9 Tips to Get Over Your Ex

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Every breakup sucks while some are worse than others. They all affect us in one form or another

Whether it was an amicable or fury induced split will provide you with solid tips on how to get over your ex

1.) cut off contact at least for a while whether you're the dumper or the dumpy

It's not healthy to keep tabs on your ex. Once the relationship is over (but everyone still does it)

You might want to be mature and remain on friendly terms with your ex

But you won't give yourself enough time to heal from the break-up

Tell your ex that you'll need space for a while

You should also consider trimming them from your social media feeds by unfollowing or muting their activity to prevent potential

instances of jealousy

nostalgia, or target of passive aggression

2.) take up a new hobby being newly single doesn't have to be a bad thing

When you're in a relationship you have less time for yourself since much of it is devoted to your partner on

The other hand when you're single, you can get to know yourself more intimately

You're free to discover your interests and dedicate your time to whatever you want

Is there a particular class or hobby that you've always wanted to participate in perhaps its animation

painting puzzles

Gardening sports a book club or even the theater the possibilities are endless

Learning a new skill and acquiring a new purpose will boost your self-esteem and independence

Three pamper yourself

Indulge yourself in junk food and sappy movies since your ex won't be there to treat you anymore. Take a vacation

Take a week or a weekend to relax somewhere with your friends

Take a spa day and rid yourself of the daily stresses that pile on top of your relationship loss

4. be real with yourself use your time alone to reflect on your relationship before the break-up though

You may have positive memories of your partner and the time you spent together

It is important to remember that there were problems that inevitably drove you to a part while you might want to fix things

except that the two of you might simply be

Incompatible and that breaking up was the best course of action in the long run

Five vent to your loved ones. It is important to have a decent support system to help you through a breakup

When you're feeling angry or hurt your friends can justify your feelings and remind you that you're not alone

You might even share some of their own illuminating experiences

Additionally research shows that merely verbalizing your feelings can make negative emotions less intense

Six listen to sad music

During a breakup. Your brain is actually attracted to sad music

When an artist you've never met can articulate your exact thoughts and feelings through words and sounds it's proof that you're not alone

You're a human sharing in a human experience

Moreover a recent study has found that sad songs can actually elicit peacefulness in the listener

It can also make us cry, which can be cathartic and mood boosting

So go ahead and listen to that breakup playlist on repeat

7 except the past if your breakup was less than amicable

You might be harboring some regret and hostility towards your ex

Allow yourself the time necessary to grieve, but be careful not to let it consume your identity

Emotional grudges not only contribute to feelings of depression and anxiety

But they will negatively impact your future relationships

Forgive your ex forgive yourself and move on

Eight. It's okay to still love your ex

The worst part of a breakup is the dissonance from hurting over your ex's actions yet hurting that they're gone

Breaking up doesn't mean that the love between you is completely dead

Whether it's been a few years or a few months, the two of you made memories together and played significant roles in each other's lives

Unfortunately love just isn't enough and there are many things that factor into making a relationship work

Understand that love sometimes means wanting the best for each other and sometimes that means breaking up

9. feel good about the rebound a

2014 study found that people who rebounded with a new partner after a breakup

Reported a better sense of well-being than those who stayed single for long periods of time afterwards

However, the rebounds in this study happened approximately

seven months after their first breakup

Therefore while it's important for you to heal before moving on stay open to new possibilities

Don't turn away a new chance at love because you're hung up on your ex

Breakups are always hard, but they aren't impossible to get through you can do it

Do you have any tips to share that aren't on this list? Feel free to share them by writing in the comments section down below?

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