Do This One Thing to Live Blissfully - Sadhguru

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Juhi Chawla: Sadhguruji, then what is it?

Okay, so for all of us,

How do we live our days?

What is the best way to just go about it?

Give us a clear simple

simple sentences –

Do this and you will be at least on the way to being blissful

or happy

or aware

or living in a nice conscious way

Sadhguru: If you

if you just observe,

if everybody makes a little effort,

everybody take a little time for this piece of life, okay.

Not for your family,

not for your career,

not for something else,

something else,

just for this piece of life

give it little time

because this is the most important piece of life in your life, isn’t it?

Yes or no?

Participants: Yes.

Sadhguru: Even if you are in love with somebody (Laughs),

still this is the most important piece of life, isn’t it?

So pay some attention to this,

how does it happen?

why have you taken it for granted?

Believe me you are not going to be here forever.

I’ll bless you with a long life

but you are going to fall dead one day

Yes or no?

Participants: Yes.

Sadhguru: So do not take this for granted.

If you wake up in the morning

tomorrow IF you wake up in the morning (Laughter) -

no this is not my wish

but I want you to know

of all that people who go to bed tonight,

over a million people will not wake up tomorrow morning

and tomorrow

if you and me wake up tomorrow morning,

is it not a fantastic thing?

A million people did not wake up.

You woke up,

is it not a great thing?

Participants: Yes.

Sadhguru: Just look at the ceiling and smile,

you are still awake (Laughter; Applause),

you are still there.

And for many, many millions of people

somebody who is dear to them did not wake up.

So just check those five, six people around you

they all woke up –

WOW! It’s a fantastic day (Laughter).

You woke up

and everybody who matters to you around you woke up,

is it not fantastic day?

Juhi Chawla: Yes.

Sadhguru: You don’t think so?

Juhi Chawla: Yes, yes.

Sadhguru: You don’t seem to think so

because the problem is just this

you are living with an idea that you are immortal.

When I say you are immortal,

you are not actually thinking you’re immortal

but you are not conscious of your mortality.

If you’re not conscious of your mortality,

somewhere you think you are immortal, isn’t it?

How many moments in a day are you conscious

that you are mortal?

If you were conscious

would you have time to crib?

would you have time to fight with somebody?

would you have time to do some rubbish with your life?

If you knew

if you are conscious that you are mortal

you would do nothing

other than what is absolutely needed for you

and everybody around you.

This one thing if you do

if you just remind yourself

don’t think this is a negative thing,

death is not a negative thing;

it’s the only thing which has added value to your life.

If you’re here forever

you would be unbearable (Laughter).

Juhi Chawla: Yeah (Laughs), yes, yes.

Sadhguru: Isn’t it?

Aren’t we glad everybody dies one day (Laughs)?

If you just become conscious of this one thing

that always you’re conscious that “I’m mortal,”

you don’t have to think “I will die today.”

We don’t intend, we want to live as far as possible,

just you know “One day I will die.”

If you’re just conscious of this one thing

you will naturally become spiritual.

Every day,

every moment if you remind yourself

this is a brief life

“I am mortal,

one day I will end,”

Just do this for two days and see

you will become something truly fantastic within yourself

just this is all

Juhi Chawla: That was… that was simply beautiful.

Sadhguru: That's all that's needed

If you want to know

the value of life

Just know that it's a brief happening