the truth about being famous.

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we're rolling Hayden rolling ask Uncle

Will that's what this is this is a

session you're the first person that

gets to ask uncle will anything okay

would you rather have a normal life or

like you up now that's a very very very

deep quest the light that I have now is

a life that I've always dreamed about I

built and struggled and fought to have

it be just like I love when I moved into

acting I was like I want to be the

biggest movie star in the world

so Fresh Prince was out so everybody

would call me well well well that Monday

morning after the box office receipts

came out for Independence Day was the

first time somebody called me mr. Smith

right so I was like mr. Smith


some people feel unsafe being famous I

feel safe right if something were to

happen and we had to go to the hospital

I know that we would walk in and the

people would put us to the front because

men in black was populated you know so I

feel safe I know people would help the

perfect example that was driving and I

realized I was on eat so I pulled into

the gas station and I didn't have my

wallet and I looked over on the other

side and I saw a dude he was like 36

years old I was like that dudes a Fresh

Prince man roll the window down


hey man can I get a picture say yeah man

I need about ten dollars


but then there's definitely the other

side I get sued probably fifteen times a

year I have lawyers on a monthly

retainer just because you get sued so

much when you're when you're famous

there are absolutely painful aspects of

this life try to get my nephew to walk

race where it's just that there's 10,000

people here right now

like how it's just hard in a public

place because of what people start to do


in my mind I just refuse to allow myself

to concentrate on drawbacks you have to

learn how to fight and defend yourself

from predators without letting your

heart go dark and that's an extremely

difficult difficult balance but I

wouldn't I wouldn't trade this life for

anything I love being me