High Maintenance to Hippie - Why I Made the Switch to a Natural & Organic Life

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hey welcome back to live light our

channel that focuses on mindful living

natural and organic lifestyle and

eco-friendly adventure today it's just

me folks because Dane is hard at work

building our new house yeah it's a fan


I'm gonna live in a van I know it's

totally crazy and if you haven't heard

the details yet

don't miss out you can click up in the

corner for a link to that video

well Dane is busy building our new tiny

house on wheels I'm here to answer a few

questions I've gotten about how and why

I made the shift to a natural lifestyle

and it's kind of not a short answer but

don't worry I'm not gonna ramble on for

days instead I've decided to create this

little mini series called high

maintenance Stampede which will not only

outline my road from being a total

mainstream product order to a natural

and organic life devotee but also it's

gonna be devoted to helping you make the

switch from chemical Laden products to a

more natural and sustainable lifestyle

I'll be sharing all the benefits and

awesomeness of using natural products

and I'll be getting really real about

some of the not so fun parts too but

before we get to that let me get you

some backstory about pre natural life me

princess Lelaina which means queen fancy

lady these are just a few of my

nicknames from days of yore my purse was

always heavy like full of everything I

might need my bathroom cabinets were

overflowing with products for different

shampoos and all these body scrubs and

washes and oils and masks and cleansers

and I mean like you name it I had it and

they were all full of chemicals all

right super mainstream and that's what

my life look like I bet there's somebody

in your life that fits that same

description it might even be you you may

be wondering how on earth I now find

myself happily living in a tiny house

sharing exactly one room one closet and

one bathroom cabinet with my husband and

using all natural products

of my old synthetic standbys well the

long and short of it is this I realized

that my external environment coupled

with all the products and food I use and

ingest on a daily basis

make a huge impact on the health and

happiness of my life it's that simple

the health ramifications of using

chemical Laden products is really real

I've witnessed young and vibrant friends

be stricken down from cancer diseases

like Alzheimer's that could be connected

to using chemical products and well

there's no guarantee that using natural

and organic products is going to prevent

those diseases it can only aid and my

overall well-being and that's good

enough for me the truth is embarking on

a shift to a natural and organic

lifestyle requires a holistic approach

it requires a shift in everything from

food and beauty and lifestyle choices

and ethical choices to exercise

commitments and health commitments and

even career choices and for me because I

was living such a mainstream and frankly

toxic life before making the shift to

living natural required a commitment

shift in practically every area of my

life and it didn't happen overnight

actually it happened really slowly but

it doesn't have to take that long okay

you can totally definitely make the

switch over the course of just a few

months and I'll be giving you some easy

easy easy ways to start later on in this

video but to give you an idea of where I

started here's what my day-to-day life

consisted of before I made the switch to

natural and maybe you can relate

synthetic weight loss powders full of

chemicals black rose and Lean Cuisines

and other frozen diet meals book totally

full of chemicals fat free snacks like

snack was totally fake food yuck

mainstream beauty products like dove

which I thought was good but it turns

out it's not not at all purely physical

workouts you know like I'd go to the gym

a lot and I had a trainer but I

certainly wasn't meditating or doing

anything mindful like that and then

overworking myself usually 60 hours a

week or more weight not that that's

actually changed but hey at least I know

what I'm doing now

you know closets and cabinets just full

of crap just like crap crap crap


just a bunch of crap I didn't need and

when I was living that life I was really

unhappy and definitely unhealthy even

though I was going to the gym a lot I

was not holistically healthy and it's

been a long road since then but if I

could give anyone advice on where to

start on the road to a more natural

lifestyle it would be with shifting your

food and beauty habits the path to

wellness may be different for you and I

absolutely encourage you to follow your

own instincts but if you're curious

about living a more natural lifestyle

and you don't know where to start

I would recommend starting with simply

being aware of what you're putting in

and on your body because as they say you

are what you eat and you know your skin

is your largest organ it absorbs

everything so it's super important to be

aware of what you put on it the whole

reason I'm doing this what YouTube

channel thing is because I sincerely

hope to help you on the path to green

living by you know giving you reviews of

my favorite natural and organic products

and also just talking about the

experience of using natural products

because honestly it's an experience you

know natural products do work but they

work differently don't be scared by that

statement different it's not bad

different is just not the same really

really good just not the same and I

think that as humans weird creatures of

habit I understand the change can be

scary but the why behind the change is

what's really important the why is your

health your well-being the well-being

and the health of your children or your

future children and the well-being of

the planet that we all share that's the

way and it's real and when you get to

the heart of this why and you realize

that these chemical Laden products that

were used to are irreparable a damaging

our health and the health of those we

love when that hits home I mean those

old products just as comfortable as they

may be they start to look really

unappealing it's like a veil gets lifted

and you see those products for what they

really are toxic chemical

nastiness just what Lu just masquerading

is something good for you because that's

what the advertisements want to make you

believe so don't be fooled it's time we

educated ourselves it's time that we

made better choices for our own health

and the health of those we love now I

know there's a lot of confusion

surrounding natural products and there's

a lot of greenwashing going on and all

these green beauty buzzwords you know

floating around like vegan and natural

and clean beauty and it's kind of hard

to make sense of it all it's like what's

what right and I sincerely want to make

that easier for you so I'm gonna be

creating videos in the weeks and months

to come that will help demystify all

those buzzwords and I'll be giving you a

cheat sheet guide basically to

deciphering all those confusing labels

and ingredients lists and with that I

will wrap up part 1 hi my name is Debbie

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lifestyle in general so until next time

my friends be well and live light