6 Tips for Staying Healthy With HIV

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getting to know your doctor eating

healthy getting into support groups

loving yourself and exercise after my

diagnosis I began to receive nutrition

and exercise advice working out watching

diet need to adopt a Whole Foods diet

which is loaded with fruits and

vegetables I'm eating quinoa and kale

salad spinach broccoli protein should be

a big focus lean eat fish a patient who

has HIV may experience weight loss so

you may have to do a diet that's going

to help promote weight gain at times you

want to include healthy fats those are

foods like nuts avocados nut butters

it's important for patients with HIV to

take into account food safety rules

because their immune system is

compromised they're more likely to catch

infections from poor handling of foods

you want to make sure your water is

really as clean as you can get it so get

acclimated with the temperature you're

supposed to cook your meat you even want

to put a filter maybe in your showerhead

the most important thing for them is

going to be compliance with your

medications and not become sometimes the

most difficult part because you just go

god I just don't want to do it anymore

and then you take a deep breath and you

suck it up and you take your meds and

you move on with your day stress

management is key people living with HIV

who include daily meditations or daily

sessions of Prayer have much better

outcomes and it was really taking me to

a place that I felt such a sense of calm

this is not food this is science the

easiest way to meditate simply follow

your breath and just breathe saying

nothing just just breathe it exercise is

perhaps the most powerful antidepressant

that you can do I do a lot of yoga if

your body is flexible you become

flexible the number one thing for

someone going on a regimen is to have

that support is good to talk to someone


side your box find a therapist talk to

people they're there for you I'm there

for you just because you have HIV does

not mean that you can't have a healthy

happy long life your wellness is very

much up to you and it's time to make a