is my

own subjective if you will personal

experience man I stuck to these five

tips on staying sober and it worked they

weren't called five tips on staying

sober when I did this these were just

things through my experience that I

picked up and if you watch my earlier

videos you'll find out if you're new to

the channel my name is Derek I have four

and a half years clean up all substances

I took an abstinent route that does not

mean that I'm against other routes I

just want to make that clear

but I'm gonna go ahead and jump right

into tip number one people how important

are people anyone that you ever listened

to that's like running multi-million

dollar businesses will tell you who you

surround yourself with is who you'll

become surround yourself around

successful people and you'll become

successful I've been to meetings all

sorts of recovery meetings and they

always say stick with the winners who

are the winners when you go to a

recovery meeting those who recovered

those who are with years of recovery and

know how to stay clean there are things

you have to do you can't just come off

the drug and not change things in your

lives if you're like me and stay clean

so this is the purpose of the video and

I'm gonna give you guys details as to

why these things work but also the tips

on what to do maybe if you're willing to

that'll keep you from relapse or going

back I surrounded myself around people

who wanted me to recover who wanted me

to get clean and when I did I saw the

results the results started to become

when I had a bad fall or I started

struggling or emotional trauma or

anything happened depression set in they

had my back they knew I needed love and

encouragement not discouragement they

knew hey I understand and most the

people are surrounded myself were also

like me except they succeeded and got

clean that's why it's vital to be around

people who are in recovery number two

are places if you're going around the

same places that you're buying your dope

from or the same doctor's office that

you know that doctor will write you that

script or whatever

and this doesn't go for people who know

how to properly use these things like

they might be prescribed a medication

that another person might be addicted to

I'm talking about you the person who

might be honest with themselves and

saying I'm probably addicted to these

things or I'm struggling and I can't

stop going around certain places

environments cause influence on us as

people no matter where you go eventually

an environment will cause and effect to

give you an example my brother was

shooting up okay he was really bad off

shooting up cocaine and I remember him

doing cocaine and heroin and he was so

bad off we all thought he was gonna die

absolutely there was no doubt in my mind

that he was soon to something had to

happen soon I went to his house he was

shooting up right in front of me I had a

goal on getting him into rehab he wanted

to go but he couldn't stop this vicious

cycle and he thought he was just too far

gone why stop it's easier to keep going

what most people in recovery would say a

scary place to be maybe I should have

brought someone with me people back to

step one it was an immediate emergency

and I went in to help my brother I got

him into rehab

he got 60 days fell off the wagon went

back out there this is so important that

you have an environment that's safe

because if the temptation comes if

traumas happen if stresses occur

god forbid you might find yourself

trying to leave or escape your mind and

how do we do that I know my problem

solver was opiates alcohol adderall you

name it I had a variety of substances

that I would take to escape reality


I wasn't hooked hard on them but they

helped me escape I would even take

ambien to go to sleep earlier and stay

up on purpose taking them and they made

me feel wacky all these things helped us

escape and I tried to escape

I want a temporary relief sexual things

may take a place - number three tip

number three this one is things there

might be things out there not just

places and not just people but certain

things in these places maybe around

certain people or maybe just things

themselves that trigger you for example

and I don't mean to do this but some

people look at my thumbnails that I've

had on my youtube channel they got

syringes they've got pictures of this

I don't trigger from that okay but I've

seen people shoot up in front me while

in recovery that's pretty gross

for some of you have never done that but

for people like me that was normal I

don't get triggered by those things but

you might and you might have to avoid

them you might notice habits someone's

doing that cause you to trigger there's

some things objects like my sister used

to say she's a meth addict right she's

recovery now she would look at foil and

spoons and things with shiny like

objects and they would trigger her they

would make her think about using so

sometimes early in recovery you gotta

avoid people places things this is tip

one two and three this is very important

this is basic 101 in recovery if you go

to rehab they're gonna suggest the same

stuff step number four relationships a

lot of people think this is a gray area

they're not so sure well I had gotten in

a relationship and it was successful I

ended up in a serious relationship

within the first year of recovery and it

was good for me now don't get me wrong

I get it I totally understand it could

work for you

the reason people want you to avoid

serious relationships and only focus on

yourself you are like a butterfly that

just became a butterfly you came out of

the cocoon you're in a very fragile


your emotions are already gonna be

tested now this is why it's difficult to

stay out of relationships in my opinion

early in recovery there could be other

factors that play a role but the factor

I want to play in is your hormones for

me as a man and I can't speak for women

but I suspect the same as true of their

estrogen my hormone spiked I don't know

where my body started to produce

hormones my testosterone on a level it

hasn't in a very long time I ended up

getting this testosterone boost early on

at some point during my recovery that

caused me to start to act irrational

I started thinking anger and I had a

little bit of like a temper my

testosterone caused me to feel that way

when my testosterone rises I as a male

I'm attracted to the opposite sex so I

have this drawl towards women I could

see how easily a man who's been

suppressing his

dosterone using whatever the substances

may be whether they're illicit drugs off

the streets prescriptions from doctors

could even be maintenance substances

like suboxone and when you're coming off

of these things your testosterone is low

and then all of a sudden boom a lot of

times it spikes and you start to see

that girl in that meeting or you start

to see that girl at work whatever it may


she looks attractive or he you go for it

and when you do a lot of times we've got

problems we have issues they find out we

have issues they don't like our issues

we don't like their issues a breakup

happens or something traumatic happens

or one of them relapses and the other

ones there with them and there's a

heartbreak now the emotions are running

now it's insane oh my god I've got to

feel numb I have to feel better I've got

a relapse and I had a friend recently do

that there's a lot of people that I know

that have had struggles with these

things and relationships don't get into

any serious relationships early and

recovery some people view sex in a

totally different light than others

there may be people who don't have to be

serious who are sexually active and they

somehow can separate the two it's just

like people in recovery who talk about

well I was addicted to cocaine or meth

and I wasn't addicted to alcohol I can

drink a beer and put it down hey I'm not

gonna tell you that you can't I know

people who can that's crazy I don't know

how I can't do it

I wish I knew how to drink a long time

ago I'm just not able to do it the same

way normal people do I'm not encouraging

you to go drink though I want you to

understand there are people who aren't

alcoholic with alcohol so to speak who

don't drink on purpose because they they

feel like once they have a beer like

having other stuff it opens the door for

them and that's what alcohol did for me

as well tip number five this is oh so my

personal experience okay I can't tell

you what yours is but you might relate

to me you might want to try these tips

while you're trying to detox while

you're trying to go through that first

month of all the emotional rollercoaster

and not even knowing what this world is

about you feel like you were just born

so on tip number five exercise and music

now exercise let me go with that and

then tell you about the music and why I


music and why it's so important for me

when I was early in recovery I'd get

angry quick I'd have these weird

emotional feelings when you walk they

say you're you're pushing both sides of

the brain okay

the rational and the emotional side are

both kind of going back and forth and

you alleviate that you're also releasing

and creating new endorphins and and your

body's producing chemicals it's also a

satisfaction but it's good for you too

it can release a lot of tension I had a

lot of tension when I was early in

recovery that's why they say exercise is

very good and it gets you actively

moving how often do I hear people come

to me and go dude I have no energy I

always equate it to a stick shift

five-speed car you know when you have to

start it and the battery's dead you put

it in first gear and you have someone

push you down a hill you put it in first

gear you got the clutch pushed in and as

you're going down the hill you let go of

the clutch and it kick-starts it it's

hard you got a push you don't want to

but once you do you can get that engine

started it becomes easier and that

energy naturally starts to come back for

most seeing a doctors vital in all of

these tips it's very important to see a

medical professional for this stuff just

to help you you know maybe a counselor

maybe a psychiatrist someone like that

exercise helped me and music I was four

days off heroin leaving this lady's

house and I was listening to these songs

that made me feel emotions I hadn't felt

in a long time I liked those emotions

this might be a trigger for things back

to number three and the reason why is I

know people who listen to certain songs

that make them want to relapse it's a

trigger it can be like my sister's

silver spoon or her foil music helped me

want to push forward but then again in

early recovery very early recovery I

only listened to inspirational

motivational good music I've been

married for almost 14 years to the same


and I wasn't the best husband I was very

very bad off on this drugs so I

neglected her and neglected my kids so I

listened to music that made me look at

her and hold her by the head and say

baby I love you I want to be a better

dad I want to be a better husband I want

to be a better human being

I wanna be a better person for the whole

wide world and she accepted me for that

she knows that deep down I wasn't the

person I was acting like that I was

actually a good person these are the top

five things I personally think will help

anyone who's an early recovery stay

clean and eventually can get serious

time now some of these tips might slowly

be redefined by you as you become

stronger in your recovery but never lose

sight of what you can always return to

even while you're in recovery so that

you don't relapse okay am I in a bad

place is this relationship not a good

one should I focus on myself more am i

listening to this music that's

influencing me to use drugs because a

lot of hip-hop does that am i not

exercising and maybe I'm depressed

because I'm not being proactive in my

life and I feel like I'm stagnant and

I'm not really doing what I'm supposed

to am I around the right people are

there people who really want what's best

for me here do they have my interest in

mind if not I'm gonna find some people

these are selfish tips in some sense but

selfishness isn't always bad sometimes

selfishness is beneficial to the world

my dad told me one time you want to

change the world son change you that's

what he told me and at that point I was

trying to get clean he told me you only

have to change one thing and I said

what's that he said everything change

everything and all I'm saying today is

here's five five tips to help you change

everything I love you guys make sure you

guys hit that subscribe button hit the

bell I'll bring you guys more tips bring

you more ideas got a lot to cover and

I'm trying to keep this thing growing so

why don't you help me Derrick Lambert