How to Live a More Frugal Life

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since transitioning my freelance business from part-time to full-time and

working at home these past few months I've been trying to save money in any

and every way I can these are gonna be my top five tips for

how to save a little bit more money without compromising your quality of

life let's get into it we've all been there it's late at night you go down an

Amazon recommended rabbit hole the end up buying something that you don't

really need or even worse yet you forget that you buy a couple days later you get

a package that shows up and you don't even remember what you ordered the best

way I've found to combat this internet impulse shopping if I find something

that I want to purchase or I might enjoy owning I'm gonna add it to my cart and

I'm gonna let it sit there for a couple of days or even a couple of weeks this

is gonna give time to process and it's gonna take away that emotional factor

out of the purchasing decision and a lot of times just adding it to your cart you

can I get that same satisfaction that shopping might bring you without the

extra expense and without the unnecessary clutter in your life so

ditch your one-click ordering on Amazon take a little bit more time with your

purchases you'll be surprised how little you actually end up buying saving money

doesn't mean that you can't go out to eat every once in a while

search for happy hour deals search for certain days of the week that are gonna

have better deals at your favorite restaurants often restaurants will do

happy hour deals where the food is two or three times cheaper than it is during

the regular hours great opportunity to be able to dine out at places who

otherwise wouldn't be able to afford usually you're getting a little bit of a

bigger portion than what you really need so you can actually take that food home

saves on calories but it also saves a lot on cost and even better yet you can

save more money by going to the grocery store and cook a meal for yourself at

home it's always the best way to save only buy groceries for the items that

you need for specific recipes I'm a big fan of prepping my meals it's a great

way to stay on track with my health and my calorie goals but it's also a way to

ensure that I don't have any excess food waste or any excess money waste I only

buy things I need for the recipes and I come prepared with a list most grocery

store chains actually have apps where you can clip digital coupons so if you

plan out your list beforehand you can go through find all the

available coupons that's gonna save you that much more money with only a couple

of minutes of extra work there are a few other things you can look out for to

save even more if you have packages with different size options most of the price

tags in the grocery store aisle so I actually have a cost per ounce by

default you generally assume that the larger size is going to be the better

value because you get more I've seen plenty of occasions where the smaller

size packaging is actually the lower cost per ounce so be sure to take some

time and check your labels before you add it into your cart in today's crazy

fast fashion industries it's so easy to buy more clothes than you really need

over the past few years I've been slowly transitioning into more of a capsule

wardrobe a capsule wardrobe is essentially a system where every article

of clothing that you own is going to match and potentially go with every

other item so what you end up getting from this is one a lot less stress and

trying to figure out outfits in the morning everything works with everything

else so it's just nice and easy but beyond that it's gonna require less

articles of clothing and you get to maximize the amount of combinations for

different outfits from that small amount you can always skip the restaurant skip

the shopping skip the movie theaters and just go outside and spend some time in

nature or at least around your local city you know there are tons of great

parks and hiking trails and biking trails so it's great to take advantage

of those and it's also a great way to get in some extra exercise so you can

actually skip your gym membership as well if you wanted there are even apps

like geocaching where you can go on a worldwide scavenger hunt with different

things hidden around your city so many great options to do outside I could not

recommend it enough there are so many more tips that I didn't get a chance to

touch on in this video and there are so many more ways that even myself

personally can be much more frugal I'd love to hear your best tips down below

in the comments let's get a good positive discussion going so we can all

learn a few new things and as always be sure to like the video if you enjoyed

this helps me out a ton but until next time I'll talk to you all later

have a good one