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hello welcome to the modern lady I'm

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much for your subscriptions I really

appreciate and love you all so today I

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I've been so excited to share this with

you I am talking about how to be classy

now if you are familiar with my channel

you know that I typically start my

videos sharing the difference between a

woman and a lady when I am talking about

how to be classy or how to be a lady so

there is a difference between a woman

and a lady every female is a woman but

not every woman is a lady a lady is

defined as a woman who is polite refined

animal spoken in all encounters with

others so today I'm excited to share

with you how to be classy and how to be

a lady now the first tip is to always

use the three golden phrases and if

you've seen my one of my most popular

videos on the channel three words every

lady should know then you probably are

familiar with what I'm going to say but

on a daily basis using please thank you

and you're welcome is important and it's

a part of being classy so using the word

please is appropriate when you are

making a request to ask for something

using the phrase thank you is

appropriate when you are thanking

someone for doing something for you and

using the phrase you're welcome

is appropriate for in response to

someone saying thank you a lot of people

commonly don't use these phrases or

words sometimes will use sounds instead


or there's no sound there's just a shrug

so if you want to be classy you will say

please thank you and you're welcome

every day when appropriate the second

tip for how to be classy is to mind your


a classy lady always thinks before she

speaks so when you are speaking you want

to use proper pronunciation and grammar

when you're writing communication

whether it's in a text message or an

email or even on social media using

proper spelling and grammar is always

important and let's talk about foul

language for a moment I realize a lot of

ladies do want to curse but it's not a

good taste so minding your mouth does

include using other vocabulary words

instead of cursing on a regular basis

and this is going to come up as really

almost like a test if you will in

situations when you get really angry or

really caught off guard and those are

the moments when your true character

will truly shine so that's your

opportunity to use other words in your


instead of foul language the third way

to be classy is offering to help others

and it could be the smallest of gestures

for example if you are walking out of a

store and you see an elderly person

loading a lot of bags or trying to push

a cart you can hold the door open for

them but very small gestures go a long

way and it makes a really big difference

in how you are living your life as a

classy lady

so offering to help others when you can

when you see they need it and when

you're available is definitely a way to

be classy another way to be classy is to

always make every impression a positive

one that doesn't mean that you have to

always be happy and always be higher

energy and cheerful but you can smile

and be cheerful with other people when

you're interacting with them you can be

pleasant and make every impression a

positive one the next way to be classy

is to mind your phone usage now when you

are maybe at a coffee shop at lunch or

even at dinner you are around other

people so if you've had a specific

appointment a schedule a time and date

to meet with a friend or to meet with a

family member or even your husband or

boyfriend you do want to be respectful

of them and actually be in the moment

rather than being on your phone this is

something that's very very common a lot

of people love to live through their

phones live on their phones which is


but when you are in the company in the

presence of others you really want to be

respectful and give them your attention

because the text messages and the posts

on social media and the emails can wait

until after you have that quality time

the last way to be classy I will mention

in this video is to dress appropriately

for every occasion most occasions do

have a dress code whether its formal or

informally known and it's important to

dress appropriately so that you can show

up in good taste so for the office

whatever the dress code policies are at

your place of employment you will want

to pay attention to that and dress

appropriately for work likewise if you

are attending a social gathering or an

event such as a gala or a black-tie

affair you do want to show up

appropriately so just paying attention

to the dress codes for different events

that you're attending helps you to show

up and look your best so that you can

really make a positive impression and

always be appropriate for the occasion

now one thing I do want to mention here


even if there is no dress code for a

daily activity like going to the grocery

store you do still want to be classy

which means you're not going to leave

their home wearing pajamas or a hair

bonnet or hair scarf you want to look

presentable every time you leave your

home so that doesn't necessarily mean

you have to get dolled up with makeup

and look like you're going to be in a

photoshoot and super glamorous but you

do want to at least be appropriate so

being classy is not about just certain

events or certain times but being classy

is truly about the lifestyle so being

appropriate for all the different

occasions that you have in your club is

ultimately how you can be classy now I

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