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and how do you do ladies and gentlemen

welcome to Madison Square Garden in the

Billy Graham New York crusade tonight's

service marks the end at least the

closing with tomorrow night's service as

well of the 12th week of this crusade

and again it's our privilege to present

to you the 1500 voice crusade choir with

Ted Smith at the piano Paul Mickelson at

the organ this great congregation here

at Madison Square Garden will be singing

for you we have a very special guest -

you won't want to miss so why not call a

friend now and ask them to share the

next 59 minutes with us we'd sure

appreciate it if you would and to begin

our program we're going to ask America's

beloved gospel singer George Beverly

Shea to come and sing for us right now

all right


there is singing up in heaven such as we

have never known where they angel sing

the praises of the lamb upon the throne

their sweethearts are ever truthful and

their voices

always all that we might be more like

them while we serve a master


is what the angel sing and I expect to

help them make the course of heaven but

when I sang Redemption school they will


but myself baseball




yes angel sing and I expected


but when I say rate that some small

I will cease to say hey Patrol






Thank You mr. Shay and now everyone here

at Madison Square Garden would you take

your songbook please and turn to the

last one in the book we've been singing

for the past few weeks to God be the

glory great things he had done now again

this evening for all that are sharing

this program coast-to-coast by means of

television we want to express to them

the joy of our hearts as we sing shall

we all stand please as we sing together


on the first verse number 71 together



now let us sing the last verse great

things he hath taught us as we sing if

you have a song looked at his borrowed

word you pass it to the end of the roll

please and the ushers will collect them

as we sing together on the last verse



ain't you you maybe secret tonight it's

my privilege to present to you folks

coast-to-coast and to our many many

friends here at Madison Square Garden a

lady that has blessed us all and

inspired us all by her attendance during

the past 12 weeks at this crusade her

name is well known she is well known and

loved across America her name is Miss

Ethel Waters she's been singing in the

Altos section of the choir right over

there every night but one and she comes

to sing for us now with the help of the

crusade choir one of the songs that

she's best known and loved for across

America and around the world after she's

sung for you we'll have the message of

the evening by mr. gray miss waters it's

a joy to welcome you tonight you come

and we'll be listening to your message

in song


why should I feel discouraged or why

should why should my heart be lonely

away from heaven and home with Jesus my

portion my stint




and I

he watches

me so I see


oh yes I see



and children I know how I know






shall we pray

our Father and our God we pray that

tonight we all might be conscious that

thine eye is upon us if God can see the

sparrow fall if he has the hairs of our

head numbered

we know that he watches us there he

loves us that he cares for us and we are

told in thy word that he cares for us so

much that he sent His only begotten Son

to the cross to die that we might find

forgiveness of our sins we pray tonight

that thy Holy Spirit will draw all men

unto the Savior for we ask it in his

name amen

in a way I am slightly embarrassed

tonight because I had announced that the

crusade was definitely closing on August

the 10th and I said in an old good faith

because that was the vote of the

executive committee that was the feeling

of our team and that was our feeling

pretz-elle I'm sure the Lord didn't

change his mind we just didn't have

faith enough to believe here it is

into August the worst month of the year

for a crusade if we'd chosen the time to

come we couldn't have chosen a worse


humanly speaking and psychologically

speaking and yet look what the Lord has

done the great crowds of people that

have come this past week the hundreds

and thousands this past week they found

Christ the letters the telegrams the

telephone calls and there wasn't one

voice on our committee or team that felt

but what felt that the meeting should go

I think it was expressed by Dan Potter

Secretary of the Council of Churches

when he said this that if the purpose if

the purpose of the Church of Christ is

to win men to Christ and souls are

coming three and four and five and six

hundred a night he said we cannot close

the crusade and we had to concur that we

believed that it was God's will for the

crusade to continue until Saturday night

August the 31st now we can't get the

garden any longer than back

but I'm not going to announce that it'll

close then I think it will I'm sure it

will but I'm not going to announce it

the ice show comes in here I think

that's the next event in the garden we

may have to have meetings all night but

I hope that all of you are going to pray

as you have never prayed now we need

your prayers we we expect that the

attendance will drop a bit in the middle

of August but we believe that God is

going to be here like a lady I heard

that called up the National Presbyterian

Church in Washington where the president

attends church and said is the president

going to be there this morning and the

man that answered the phone said I don't

know whether the president is going to

be here or not but Christ is going to be

here Christ is going to be here what our

hallowed spot Madison Square Garden has

becomes a thousands of people that have

had their lives changed during the past

12 weeks now tonight I want you to turn

with me to Acts the book of Acts the

11th chapter find the 26th verse in the

latter part of the 26th verse the latter

part of the 26th verse of the book of

Acts we read these words and the

disciples now the word disciple means

learner or follower and the disciples

were called Christians first at area now

Paul and Silas had been in Antioch

preaching for many months they've been

holding evangelistic crusade getting

hundreds of people to receive Christ

they established a great church and in

derision the people round about them

began to call them Christ one Christ

followers Christians that's where the

word Christian with first coin followers

of Jesus Christ now tonight I want to


the subject how to live the Christian

life how to live the Christian life I

heard about a girl some years ago that

heard as a girl one of Beethoven's

sonatas and she possessed a strong

desire to learn to play she had real

musical ability but 20 years later her

neighbours had to endure and had to

listen to her as she murdered Beethoven

now what had happened she had never

struggled with the five finger exercises

and scales

she had neglected to learn to play tell

there are many of you that have a strong

desire to live the Christian life you

want to be a Christian you want to live

the Christian life but you've never

learned how to live the Christian life

now you've been told that you ought to

be a Christian you've been told that you

should live the Christian life but

you've never been told how I heard about

a lady that said that she had a

wonderful pastor she said my pastors a

wonderful minister he's a wonderful

pastor and we all loved him at the

church but for the life of me I cannot

figure out what he wants us to do well

tonight I want us to see something about

living the Christian life but first of

all first of all I want us to see what

is a Christian what is a follower of

Jesus Christ oh there are many people

that have an idea that if you're born in

a Christian country that you're a

Christian many people have an idea if

you have Christian parents you're

automatically a Christian but the Bible

says you cannot inherit Christianity

it's not my flesh and blood

no the will of man there is nothing that

you can do to automatically make

yourself acceptable to the kingdom of

God you can go to church you can live a

decent life you can be a good moral

virtuous person but that does not make

you a Christian you can have Christian

characteristics but that doesn't make

you a Christian there are thousands of

people in America tonight think they're

Christians but in actuality they are not

Christians in the narrow sense of the

term they have never been born again

they have never received Christ into

their hearts and if they died they would

not go to heaven now a Christian is a

person that is had a personal encounter

with Jesus Christ a Christian is a

person that has made a decision for

accepting Christ their Savior Lord

you've accepted him you've committed

your life to him now the first thing is

a Christian is a person that is made a

choice you've made a decision you've had

an encounter with the Living God you've

received Christ into your heart that is

the first step in being a Christian has

that happened to you

has there come a moment in your life

when you repented of your sins when you

acknowledge that you're a sinner when

you said oh god I'm willing to turn from

my sins and then by faith you received

Christ as your Lord and Savior

now that's the starting point oh there

are many people that are trying to live

the Christian life but Christ doesn't

live in their heart because a Christian

is a person in whom Christ dwells but

what would you receive Christ the Holy

Spirit comes into your heart and gives

you a new moral nature and you have

power and you have strength to live the

Christian life now no one can live the

Christian life until first he's been to

the cross and received Christ to see

Christ died on the cross Christ shed his

blood for our sins but you must come and

receive Christ that is an act of your

will intellectually you say yes I

believe but that's not enough

emotionally you might have had emotional

experience but that's not enough by your

will you must say I will receive Christ

I will give my life to Christ but then

after that something else must take

place the second thing is our change

must take place in your life

the Bible says old things have passed

away behold all things

become new there must be a definite

change in the way you live a change in

your attitude a change in your attitude

toward God you must love God supremely

you must put God first in all the

choices and decisions of your life there

must be a change in your attitude toward

yourself no longer are you eco senses no

longer are you selfish no longer is

everything done just for self and to

please self there must also be a change

in your attitude toward your neighbor

you must love your neighbor as yourself

and so there must be a change in your

life all things pass away behold all

things become new I heard about a man

one time in the olden days that used to

hitch his horse in front of the saloon

and he was converted to Christ at a

Methodist meeting at the Methodist

Church and the next day came to town he

hitched his horse in front of the

Methodist Church and the bartender came

out and said what's the matter you

hitched your horse here for 10 years and

now you're hitching it over there why he

said I was converted last night I

received Christ and he said I've changed

hitching posts and that's exactly what

we should do change hitching posts and

if there is no evidence of a change in

your life then you better check up the

sleep whether you are really a Christian

enough because if your life hasn't been

changed if you're not bearing the proof

that God gives you when you come to

Christ then you better start doubting

whether you really met Christ or not

because the child of God a change has

taken place Jesus said by their fruit

shall ye know them by their fruits

whatever fruits the fruits of the spirit

of love and joy and peace and

long-suffering and all the others are

you living the Christian life

have you given yourself to Jesus Christ

do you know that you had this encounter

with him and has a change taken place in

the way you live and in your attitude if

not you may not be a Christian you may

be living in a food

you may think that you're a Christian

but you're not because a Christian is a

person that has received Christ and a

change is taking place in the way he

lives thirdly a Christian is a person

that has accepted a challenge the

challenge of Christ Christ said if any

man will come after me let him deny self

take up his cross and follow me in

Moscow tonight thousands of young people

are being challenged I'm glad to say

that the American young people as far as

I can gather that are there have not

accepted the challenge of communism but

communism is challenging millions of

young people Jesus Christ also offers a

challenge he says unless you're willing

to accept my challenge and to live for

me you cannot be my follow up Oh in our

churches today we are busy building

astronomical figures to turn in our

reports and all of that is fine and good

but Jesus was busy eliminating people

every time a crowd collected around

Jesus and the crowd got too big he said

wait a minute

he said if you're going to follow me

you'll have to deny yourself that

eliminated one crowd then if the crowd

was still too big he'd say if you're

going to follow me you'll have to take

up a cross and follow me was that

eliminated most of the rest of because

they didn't want to go to the cross the

cross was the electric chair the cross

was the gallows in that day and Jesus

said if you're going to follow me you'll

have to take up your electric chair

you'll have to take up your place of

execution the unpopularity that comes

with following me and most people are

not willing to do that most people are

not willing to take their stand for

Christ most people are not willing to

stand up and be counted when it comes to

surrendering to Christ I ask you tonight

are you sure that you're a Christian are

you sure that your sins are forgiven

are you sure if you died you'd go to

heaven are you sure that you're ready to

meet God in the strictest sense of the

term I ask you tonight are you a

Christian are you sure if I had a

my apart tonight that I was ready to

meet God you couldn't drag me out of

Madison Square Garden till I'd settled

it make sure give your life to Christ

tonight come in receiving all right

that's a Christian Christ dwelling in

the heart a personal encounter with

Christ receiving Christ is Tavian Lord

that is a Christian but how to live the

Christian life that's another thing how

to live the Christian life all right how

about 14 I think it was 14 years ago I

got married for about two years I would

my wife and I'll tell you that was some

doing to win her I worked hard for two


finally we stood up in front of the

ministry now I could have admired my

wife which I did but I still wasn't

married I could have thought she was

lovely and beautiful and believed in her

but that didn't make me married to her I

had to stand in front of the minister

and he said wilt thou have this woman to

be thy wedded wife and I said I will

and then he pronounced this man and wife

then we'll we marriage a public decision

I came publicly before a congregation of

people with witnesses on every hand had

took Ruth to be my wedded wife I said I

will it was a matter of the will just

believing in her wasn't enough just

going and having Sunday dinner at her

folks home wasn't enough just loving her

wasn't enough I had to say I will I'm

just believing in Christ is not enough

the Bible says the devil believes in sin

just saying he's a wonderful person is

not enough just going to Sunday dinner

at the church is not enough you must by

an act of your will say I will receive

him as my own Savior law have you done

that but

I found out something that a lot of

married a lot of kids don't think about

the ceremony was only the beginning now

when you come and accept Jesus Christ

that's only the beginning 10 years 20

years 30 years 40 years 50 years 60

years you live together you work

together you plan together your life

meshes together and marriage is work

it's not a honeymoon all the time mine

is but yours I don't think he is most of

you now the Christian life is the same

way you receive Christ you say to Christ

I will and the Bible says you're wedded

to Christ he's devised room we'll divide

but now there comes the years of

following Christ in living for Christ

and if you want to grow you must follow

certain rules to grow in Christ

now the Bible teaches that you start out

after you receive Christ you start out

as a tiny baby just a tiny little baby

you're not a full-grown Christian you

walk in church on Sunday morning after

receiving Christ and sometimes some of

the Christians will say I wonder if he's

gonna last

wonderful poor little thing will hold

out you should do that you should

welcome these new people and love them

and encourage them and help them that

they might grow you're supposed to grow

but here's the tragedy in the Christian

church today that terrible tragedy when

my little boy said his first words he

said dad at least I think that's what he

said huh I was told that's what he was

saying dad dad we were thrilled to death

he had learned to talk daddy

but suppose 20 years from now he was

still come up to me and say jeff fiffie

something wrong and yes there are many

of you that same way you haven't grown a

bit you're still going around after 20

years of being a Christian thing they're


you've been stunted you haven't grown

you go to a prayer meeting and the

minister says we'll let everybody say a

verse around somebody says John 3:16 you

say old she got my verse

that's all you knew you haven't learned

the Bible and if somebody calls on you

to pray you say well I'm sorry I don't I

can't pray and yet you claim to be a

Christian the Christian life is one of

growth we start out in children and we

grow in the Grace and knowledge of

Christ now some quick rules first the

first rule is 1 in prayer we have to

spend time every day in prayer the

disciples came up to Jesus and they said

Lord teach us to pray now you have to

learn to walk don't you you have to

learn to ride a bicycle don't you you

learn to ride a horse all right you have

to learn to pray you learn to pray in

the same way Lord teach us to pray now

remember in living this Christian life

you don't have to live it alone the Holy

Spirit lives in you but what would you

receive Christ as your Savior the Holy

Spirit comes to live in you to give you

the power the strength the wisdom the

courage to live the Christian life now

the Holy Spirit also helps in your

prayer life the scripture says likewise

the spirit also helpeth our infirmities

for we know not what we should pray boys

we ought with the spirit itself maketh

intercession for us with groanings that

cannot be uttered the Holy Spirit helps

you to pray now may I make a suggestion

there's so many people that say well I

don't feel like praying

I only pray when I feel like it then

you're wrong you should have a

this time and place everyday to pray you

have an appointment you have an

interview with Almighty God suppose you

had an interview with President

Eisenhower tomorrow more you'd get up

and say well I don't feel like seeing

the president this morning

I'll suppose you were going to be

presented to the Queen well I don't feel

like it this morning no you'd be there

you'd be dressed in your bed you'd go

and present yourself to the Queen well

every day God the king of kings and Lord

of lords is waiting he has given you an

audience at any time of the day and you

fail to keep your appointment have a

definite time that you set aside and

pray when you release feel like it the

will is involved here too you say I

don't feel like it all right you're with

your emotion your body says I don't feel

like it my mind says I don't feel like

praying my will makes me go and spend

time in prayer because prayer is work

where is work and many times you make

yourself keep your appointment with God

and out of some of those moments come

your most precious moments and some of

your greatest answers to prayer and then

the second thing is reading the Bible

now the purpose of the Bible is to

testify of Jesus Christ the Bible from

Genesis to Revelation points to Christ

on Thursday night of this week I'm going

to tell you how to study the Bible how

to read the Bible how to understand the

bus I only touch on it tonight job said

I have esteem the words of his mouth

more than my necessary food the Bible

says desire the sincere milk of the word

that you may grow thereby now the Bible

says that not only do we grow physically

but down inside of you as a soul


physically you have eyes and ears nose

and hands and feet but living inside of

you is your personality your soul your

mind you

your personality that is your soul that

is your spirit now if you spend all of

your time on your physical development

most of you look like you've eaten three

pretty good meals today do you have a

neglecting eating today have you

you didn't neglect dressing looking in

the mirror taking care of your physical

needs but what about your spiritual

needs keep taking care of your physical

needs today but none for the soul and

the soul is going to live forever the

body dies and goes to the grave but the

soul lives on and you spent all your

time feeding your body but none for the

soul how do you feed this up what is the

food you give to the soul it is reading

the Bible the Word of God and I don't

care who you are you cannot live a

victorious life if you neglect Bible

roots and Bible study every time a

person comes to me and says I'm not

getting my prayers answered

I have no victory in my life I have no

joy in my life I don't have the peace in

my life that I know I should have as a

Christian I asked them one question are

you reading your Bible daily and

studying your Bible usually the answer

they bow their head and say no not very

much God has a message for you in this

book read it study it meditate on now

here's how to read the Bible read it

reverently it's an interview with

Almighty God

read it with expectancy come to the

Bible expecting God to speak to you and

read till he does speak to you now never

you'll only read one verse meditate on

that verse

maybe you'll read a whole chapter

meditate on that chapter come with

expectancy that every time you open the

scriptures God has a message for you and

then read it with dependence the Holy

Spirit inspired the writing of this book

and the Holy Spirit can interpret this

book to you

and I have come to many points in the

Bible that I did not understand and I

would get on my knees and I say Lord

show it to me and I found the meaning of

that passage on my knees by the Holy

Spirit and then take adequate adequate

time with the Bible don't just to read a

verse and do it as a duty and as a

ritual and close the Bible take time

take 15 20 30 minutes and you also do it

every morning before you leave your room

in the morning but before you leave the

house spend a half an hour in prayer and

Bible study and Bible reading and I'll

tell you the day will go totally

different you'll be walking on air there

will be a joy in your soul there'll be a

spring in your step

they'll be a smile on your face there'll

be a total different attitude toward

life if you will get in the habit of

reading your Bible and spending time in

prayer every morning and then thirdly if

you're going to live the Christian life

there must be discipline in your life

it's a way of discipline the Christian

life is a way of renunciation in


jesus said Mara is the gate that leads

to eternal life the Bible tells us that

a Christian is a soldier who must suffer

hardship thou therefore endure hardness

as a good soldier of Jesus Christ said

Paul to Timothy the Christian is likened

to a boxer who masters his own body and

practices self-restraint and all the way

through the New Testament you'll read

words like this describing the Christian

life fight wrestle run work suffer

endure resist agonize president all of

these are New Testament words describing

the Christian life it is to be a

disciplined life we have to discipline

our minds the things that we read the

things that we think no evil thoughts

that they come into our minds and if

they do they're to be expelled

immediately our minds to be disciplined

so that we don't spend our time reading

trash and literature that does not


the mind in developer soul watching the

role types the television program we

don't throw our time away we don't let

our minds run idle our minds the

disciplines our tongues our discipline -

we say set a watch ol Lord before my

mouth our time is discipline we redeem

the time because the days are evil these

little minutes those these little bits

of jewels that God gives us every day

these little jewels they can never be


they're to be dedicated to Christ this

body of mine

is the temple of the Holy Spirit which

is in me the Bible says it with my body

there is to be self-control self-control

business blessed are the meek said Jesus

that's what meekness means it means

temperance self-control I'm to live a

disciplined life Oh today how little

discipline we have in the way we live

how little discipline we have in our

Christian experience and our Christian

life and that's the reason thousands of

Christians are failing there is no

discipline there must be discipline and

then next in the Christian life there is

the church you've heard of Robinson

Crusoe Christians haven't you trying to

live solitary Christian lives I tell you

the Bible doesn't know anything about it

the Christian Fellowship is not optional

it's essential it's commanded we are not

to forsake the assembling of ourselves

together the Bible teaches that the

church is like a vine with its many

branches it's like living stones built

together members of the body of Christ

all knit together now the church may

have its local churches well you say I'm

a member of the great universal Church

but I'm not a member of any local church

or assembly that's like saying well I'm

in the Navy but I'm not going to go to

any ship

like the United Nations I was over at

the United Nations on Monday and had a

wonderful talk with mr. hammer she and I

looked out of the window and saw those

flags of the United Nations and I said

here's one organization but it has its

many local constituencies all over the

world in the form of nations and states

here we have the great church the body

of Christ but it has its local branches

all over and one may be called Lutheran

one may be Baptist one may be

Presbyterians whatever the name may be

if it's a place where Christ is preached

if it's a quaint where Christ is exalted

we have to go there and give it

everything we have in the work of the

church the church is to worship together

it's a place where we give our tithes

and offerings to the work of the Lord I

hope you'll go to church tomorrow this

is Saturday night that's all of us be in

the Lord's place of worship tomorrow

all across America let's go to church

God is commended it and I want to tell

you you cannot live a victorious

Christian life and have the peace and

the joy in your heart without

faithfulness in the church stand with

your church oh there's some people that

say well I'm looking for a perfect

church then you'll never find it because

if you joined it if you found the

perfect church and you joined it it

would be imperfect you'll never find a

perfect church all right travels all

over the world and I've seen hundreds of

different types of churches and I have

never seen a perfect one yet and this

side of glory they never will be Jesus

had a little band of men with him twelve

others it was imperfect you just

betrayed him Peter denied him when the

chips were down it's across the rest of

them for Sookie there is no such thing

as a perfect body on earth get into the

church and get to work for Christ and

then last of all the Christian

is to witness for Christ now how do you


you witness by the way you live the

smile the courtesy the thoughtfulness

the graciousness you're witnessing for

Christ and if you live a change life in

which Christ is living in you and

radiating out through you other people

will be attracted to you and they'll say

what's your secret and you say I know

Jesus Christ and you have an opportunity

to witness for Christ witness in the

home witness in your daily work we are

not to be slothful in business fervent

in spirit serving the Lord

we are to witness by the way we perform

our work we are to work faithfully if

you're a worker in a factory use to do

it faithfully as unto the Lord you don't

work just for the employer you don't

work just for the Union to make them

happy you work for the law if you're an

employee you work for Christ he is the

one that you're responsible to if you're

a Christian the Bible says that

Christians are pilgrims here we are

ambassadors for Christ the Bible says we

are peculiar people set apart under

Christ and we had to be shining

witnesses in a perverse and wicked

generation all around we see lying and

hypocrisy and dishonesty and lust and we

see world in its own every size men

taken up with materialism oh give your

life to Jesus Christ and let him live in

you and be a shining witness for Christ

become salt in your community become a

light in your community let the people

know where you stand for Christ live a

clean and honest and pure and wholesome

life I want to ask you tonight are you a

Christian are you living that kind of a

life oh I'm not asking do you have

Christian influence

I'm not asking are you a member of

certain church I'm asking you tonight

have you had this encounter with

right has this change taking place in

your life have you accepted the

challenge of following Christ are you

living a faithful life under him

if not you can start tonight right now

right now you can stay long I give you

my life I give you my heart I give you

my soul I want Christ to come in and

forgive my sins in my famous I want to

follow him serve him I want to know my

sins are forgiven I want to know that

I'm going to heaven

I want a change in my life and in my

home I want a change in the place I work

I want to become a light for Christ I

want to become a witness for Christ

I want the joy of living for Christ how

many people claim to be Christians but

they don't have any peace in their life

there's no joy there's no love in their

life there's no walk with Christ there's

no thrill they get angry quickly they're

sensitive they're jealous they're filled

with pride I tell you the Christian life

was never meant to be that way give your

life to Christ and make sure that it is

in your heart some of you give your life

to Christ tonight for the first time

others of you can come and rededicate

your life and say tonight I'm going to

surrender my life to Christ on you in a

fresh I'm going to give myself to him

all over this place God is speaking to

hundreds and thousands of people all of

you that will come tonight and receive

Christ and say I'm going to begin I give

myself to him I come to the foot of his

cross renouncing my sins and failures

and coming and give myself to him as

Savior Lord I'm going to ask you to come

I'm going to ask you to come out of your

seats from all over this great building

from up in the balconies all around you

come and stand quietly right here in

front and say tonight I give myself to

Christ if you're with friends and

relatives they'll wait on me if you're

in a delegation they'll wait on you but

I'm going to ask you to come right now

while every head is bowed

in every eyes closed and the choir sings

softly just as I am men women young

people and I'm going to warn you about

something you cannot come to Christ

anytime you want to you can only come

when the Spirit of God is speaking and

tonight the Spirit of God is speaking to

hundreds of people here he's speaking to

you there you can give your life to

Christ right now and say tonight I give

myself to it many of you at church

members many of you are Christians but

you need to rededicate your life to God

you need to promise God that from now on

you're going to live the right kind of a

Christian life you're going to be the

right type of a Christian I'm going to

ask you to give your life to him now

from all over the building hundreds of

you you come and stand here right now

just get up out of your seat right now

and come and say tonight I give myself

to Christ we're going to wait after

you've come we're going to have a moment

of Prayer a verse of scripture say a

word to you before you come or before

you go and if you with friends or

relatives they'll wait you can go back

and join them but you come now and stand

here as an indication that you're saying

to God I will I will trust Christ the

choir is going to sing while they're

singing you come right now


that's right quickly right up out of

your seat everywhere you come


say yes right letting come into your

life and make you a new person change

the whole direction of your life you can

do it right now god bless you