BUSY LIFESTYLE HACKS | healthy living tips for busy people

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hello everybody out there how's it going

welcome back to my channel in today's

video I'm gonna be sharing with you ten

healthy living hacks for busy people so

many of us are very busy and it can be

helpful to have a handful of strategies

on ways that we can still continue to

lead very healthy lifestyles and

prioritize the things that matter to us

even while who were really busy so

today's tips are designed to help us

achieve exactly that I've got some

nutrition and some food tips to share

with you as well as some lifestyle tips

and strategies as well and let's get


meal prep I know it can feel like meal

prepping itself we don't really have

time for but it doesn't have to take

long I know for myself personally I just

prefer to keep the meals that I make

simple food can still be totally

delicious with just a few ingredients

and of course it is a little bit quicker

to prepare weekend's are great

opportunities for whipping up a couple

of great you know foods to have prepped

in the fridge for really quick meals and

snacks roasted chicken and veggies even

some boiled eggs can be really handy

chopped carrot sticks if you have a slow

cooker this is also fantastic for either

doing kind of overnight breakfast

recipes or like having dinner ready for

you later on in the evening I do have a

meal prep video if you want to check it

out I'll leave it linked below it's here

on my channel but I will be filming

another meal prep video very very soon

so stay tuned for that I also have a

video up on my grocery kind of staples

items that I always like to have on hand

from the grocery store that I shared in

my previous video so you might want to

check that out as well for some just

great staple foods to always have on

hand to make your life a lot easier

if you are really really busy and

finding it hard to get in nutritious

meals regularly multis are a great way

to help to cover your nutritional bases

of course supplements cannot and do not

replace a healthy lifestyle but they are

a great option if you do need that extra

support I recommend that you opt for

whole food derived formulas like the

ones from a new chapter they make a

really good one mega food and whole

earth and sea by natural factors is a

good option - those are just a few of my

favorites but there's many out there

smoothies are a classic really create

super quick way to get a huge boost of

nutrition into our days that doesn't

take long and you can just throw things

together into your blender whip it up

and you're good to go also great for if

you're on the go

all you need is some frozen fruit maybe

a leafy green hemp seeds has a good dose

of protein you also want to have a good

fat source in your smoothie - for some

blood sugar stabilization and you're

good to go you've got a really quick

kind of breakfast meal

number four is to get your groceries

delivered there are so many food

delivery programs out there nowadays

that deliver farm-fresh goodies and

produce right to your door each week or

whenever you would like them to deliver

it this may be a great option for you if

you just feel like you need to take a

bit of a load off of your shoulders if

you're finding that you're really really

busy and can't always make it to the

store on a regular basis so this is

definitely a very good option there's

lots of companies out there there's

fresh city farms here in Toronto mama

earth organics also in Toronto Food

Share even grocery stores nowadays like

instacart like there's a lot of grocery

stores that are now offering food

delivery services too so keep that in

mind and that may be really useful for


it's really easy for us to say that we

don't have time to exercise and a great

way around this if you you know you

don't really have time to join a sport

or if you're not overly athletic is to

just add in different kinds of physical

activities into your day that can be

added in sort of very seamlessly walking

instead of driving if this is possible

depending on where you're going taking

the stairs instead of the elevator again

if this is possible depending on what

you're doing

lifting groceries carrying children and

even if possible standing at your desk a

little bit more frequently or just

getting up from your desk every once in

a while to just move around and walk

around a little bit little amounts of

movement add up over time and it's

important to remember that

learning new things is one of the best

ways for us to support our brain health

and our cognitive health and to develop

new neurological pathways and to keep

ourselves mentally sharp if you're

wondering how exactly you can do this

and kind of fit this into your day to

day life especially if you feel like

things like reading a book just isn't

really feasible for you right now

then hands down one of the best life

hacks for this is an app called blinka

so this is an app that essentially

distills down the most important points

or you know pertinent information from

thousands of books into about 15 minutes

or so for you to read or listen to it's

all nonfiction everything from

self-improvement to philosophy science

psychology motivation in the morning is

fantastic to listen to for a little

boost of inspiration or in the evening

but you know definitely for making use

of things like commuting time so if you

are driving if you're on the bus if

you're on the train or any other time

that you just feel like you can squeeze

in a little bit of you know something to

learn or to improve a skill I want to

take a moment to thank blanka's for

sponsoring today's video and the first

100 people that go to blink Escom slash

megan will get unlimited access for one

week to try it out it's completely free

you can cancel at any time and if you do

want the full membership you can get 25%

off so I will leave a link for you below

even if it's just five minutes everybody

has at least a couple of minutes each

day to just stop for a moment and take a

breath and actually focus on your breath

this here is one of the most effective

ways for us to take a moment to calm

down our nervous system when we are very

very busy a lot of times we're also

simultaneously feeling a little bit

overwhelmed and our shoulders can get

really tense and we can breathe very

shallow even just right now take a

moment to just focus on your breath take

a long slow deliberate inhale and exhale

and this is what's really gonna help you

to relax Center yourself calm down your

nervous system

and lastly evaluate where you're

spending most of your time are you doing

a lot of scrolling on social media are

you watching a lot of TV are you getting

sucked into viral video land really

evaluate where you're spending a lot of

your time and I bet you you do have more

time in your day than you realize often

we feel so so busy and we feel like we

have a lot on our plates and we do we

definitely do a lot of us do but

sometimes when we take a moment to

really evaluate where we're spending our

time we can realize oh you know I am

spending quite a few minutes doing these

sorts of things that aren't really

adding value to my life and if I just

shift my focus a little bit I can either

free up time entirely or I can spend

that time doing things that can bring me

joy or can help me to relax try one day

of the week jotting down how much time

you're spending on certain activities

and on that note I do want to point out

here too before I end this video to give

yourself permission to say no to things

sometimes that just don't bring value to

you or if there are things that you just

don't really want to do but you're kind

of feeling pressure to do it you don't

always have to do those things of course

sometimes yes we do need to do things

that we don't always want to do but a

lot of the times we don't so I hope that

you found these tips helpful and you've

learned a thing or two if you have any

questions or if you have anything to

share on the topic of being really busy

but still managing to lead a healthy

lifestyle as much as possible then I

would love to hear from you leave your

comments below I also have a number of

resources for you to check out in the

description box below too and I will see

you all very very soon