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hey guys it's me guys and today I'm

going to be talking about the seven

things that I have done recently that

pretty much changed my life and they are

things that anyone can implement in

their life but let me talk about

elephant in the room so I'm wearing head

wraps for the last few videos because I

have been attempting my first twist out

so I've had my hair under the twist I

did the whole twist out thing I spent so

long on it and then I took out my twist

today and that's super excited about it

but yeah I just wanted to say that

because I know my subscribers are like

girl what is going on little space bugs

here still trying to be cute or whatever

I think it's cute but my shrinkage is

just a little bit it's just a little too

real for me you know what I mean so I'm

still working on it you guys leave me

some tips down below and how y'all

stretched y'all twist out I thought I

did stretch it but when I took it out it

was just like oh so yeah that's that

you're on the lookout for a faux locs

tutorial soon because yeah put these

back in some locks were saying but yeah

that's not what this video is about I

just wanted to address that well quick

but yeah let's go ahead and get started

with this video it is something that had

been planning for a while but I really

wanted to fully implement all the things

in my life so I could fully talk about

it the first thing that I did that

changed my life is something that I have

been doing on and off and has had been

consistent with it I started waking up

two hours earlier now I recommend

everyone to start waking up one to two

hours earlier now I can't really say

wake up at 4 a.m. wake up at 5 a.m.

because everyone has different job

schedules you know I just suggest we're

waking up 1 to 2 hours earlier than you

usually would waking up earlier has so

many different scientific benefits in

how it reduces your stress levels some

of the practical ways is you can think

about it reducing stress it's just the

whole fact that you just have more hours

in a day to do what you need to get done

or to relax you know if you feel like

your day is so cluttered in every hour

of your day is jam-packed try waking up

1 or 2 hours earlier

then just use those two hours to take

care of yourself do some self-care stuff

that can make such a huge impact on how

you start your day but besides getting

more done in a day or getting to do

things that you normally wouldn't get to

do you also get rid of that whole

Russian aspect in the morning that a lot

of us feel like we go through when we

wake up we feel like we're rushing to

get on with the day get on with their

lives go do things that we have to do

take care of responsibilities and when

you start off in a rush to mentality

that affects the rest of your day if you

start out in a calm mentality really

relaxed really like well I got a lot of

things done and it's not even noon you

know it's just overall changed my life

and I naturally wake up early but you

know over the last several months I've

just been lazy and I wake up naturally I

like 5:30 and sometimes I would just go

back to sleep it doesn't like what I

don't have anything else to do you know

and I postpone things and then you know

we only live once so I no longer hit the

snooze you know I don't really use

alarms but just for metaphorical aspects

I no longer hit the snooze when I wake

up I wake up and I usually wake up

around 5:00 5:30 a.m. it doesn't matter

what I'm doing that day it doesn't

another one I wasn't filming or not I'm

waking up at that time because something

can't get done so yeah that has

completely changed my life for the

better the second thing that I started

implementing in my life which I strongly

recommend everyone implement in their

life even if it's just for five minutes

a day

it is meditating so I like to meditate

in the morning what I like to do is I

just sit at the edge of my bed I'll put

a pillow down so that my tailbone is

nice and comfortable I sit down at the

edge of the bed kind of lean up against

it and I just meditate and I like to use

guided meditation you can find a lot of

guided meditation videos on YouTube yeah

I like to just play one of the guided

meditation from the background or rain

sounds or bells charms things like that

things to keep your mind focused on

something so that has really helped me I

tried to be completely silent and it's

really hard for me to just completely

silence everything so focusing on

something like

meditation has helped me a lot

meditating will change your life in many

many ways and it's really hard to

explain you just you just really have to

try it out for yourself next are two

different things but I'm going to put

them together as the third thing that I

did that changed my life I'm putting

them together because they both have to

do with what you drink in the morning so

the first thing is as soon as you wake

up it is a really really good idea to

drink a glass of water drinking a glass

of water first thing in the morning on

an empty stomach will break your fast

and before you get a chance to have

breakfast just quickly breaking your

fast with some water has so many good

benefits on your health

it really helps cleanse your body clear

out toxins and it helps with your colon

and digestive system also adding lemon

to your water also has a lot of

different benefits including the vitamin

C that lemon has it helps with your skin

it also helps with digestion and it also

helps with your appetite and weight loss

if you are trying to lose weight

drinking a glass of living water will

really help with that first thing in the

morning and then right after that I like

to take my supplements and then I like

to drink my tea so the tea that I like

to drink is a spearmint tea and a black

tea I recently switched from coffee to

tea and it has made such a huge

difference in my life not only it is tea

cheaper than coffee I used to spend so

much money on coffee but tea is better

for you than coffee the antioxidants and

it depends on what type of tea you get I

like to do two different tea bags

because coming from drinking two cups of

coffee a day to just one bag of tea that

caffeine difference was too big for me

and I was getting headaches you know

because caffeine is a very underrated

drug it is a drug you guys and you don't

even realize how addicted you are to how

your body reacts the caffeine so you try

to get off of it that was too big of a

switch for me so I do two bags of tea

and I use a spearmint blend and a black

tea blend black tea has the highest

caffeine amount but it's still a lot

less than

the next thing that I recommend everyone

do and this is whether you work from

home and whether you have a job or

whether you don't have a job or they're

just a student whatever your life is

consisting of write it down okay a day

planning day planning is something that

has pretty much been passed down to me

my mom and the huge day planner and I

pretty much learned all this day

planning stuff from her but you know me

being a millennial whatever I used to

try to do the whole writing down

everything that I need to get done in a

day on my phone and that means to pick

your phone all the time and you have to

go to your notes you have to be reminded

you know of what you got to get done and

there's different apps and everything

that can help you with staying on track

different apps for to-do lists but none

of them are as good as old-fashioned

writing it down having a notebook and

writing it down have a notebook that is

compact enough to carry with you

everywhere put it in your purse you know

on the go I put everything on my to-do

list and I will put down my grocery list

my store list everything that I need to

get done in that day you know phone

calls I need to make people I need to

text everything will go in my notebook

and I put a little box next to

everything so I get the instant

gratification and satisfaction of

physically crossing off and checking off

everything that I've got dead in the day

me just being the person that I am there

are only a few things in life that feel

better to me than a satisfaction and

gratification I get when I look at my

to-do list at the end of the day and

everything is crossed off I am so

satisfied I feel so accomplished and I'm

ready to start making my day plan for

the next day number five on this list is

making sure that you read at least 10

pages every day now I used to be really

big into audiobooks especially when I

was making wigs a lot I don't really

like to have the TV on in the background

I want to have music playing or

audiobook playing and audiobooks are

good but you know I just feel like I

retain information better when I'm

reading it in my head and also seeing it

with my eyes I just feel like I just

retain information better I've gotten to

the point where I want to get the

physical copies of these books that I

have an audiobook so that I can reread

it again and maybe grasp the information

better that's just how I'm working and

that's how my brain is working and

that's what I've noticed over time so I

really recommend going the old-fashioned

route again and picking up a physical

copy of a book and reading it making

sure that you read at least 10 pages a

day morning noon night whatever time you

can get it in I usually like to do it at

night I will just sit on my couch or sit

on my bed and read a book and I'm so

interested in the books that I've been

reading lately it's not even something

that's a chore to me or even something

that I have to remember doing because I

just like doing it so I pick up the book

that's just what it is it has changed my

life in many ways switching over to the

physical copy I get satisfaction out of

highlighting things in my books so I can

go back and you know we really key

points so it's just really nice to me

number six on the list is something that

I feel like it's going to be a challenge

to most people I know that it was a

challenge for me and to be honest it

still is kind of a little bit of a

challenge to me but I'm sticking with it

and that is to only look at your social

media account three times a day okay

three times a day now you don't have to

get super super super cific like all my

check-in at 9 a.m.

oh my check-in at 12:00 no I just kind

of have in my head like a general idea

like it was the morning time I wish I

don't wants it this afternoon I'm a

chicken wants it but tonight time I'm

gonna check it once and what I mean by

check it is for me I'm talking about I'm

talking about Instagram whatever your

guilty pleasure is whatever you spent

way too much time on you know whatever

you spend way too much time on that is

not giving you satisfaction I spend a

lot of time on YouTube I don't consider

YouTube to be something that I need to

only check three times a day because I

do watch a lot of videos and YouTube

gives me

different type of satisfaction than

Instagram does Instagram became a really

toxic place for me Instagram social

media became something that was a little

bit too obsessive I was way too

concerned with other people's lives I

was way too concerned with what the next

person was doing as a person that has

somewhat of a platform

I was extremely obsessed with the

numbers you know

by someone liking my stuff what did this

person get these likes why have I been

stuck at this number for a year you know

like those thoughts would take over my

mind and that is not healthy at all and

now me being the person I am today I

realize all these things but it did take

me a long time to realize it so it's not

that it's such an unhealthy place for me

now I just know what I need to use it

for and what I like to use Instagram for

is connecting with my peers no chatting

with people una dm's expressing myself

with photos every other day or every

three days or whatever I feel like I

look cute I want to take a photo

you know expressing myself that way I do

see my Instagram page as somewhat as a

portfolio so I treat it just like a

portfolio whatever I had whenever I have

a nice picture I want to post you know

it is what it is I love pictures I love

photography and I like having a

portfolio space online and that is

Instagram for me so I like that aspect

of it and the last thing that I use

Instagram for is inspiration I no longer

do mindless scrolling and so many of us

do the mindless scrolling when we're

just scrolling scrolling scrolling

scrolling scrolling scrolling scrolling

and just trying to like oh this person

has it well this click on a page oh

there it was in the story TV you know

it's like so much can happen on that

apps you can have so many different

emotions in like five minutes by just

scrolling on that app and it's that's

not healthy that is not healthy so you

know I get on there three times a day

check my DMS maybe post a picture like

some comments and people comment on my

stuff and my favorite people will pop up

first and I like to like their photos

save it to different categories I

haven't Instagram I'm like I've saved

different things to my hair category if

someone's hair as far as me photo shoot

if I like something the way someone's

posing and makeup inspiration for like

someone's make

so basically he's using it as an

inspiration and that that's that and

that's all I need to use it for and all

those things can be done or all those

things can be gained in checking it only

three times a day and I have a much

happier person I'll be checking my

social media account three times a day

and you know by three times a day I'm

not talking about three hours you know

I'm making it on there if it takes me 10

minutes to check everything I close yeah

once I close the app I'm not checking it

again until it's the next time you know

so you know I don't have notifications

on there anything nothing is that

important nothing is that important I

need to be notified I've been on

Instagram it just is not it's just not

so that's a little long story as to why

checking social media three times a day

has changed my life but I I challenge

people to do it if you feel the same

feelings that I was feeling I really do

challenge you to do and lastly number

seven on this list is to stop and be

grateful just be grateful and overall be

more positive but being grateful will

make you a more positive person it's

just one of those part of there's a


be more grateful we'll have a domino

effect in your life it will make you

more positive so they really do kind of

go hand in hand but if you could try to

be more grateful first being more

positive will quickly follow so what I

do is I every single time something

great happens to me or I get a sale or I

get an opportunity or you know just

anything that I value and comes into my

life unexpectedly especially especially

with the business I'm in a lot of things

are unexpected but every single time I

stop and I give thanks and giving thanks

and saying what I'm grateful for saying

what I'm thankful for saying it out loud

I'm giving thanks and that has changed

my life and it's something I'd recommend

anyone doing no matter what religion you

believe in no matter what she believed

in just stop and give thanks to whoever

you believe is in charge of these

blessings coming your way I am really

happy with the changes that I made in my

life and yeah I hope this video can

inspire at least one person to make at

least one change if you guys already

implement these things in your life

and how they have changed your life and

if you want to add anything to this list

go ahead and do that down below as well

so yeah if you guys liked the video make

sure you give it a thumbs up and I will

see you guys in my next video bye