Bringing the Big Boy Back to Life

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think about the moment of the driving of

the Golden Spike 157 years ago and

that's a piece of American history and a

piece of Union Pacific history and so

when it came time to decide what we're

gonna do big to celebrate a big

anniversary what more you do then bring

back and refurbish this big boy

locomotive there's no store where you

can go buy 40:14 locomotive parts they

had to do it all from scratch we've

rebuilt it over the last four or five

years all 1.2 million pounds of this

awesome piece of machinery it really is

a tribute to the just intrepid nature of

our nation and Americans generally that

they take on obstacles and move forward

regardless of the challenges we wouldn't

be Cheyenne without the Union Pacific we

love the new Pacific we've had such a

long-standing partnership and

relationship it's family the crowds are

amazing there are thousands of people

here people are lined up all up and down

the tracks



as we break 4014 in across the trip from

Cheyenne Dogma in the next few days

we're getting it ready for a long trip

around RUP system all summer long so the

big boy will be coming to a town near

you for Union Pacific system this summer

it's the largest steam locomotive in the

world and it's been taking our guests

over Sherman Hill today we do have the

Beatles here to that we have the Beatle

equivalent in the railroad world the

40:14 big boy steam locomotive there's

nothing else like it you think about the

history of rail in the United States

this is a key part of that history and

by having it travel Arjen Pacific system

this year and years to come it just

teaches that history lesson once again

the role that railroads played in

building America and the particularly

the role the Union Pacific Way