VEGAN ON A BUDGET | yes, you can eat vegan for cheap!

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today I'm here to help save you money I

know a lot of people want to become

vegan or eat healthier but you have this

intimidation or this this misconception

really that eating vegan for eating

healthy means that you have to spend a

lot of money that is a misconception

it's absolutely not true historically

believe this or not people were eating

more plant-based because it is more

economical eating meat and dairy and a

lot of cultures was pretty much only

available to the people who had the most

money eating vegan eating plant-based

only recently has developed the stigma

of being something only for rich people

so in this video I'm going to share with

you eight very simple practical tips for

eating vegan or just eating healthy or

just plant based on a budget if you've

been watching my videos for a while you

know I have quite a few vegan on a

budget video so I'm gonna link to that

playlist that I created with all those

videos so after you finish watching this

video make sure you check that out

because it's going to help you to

actually implement these tips for being

vegan or being healthy on a budget so

the very first thing that I recommend to

everybody whether you want to save money

as a vegan person or just go vegan to

begin with or just start eating better

is to meal prep meal prep is so

important because it allows you to

always be prepared always to have food

in your refrigerator or in your kitchen

always to know what you're eating always

to just feel confident that you got this

because so often I'll speak for myself

if I'm not meal prepped then I have to

eat out I have to spend more money or I

just eat junk food but we're not talking

about that right now we're talking about

the money part so meal prep and allow

yourself to be on a plan allow yourself

to be prepared all the time and trust me

you will save money especially if you

implement the rest of the tips from this


so the other thing that's so helpful

with saving money on a healthy

plant-based diet is to shop in bulk for

a lot of people shopping in bulk means

shopping in a place like Costco or Sam's

Club where you can buy huge quantities

of things like spices and maple syrup

and oils if you have a Costco membership

use it it is so helpful with saving

money however people like me and my

family we live in a little tiny

apartment we have no place to keep all

this bulk we might buy it at Costco and

so I shop in bulk at the co-op or my

local health food store I buy my grains

and bulk my beans my seeds my nuts my

flowers my sweeteners my spices my tea

my lotion i buy all of this stuff in

bulk because per pound it ends up being

a lot less expensive than buying the

packaged version of the beans or the

grains or the whatever shopping in bulk

for spices is something that I highly

recommend one because if you're new to

vegan cooking or trying different spices

you can buy a small amount of the spice

and use it and see if you like it versus

having to buy a large container for like

five dollars and maybe you don't even

like it I save so much money now buying

my spices in bulk

speaking of spices another way to save

money in the kitchen is to make your own

spice blends but also make your own

sauces and dressings you can even make

your own yogurt or vegan butter or all

these things that are available at the

grocery store but tend to be more

expensive if you have the time and you

want to put in the effort then you can

just make it yourself at home and it's

fun and a lot of times it's really easy

so for example I used to love drinking

kombucha but kombucha is super expensive

so I started making my own at home

another thing we make at home

exclusively is our almond butter we love

almond butter but I don't know if you've

noticed how expensive it is even at

places like Trader Joe's so you could

buy bulk almonds at the grocery store

roast them yourself and simply blend

them in the food processor and make your

own delicious creamy almond butter it's

also really great to make your own plant

milk so you can make your own oat milk

almond milk flaxseed milk and I cannot

emphasize how important it is to make

your own salad dressings and sauces

those things really get expensive when

you buy them pre-made at the grocery

store and yeah it's fun to buy them at

the grocery store there's so many

different new things to try specialty

products and sauces and such but if you

want to stick with your budget then

maybe you need to make them yourself at

home I have a few videos for vegan

sauces and salad dressings that you will

love so I'm gonna make sure to link

those down below as well so you can

check those out

no no matter what type of advice I'm

giving I always recommend eating a whole

food vegan diet or hope you plant-based

diet if you're not fully vegan what that

means is that you emphasize eating

wholesome foods

unprocess or minimally processed foods

they should be like 80 to 90% of your

diet so whole grains beans seeds nuts

vegetables vegetables vegetables you

cannot get enough vegetables fresh fruit

all of that those things are so healthy

they are so good for you they also can

be a lot less expensive than buying

packaged foods which brings me to the

fact that you should definitely shop

around when you are trying to stick with

the budget especially if you have any

extra time I know it can be

time-consuming to go to like three

different grocery stores just to save

you know five dollars but if you're

really good at shopping around you can

save so much money for example I go to

the co-op to buy my spices and my T's

andmy a lot of my grains I go to sprouts

to buy my almonds and my nuts and

seasons stuff like that I go to Trader

Joe's for certain things or I go to

Ralph's for certain things now if you

don't live around a ton of grocery

stores then of course you're gonna have

to rely on what you've got close to you

I know for example when I go and visit

my mom in Suwanee Georgia we shop at

Walmart and also H Mart H Mart is a

Korean grocery store they have such

amazing prices which also is another

thing to keep in mind

ethnic grocery stores are the bomb you

can get the best prices at ethnic

grocery stores I love them so much

especially Asian grocery stores the

Beaver Highway farmers market there's

just there's Patel brothers there's so

many different ethnic markets and you

can get great prices on nuts on spices

on grains also even on produce so make

sure you do not knock the ethnic markets


the bomb another thing it's super

important to remember shop local and

shopping season okay so like right now

I'm filming this video at the beginning

of March I am NOT going to try to buy

watermelon do you know how expensive

watermelons gonna be right now it's not

in season it's not being grown locally

so I'm not gonna eat it right now

however there are things that are in

season locally to where I live in Los

Angeles so I've been eating a lot of

oranges I buy a huge 25 pound bag of

oranges for just $12 or we buy avocados

that aren't in season especially the

ripe ones you can get them for less

money at the grocery store or the

farmers market just make sure no matter

where you live see what's in season and

what's local to you those things tend to

be the cheapest versus buying something

that had to be flown in from halfway

across the world of course that's gonna

have a higher price tag I also really

love shopping at the farmers market I'm

so blessed to live in Los Angeles we

have a farmers market literally every

single day of the week and at the

farmers markets here you can find

amazing deals on everything from your

fresh fruit to your vegetables to even

you know the breads there's all sorts of

things available but one thing to keep

in mind if you're shopping at farmer's

markets is if you're on a very tight

budget you can often ask the farmer if

they can give you or even sell you at a

discount the tops of vegetables that

people have them cut off for example

beet greens are so delicious they're so

good for you but people don't know that

and when they buy beeps they have the

farmer cut the beet greens off and they

go into a box that if you don't take it

the farmer is gonna compost or throw

away so ask the farmers do you have any

extra beet greens that I could take or

that I could buy from you they also do

the same thing with carrot tops or

turnip greens all these things are so

yummy but people don't know that they

eat them and you can get them at the

farmers market for free free I love that

you can also show up to farmers markets

later in the day before they're closing

up and get all sorts of amazing deals

I've gotten really cheap bread from

going right before the farmers market

closes like the fancy bougie bread you

know what I mean

I've gotten it for free I've gotten it

for a couple of dollars make sure you

ask because believe it or not they want

to get rid of that stuff so they can go

home they might give you the ill amazing

deal this one is pretty obvious but I

just want to remind you to not rely on

eating out eating out is so expensive I

mean unless you're just going to

McDonald's and getting the dollar meal

for every single meal your day it's

expensive so don't rely on that it just

adds up if you want to eat healthy you

want to be vegan or plant-based then

don't eat out too much because if you

can't restaurants are even more

expensive than the rest of them so only

special occasions alright and stick to

your budget and lastly use up your

scraps just like I was talking about at

the farmers market now people throw away

the beet tops or the turnip greens

make sure you utilize those scraps at

home as well they're not really scraps I

mean they're just as edible and good for

you as the carrots or the beets but we

don't usually think of them that way so

utilize them if you also have actual

scraps like the tops of onions or carrot

peels or like the top of the carrot then

save those in their freezer and use them

to make a vegetable broth you could also

save the bottoms of mushrooms that you

might not use to put in your vegetable

broth you can make your own vegetable

broth it's inexpensive it's nutritious

and I mean it's better for the

environment right because you're using

up those scraps we waste so much money

just by buying food and not using it in

its entirety or letting it go bad so be

very mindful of that pay attention to

what you use how

to fit you use what goes bad maybe when

you go grocery shopping one way to save

money is to just not buy so much because

maybe some of the stuff that you're

buying is going bad

be vigilant pay attention be mindful and

you will save money okay so those are my

tips hopefully that was helpful to you I

want you to save money I want you to

feel confident that you can be vegan and

eat healthy on a budget because trust me

it can't be done and it's a lot of fun

as well

so make sure you check out the other

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budget playlist links to my budget meal

prep guides and meal plans my budget

recipes and other tips so that should be

a good place to start from good luck

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