How To Live Your Life as a Christian Teen!

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hey guys my name is Kelsey Agra and

today I'm here going to be making a

video called how to live your life as a

Christian team I'm not really sure where

these videos are going in I'm not sure

if I'm going to make these like a series

or if I'm just going to make one video

I'm going to see how this one does and

hopefully I'll be able to make more just

like this so a lot of people I've talked

to who have been telling me to make

these videos or like Kelsey you know

you're so passionate about you know

Jesus and you're so passionate about

faith and you should totally make these

videos mental health people now like you

know what I'm going to do it because I'm

four people I love to Prezi good news

and hopefully I can talk to that just

kidding I'm on a mission to help guys so

what I'm going to talk about today is

the daily just trials that all the teams

come up against with Christian teens and

how we can put Jesus into these problems

that we face in life being a teenager is

not easy and being a Christian teenager

is also definitely not easy but I'm glad

that God said we don't have to walk

through life alone that he'll be here

with us no matter what and then he'll

never leave our side so the first thing

I'm going to talk about is peer pressure

and the basic ways of the world I know

personally as a Christian teenager I

have been faced with the waves of peer

pressure and when all of your friends

are doing a certain thing that you just

don't want to do or you know it's not

right to do you can get nervous you're

like you know I can't do this gerrant

like physically can't like my soul my

spirit is just it doesn't align with

what you guys are doing I can't do it I

know it's hard to say no and you want to

be like everybody else you want to fit

in you just want to feel you want to

feel welcome you know you don't you

don't want to go and be like oh yeah

guys like I'm a Christian I'm sorry I

can do this like you don't want to say

that you're so that's people you just

but you know what when you go up to all

those other people and you start saying

things like oh yeah let's do it

you know let's just smoke this one let's

drink this one you know and then in the

end what do you get out of it do you

want to be around those type of friends

you want to have friends like that who

are going to completely push your face

aside and not think twice about it they

don't even they don't even know that

you're a Christian the verse in Romans

12:2 this then don't copy the behavior

of this world but let God transform you

about changing the way you think that

Amin we learn to know God's will for you

which is good and pleasing and perfect

you think God doesn't want you to be

like everybody else because you're not


you're special and God wants to use you

for his purpose and why every single

person has something great inside of

them that God wants to unblock but you

have to be the one to go to the Oscars

to have to say Jesus I'm yours I'm here

on your vessel take me as I am lurching

Jesus doesn't want you to be in the

wrong crowd he doesn't want you to

submit to the evil waves of like the

devil will phone to drink going to smoke

and do these crazy things that everyone

else is doing Jeremiah 29:11 says Brian

are the plans I have for you to close

the Lord plans to prosper you plans to

not harm you but to give you a hope and

a future as a Christian teen we do want

to fit in

we just want to be like everyone else

but there comes a point where you need

to realize inside yourself do I want the

world and do it I want Jesus and I

struggle the BEC - I struggled what do I

really want do I want to give in to the

world or do I want to submit to God and

do I want his plan for my life there's a

saying in church that my pastor always

says he just says God is better

Raiders he who is in need and is in the

world I show it means like it's just so

amazing how great God is and he's just

better than the world he's just better

you know he can offer so much more than

the world can at the channel Jesus is

eternal each forever he's everlasting

and then you have the earth

it's going to fade peak world's not

forever it's gonna go away I also

conclude this first one Jesus has a plan

for your life and so much better

including you can offer so much more

than the world can so as a Christian

team stay focused on God don't let the

ways of this world for you down because

do this is the only thing that can

satisfy you'll try and search for other

things that you think will satisfy that

they won't you need to realize that

Jesus is the only one that can satisfy

your soul the world can so even if your

friends are trying to get you to do a

certain thing that you don't want to do

turn your cheeks they know no that's not

who I am it's not who I want to be being

Christian it's deciding who you want to

be you want to be known as a child of

God or do you want to be known as

everyone else so the second thing would

be attacked faith so we have Christian

TV with a lot of people attacking our

face and casting it down because we

believe in Jesus and they say that Jesus

bring some stuff like that you know it

was just those few people I were like

Jesus I'm like dang I know what was that

happy about it like I I was at the point

where I would get offended I say I'm not

a Jesus Freak and then what I would do

is I would fight my battles I would say

I don't you say fellas oh honey you're

this you're that don't do that

he just doesn't want us to fight our own


I'm on Pompey hello

yeah those are the folders do they have

purple anyway so with that God doesn't

want us to fight our own battles he

wants to fight our battles for us in X

misfortune 14 the Bible says the Lord

will fight for you you need only to be

still so in adverse God's practically

saying that he'll fight our battles for

us if someone's coming against us God

doesn't want us to come at them and be

like don't you dare say that about my

god he wants us to wait be still as my

god deal with that person personally if

we come up in attack now it's going to

make us look worse in Romans 8:31 if God

is for us then who can be against us and

then God goes on to say in Deuteronomy

322 it's not be afraid of them to the

Lord your God is someone fighting for

you God says in multiple verses that he

is going to fight for us so we don't

need to fight for ourselves the

teenagers if anyone ever comes up

against you and tries to say that your

faith that's wrong or that you're stupid

because you're a Christian and they're

but I you're a Jesus breaker that you're

this or that or whatever they say just

let it happen

just look and say okay you know don't

let them just don't show that what they

say gets to you but we're supposed to do

for those peoples were supposed to love

on them

we're supposed to love them even though

they persecute us even though that they

call us names and even though that they

hurt us or cut this down the way to the

ground we're supposed to get up and love

them anyways because that's what God is

asking us to do but supposed to love our

enemies and teenagers it's hard it's

really hard to not hold a grudge against

people when they cause drama or whatever

it's not easy we need to keep realizing

who we are in Christ and Christian deep

you're above the earth we're the city on

a hill we to realize that we have all

this power and that we are just all to

bigger things

we're called to save those people that

are persecuting us okay so the third

thing is that Christian teens often

filled lonely lost and not understood in

James 1 2 3 4 Jesus says consider it

pure joy my brothers

whenever you face trials of many kinds a

lot a lot a lot of Christine listen to

this first and they say why why does God

allow us to go through trials why do we

even have to go through trials I ask

myself the same question I ask the same

question I'm not gonna lie

why well Jesus says so this is the your

face to shine through and that's a your

fate can be proved genuine you see Jesus

isn't going to bring you to something

and Mel bring you out of it

Jesus allow certain things to happen

that's because there's a good outcome

out of every single trial that he allows

to happen in our life as we go through a

trial God doesn't want us to sit there

and let the devil destroy us he wants us

to turn to him in our trials he doesn't

want us to say I'm in a trial here we go


no he wants us to get up our butt

pray to Him say Jesus I'm in this child

but you know what I'm going to have joy

I'm going to stay strong and I'm going

to read my Bible I'm going to be he

wants us to grow in these trials the

reason we're in trial is because he

wants to have faith and grow you want to

go on the Bible and solve our problems

there so that when another trial comes

up just like that we know exactly and

handle it during child who devil tries

and destroy us with the most severe

thing that he possibly the devil knows

what will get to us and what what he

knows what makes James 4:7 submit to God

and resist the devil he will flee from

isaiah 54:15 through 17 no weapon formed

against me shall prosper here is Luke

10:19 I give you the authority to

trample on serpents and scorpions and

all over the power of the enemy and

nothing shall by any means per you I am

right there he just said that nothing

shall by any means hurt us and we have

all the authority over the evil one also

real quick I want to talk about

and I know that a lot of teenagers

struggles struggles though I know I

struggles themself for a very long time

you doubted that Jesus was even real I

doubted that I was I had purpose in this

world I doubted a lot and it was a very

sad time in my life

and Jesus still heals today and

sometimes as Christian teens our parents

don't always get answered I mean anyone

sometimes people's first don't get

answered as fast as they wanted to but

God does have perfect timing and in his

timing you know that things are going to

right so to my lovely teenagers let's

recap peer pressure and the basic wave

of this world you are made for something

amazing God is already you you and you

are going to shine so bright and you are

going to go so far in this world you

have no idea

don't fight your own battles let Jesus

fight your battles for you Jesus is want

you to be in him word you want you to

worship Him and he wants you to be

focused on him and he wants you to gain

I love so strong for him that you can't

even contain it

he also one should be gained fear of him

not a fierce about your life mr. Scott

but he wants you to gain experience so

that you are so in love with Jesus

Christ that you don't even want to do

one thing but you don't want to do it

because you're afraid that it'll it'll

make Jesus affect you he wants you to

gain a few tips that you're just you and

him are like and inseparable that's what

he wants he wants a relationship with

you and he doesn't ever want your

relationship then the teens don't give

up don't ever give up please don't give

up who loves you unconditionally and

there's nothing that could ever separate

you from

you're not alone okay Jesus give you

every single step of the way even though

you may feel misunderstood sometimes you

may feel lost you may feel like you have

doubt may even be sitting here right now

where is God look to your left look to

your right look up look down keep next

to you and every single wing is possibly


he's right in your room right now he's

always here for you all you need to do

is create him

one simple prayer he's here Jesus he's

here he's always here for you alright

guys so end the video I wrote you a

little thing I wrote it for heart and I

feel like it is going to be a cute end

note to this video you're warriors and

you're children of God we don't give up

when things get tough and we keep going

just because we're teams doesn't mean

our options are limited to make a

difference in the world

they're only brought in go for it the

only one that can stand in the way of

your dreams is yourself we are the next

generation okay we're going to take over

this world and saying is going down to

the ground we're coming up better right

guys thank you so much for watching this

video don't forget to Like and subscribe

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