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well I think the one thing that

discipline definitely does help you with

is it helps you get things done and when

you get things done when you you have

you actually do things you you you you

have more success if you have more

success sometimes a big part of success

is just not being [ __ ] lazy and just

doing it just get that's like 90% of it

is just showing up get there and start

working like you're not gonna feel

perfect every day if I felt if I only

worked out when I felt good I'd be a fat

[ __ ] because there's a lot of days I

don't want to do it if it's pretty much

the same with everybody that if that

actually gets good at something that you

you get there's got to be those days you

push through and they're they're

probably gonna be more numerous than the

days you don't and so the benefit of

discipline in my eyes has always been

that through discipline I get things

done I always tell my always say that

I'm like the most lazy disciplined

person I know because I don't want to do

it yeah but I always do one of the big

problems is sitting down and doing the

work and you gotta impress filled talks

about that it in the most concise and

beautiful way and he labels it like an

enemy he calls it resistance you know

and that you have to sit down you have

to overcome resistance and that the pro

goes to work and it doesn't matter if

you're sick doesn't matter if you have

kids it doesn't matter what you you're a

pro and you go to work in that in debt

just it puts it in your head that this

is what I do this is what then you have

pride in that and then when you are in

front of that keyboard and you're you're

you got you look down the count it says

I gotta [ __ ] a thousand words today I

put a thousand more than you yeah you

you're doing the work and out of that

work gems blossom their little things

but you might have a day where you just

write nothing but [ __ ]

so what show up again tomorrow and

tomorrow out of that dog shed a flower

will emerge you never know and that's

the only way to develop real like to

really develop your potential a hundred

percent in anything

whether it's as an author or even as a

martial artist there's a lot of

creativity in martial arts to be a great

striker you have to be creative because

you have to you have to develop patterns

or execute patterns that aren't gonna be

perceived this idea that life is hard

something you're supposed to shield from

them it's so silly and you know I've had

this conversation with my friends

because everybody that I know that's

interesting how to [ __ ] up life but

but now we have kids and the last thing

we want is our kids to have a [ __ ] up

life so we put our kids in these good

schools you live in these nice

neighborhoods everybody eats healthy and

there's no [ __ ] domestic violence and

everybody seems it's it's so different

than all of our lives and we were

talking about it me and Bryan Callen

were actually talking about like look we

all had fucked-up childhoods and

everybody we know had fucked-up

childhoods and they're all interesting

but I don't want my kids to be boring

but I also want them to be safe so it's

like how do you how do you approach that

I mean I think you get involved that's

what I've chosen to do is get my kids

involved in martial arts and and and and

give them the opportunity to pursue

difficult things and understanding that

through pursuing these difficult things

like in accomplishing stuff like you you

learn something about yourself you learn

that you have this ability inside of you

to overcome get obsessed with life

improvement find things that you enjoy

doing they're difficult do them and get

better it seems so simplistic it seems

like a ridiculous idealistic point of

view but it's effective well you need

some form some amount of pride and some

amount of ego to get good at things in

the first place because it's such a

counterintuitive notion because you have

to have a belief in yourself you have to

be able like when you eat first it when

you start out at jujitsu your wipeouts

like I remember being a wipeout and

being like oh my god I am [ __ ] never

gonna get good at this I'm gonna suck

forever but to look at people who are

better than you and know they had to

have sucked at one point in time okay

there's got to be somewhere along the

end of this tunnel there's got to be a

light I just got to keep going yeah and

then he goes yeah I was gonna say I mean

ego drives you know you to be successful

me to be successful eagle is what's

driving you the problem is when you

you go too far yeah and you know

everything you know everything takes

balance this is a dichotomy and

everything every part of you has a

dichotomy you know you can get so into

the physical aspects of things that you

end up like doing a bunch of steroids

and going crazy and ruining your health

like yes that's not good

right the other end of the spectrum you

know you can sit around and play video

games and turn into a bodybuilding is a

great example of that because when you

start lifting weights like god I'd like

to be stronger and you start getting a

little bit bigger you like oh look at

that I got a muscle whoo this is cool

and then you keep going and then you

keep going but some guys get so [ __ ]

crazy they won't stop until they have 22

inch arms and they want to have thighs

that are so big they have to walk like

they're they've got a barrel in between

their legs and you know and they just

can't help but they just take it to some

completely unhealthy place yeah that's

uh that's rough

yeah well it's it's just the nature of

trying to get good at something you got

to recognize what's good and what is

just [ __ ] insane for some people

especially they're just experiencing way

too much pressure and that pressure a

lot of times it's just an imbalance in

perspective and some of its input like I

was talking to this mom once her

daughter does gymnastics with my

daughter and we were talking about kids

killing themselves where she used to

live she used to live in one of the

really wealthy tech areas outside of San

Francisco and a bunch of kids that went

to school with her daughter that were

like 15 16 were jumping off bridges and

chin like it was a like an epidemic and

they were trying to figure out what the

[ __ ] is going on and they're literally

calling it affluenza that these affluent

kids and their their families are

literally worth a billion dollars you

know I mean everybody's super rich and

they're having this insane pressure in

like before high school and in high

school to be an Ivy League schools and

to get 4.0 s and all in their [ __ ]

they're not having any fun and they're

not experienced in life and they don't

have any hope and their parents are all

on [ __ ] pills and they're just killing

themselves for some people out there

that aren't feeling good man if you've

just [ __ ] struggled more you get over

that struggle you feel better it sounds

so simplistic but I

swear by it yeah and I felt shitty

myself and then forced myself to work

out then after I get out of there I'm

like whoa [ __ ] it wasn't guaranteed it's

hard for people to break momentum to in

momentum it's good momentum or meant to

momentum this bad momentum when I get a

like when I get on a good groove or

working out all the time I feel it like

after I'm done working I'm like Jack

can't wait to get in there again I can't

wait to work out again that's the good

momentum but then there's that bad

momentum like you get injured or

something like that you can't do

anything for a couple weeks and then to

try to get that kick start that meant

motor up then it's the whole it's hard

to get momentum there's a lot of people

that are eating [ __ ] food and then by

the end of the day your body's in a

crisis yeah

the body's just processing all this

[ __ ] and if you're eating a big like

[ __ ] lunch filled with nonsense like

your body's got to process all that

stuff and so the end of the day yeah

you're gonna lose your willpower

so like when five o'clock six o'clock

rolls around you're gonna be tired but

if you have a healthy lunch and you know

you're properly fueled and then you also

have positive people in your life

everyone's motivated by the end of the

day you're gonna feel good whenever the

[ __ ] you thing is just go and do it just

force yourself to do it and if you feel

like [ __ ] because you ate lunch then

your lunch was you know filled with

[ __ ] well then hey dummy don't eat

shitty lunch tomorrow tomorrow try a

nice salad yeah no try salad with some

salmon and see how you feel then you

okay I feel way better today at 6

o'clock duh yeah now your

decision-making will be better like that

people don't understand how significant

it is like all these little decisions

they those are like that that's the path

for the rest of your existence on earth

and if you decide to go to [ __ ]

Cheetos chocolate chip cookie route

you're you're just making a [ __ ] path

you're carving your [ __ ] path through

broken rocks and glass and there's not

the way to go you know what else doesn't

exist in a day to day life what a place

where it's okay to be a man

it's actually okay to mend it's okay to

have man thoughts like you know

everybody is so so toned down and

neutered it's like the human resources

and and corporate life has watered down

people's natural behavior to the point

where people are just dying on the

inside sitting in these [ __ ] cubicles

rotting they're just freaking the [ __ ]

out having all these thoughts that can't

entertain having to pretend to be

someone there they're not all day long

putting on this [ __ ] way of talking

this fake way of thinking everybody's

got to subscribe to whatever [ __ ]

ridiculous policies their company wants

to enforce and you're just a robot you

get out of there and you just want to

scream it's this fear of discomfort

people have this extreme feeling in

their mind when it comes to their

associations with exercise they want to

avoid discomfort they feel like any type

of exercise is just like something to be

avoided that's not for me [ __ ] that I

don't want to sweat I don't want to

strain and a lot of times this

association that they have is about the

beginnings of getting in shape it's not

about once you're actually fit because

once you're actually fit exercise is

something you look forward to it's an

alleviation of stress it's it feels

great like if I can't get a workout in

and I look at my schedule I go oh [ __ ] I

don't any time for a workout which means

I'm not gonna get that good feeling and

so instead of looking at it like oh I've

got to go grunt and sweat I'm thinking

I'm not gonna feel good I'm not gonna

feel relaxed I'm not gonna feel carefree

and I'm not gonna feel even appreciative

like my appreciation of things and it

gets enhanced greatly after exercise I

just feel better I feel like I can take

things in for what they are rather than

you know whatever that weather or

sensory data that I'm getting from any

event is just one more distraction that

gets in my way and you know that that's

a lot of times how I look at things if

I'm overstressed or if I'm working too

much like our bodies for whatever reason

most people their associations are to

avoid anything that's uncomfortable but

it's so illogical because when you look

at comfort and you look at success and

progress and the eventual the fee

wings of accomplishment and of getting

past certain hurdles and in terms of

like how you feel about life a lot of

those are connected to discomfort like

discomfort is your friend it really is

like discomfort and and not being happy

and content with certain situations in

life or certain feelings in life there

are massive massive motivators and

they're they're amazing at at

facilitating change and yet our instinct

is to avoid those and just sit on the

couch and watch some [ __ ] reality

show about dudes and make moonshine with

our jaw open like it's with bizarre and

for me at least when I get when I get

like really disciplined and really I get

really consistent with my workouts one

of the things that I feel I almost feel

momentum I feel like there's like a push

behind me like all right we're you know

like after I get out of the gym I have a

really good workout I'm like yeah now

I'm doing it I'm doing it all the time

now and I'm looking forward to the next

time and it makes that resistance much

weaker and it makes my motivation and my

discipline much stronger I think a lot

of it is based on just the consistency

you know it's one of the things that I

talked about recently on the podcast I

said you know like blowing something off

it's not just not good like blowing off

of an exercise that you planned is not

just bad for you physically it's also

bad mentally because then that option is

now available the option to [ __ ] off is

available and you did it before and

you're probably gonna do it again and

you'll get mediocre results not just in

that aspect of your life but maybe in

all aspects of your life because I think

that option to [ __ ] off when you embrace

it that is a pathway that you might

choose when it comes to dealing with

conflict in your personal life dealing

with business decisions dealing with

career decisions like an uncomfortable

decision that you might be faced with

maybe you need to make a change as far

as like what your pathway is in life but

you don't do it instead you [ __ ] off and

that the inclination to [ __ ] off I think

that gathers momentum as well the

inclination to be disciplined

that comes with momentum too and I think

both things like you did you take a path

the path of the healthy person or the

path of the [ __ ] off like this is not

like your body is like a race car that

you can juice up yourself like you can

add the fat tires you can add the

improve suspension you can beef up the

horsepower in the engine you could do

all that yourself or you could just

choose to have this shitty body that's

always falling apart on you because

we're essentially ecosystems you know

and we're we were in charge this weird

consciousness that has all this

resistance and has all this inclination

towards comfort and [ __ ] off and

blowing things off is what is in charge

of making all these things happen that

keep this ecosystem healthy it's almost

like if Earth itself had like a shitty

manager you know if like there was a

manager of a natural manager of Earth

that was like oh god who cares if it

rains Oh God you know like let's let you

know I'm gonna stop growing things I

don't give a [ __ ] anymore it's all

stupid anyway I mean it's literally like

the the just below it yeah [ __ ] it let's

just kill all the life what day it's all

gonna die eventually I mean the Sun only

lasts 7 billion years you see that is

the perspective a lot of people take

with aging where it's like well you're

gonna die you're gonna age you can't

stop aging and it's like yes you're

right but that's not the point the point

is to age better like that's the point

the point is to increase your health

span you know and that is we know is

possible like that can there's some

there's some of these like centenarians

and super centenarians I've seen that

are like in you know over a hundred

years old and they're like riding bikes

and racing and it's like yeah they're

old they are very old they're

experiencing a very good quality of life

yeah and there's experiencing a quality

of life that these other people that

don't exercise feel they physically feel

their own body diminishing and they just

feel it's inevitable it's just what it

is what it is you're wasting your time

you're out there running around but not

we're not because this experience right

now it's not like no-one's under the

illusion you're going to live forever

but you are enhancing the experience

that you're currently

involved in right now and you are alive

you are alive you do experience this

life but do you experience this life

optimally is it is it as enjoyable as it

can be and we all know that there's a

spectrum for that enjoy ability like

we've all had times in our life where

it's not been so great and then times in

a life where everything came together

like what a [ __ ] great day whoo like

make more of those like you can make

more of those and then the whole thing's

better and I think when that whole thing

is better it affects everybody you touch

everybody it's around you everybody you

come in contact with and that in turn me

it sounds so grandiose but in an intern

can affect the entire race of human



I've always wondered if the depression

that people see in mass today there's so

much depression that people mean there's

a car it's a common trait like it's a

common condition

oh he suffers from depression oh she

suffers from depression like oh he's got


you know you don't I mean it's like it's

a it's a common thing I've always

wondered or I've been wondering more and

more recently it really hit me when have

you ever seen Hein Mo's Arctic adventure

this guy lives in this incredibly remote

area of the Arctic National Wildlife

Refuge in the Alaskan interior and he he

lives in this really small log cabin and

he hunts and gathers and that's all he

does and he's very smart like he's not a

dummy at all and he's been up there he

lives with his wife and his raised

children up there and it's really really

there's some dark moments in there

because they lived like this from the

time like when they had children up

there and they lost their two-year-old

baby in a [ __ ] canoe like they tipped

over you know in a canoe and lost their

kid and it's like it's really intense

when they revisit the site and leave

flowers and it was like 30 years ago and

they had several children since then but

this moment is still like this intense

moment loss for them when they lost

their baby but

this [ __ ] guy is very happy and very

very smart and very connected and very

articulate and he firmly believes that

human beings when we evolved and

developed and were hunter-gatherers that

there's a set of rewards there's a

reward systems that are set up inside

the human body inside the very being

that we embody that don't get mad in

today's society and it's one of the

things that's causing depression one of

the things that's causing this funk that

people are in is that we're living our


many of us at least in these very

unfulfilled ways where you're going to

this office with artificial light and

you're doing something you don't want to

do all day long and then you get home

and you're tired and on top of that

you're eating [ __ ] you're eating potato

chips and you're drinking soda and your

body is just like what in the [ __ ] is

this we're supposed to be out in the

fields we're supposed to be walking up

hills we're supposed to be looking for

animals or gathering vegetables we're

supposed to be doing all these things

that our body is designed to do we're

supposed to be in nature yeah and nature

is like a medicine like it literally is

a medicine to you like people people

that go you don't have to go hunting you

don't have to go fishing just go [ __ ]

hike man just go hike up to the top of a

mountain and look out you know there's a

reward that you get from that that is

intensely like soul filling just like

something about like when I was in

Colorado and there was this this area of

Boulder where you drive up one of these

roads and there's this area where you

could park and it was this incredible

view man these people just Park and just

go out there and just look but you get

there in your Park and you go

because you would see you literally seen

the Continental Divide these snow-capped

mountains and jolt high in July it's

covered with snow because those

mountains no perfective oh just this the

whole new perspective on it and I think

nature I think the ease of suffering is

always in present miss you know when

you're in present is truly locked in and

presents there is no suffering there can

be pain but no suffering suffering isn't

is something created by our own minds

and I think nature is one of the great

ways to do this because humans we we

learn we take cues from our environment

and nature as I was saying earlier is

always in the present you know there's

this natural presence of all the animals

everything around you but if you get

around a bunch of people watching

housewives and stressed about this and

popping pills you're gonna take on that

energy too and you're gonna lose your

presence because of your surroundings so

it's like this ultimate re grounding

tool where we get back to AA present

moment you know and that's such a [ __ ]

key element to human happiness and I

think the other key element is having

something where we're fighting for you

know having a mission I think we're all

forces and that force needs to have an

effect needs to have a reason that it's

moving in a certain direction and I

think with all of our Meads and all of

our needs met you know where we don't

have to hunt for food we don't have to

acquire everything everything's

relatively easy and it's all about

advancement and all this we've lost a

lot of the basic mission which was the

mission to survive and procreate you

know so and we haven't replaced it with

any other universal mission which is I

think one of the big allures of these

things like Wars and these things like

creating an enemy well at least then you

have a mission and when you have a

mission human beings are happy you know

like Bertrand Russell talked about he

did book conquest to happiness and he

had his own fucked-up attributes every

time I bring him up people talk about

his [ __ ] up as he thought he was into

phrenology and he might have been a

racist whatever but he was a good

philosopher smoke constantly yeah but

but anyways he talked about the happiest

person he knew the happiest person he

could find was a groundskeeper on a

manor who everyday woke up and was at

war with the rabbits of the God he just

declared that the rabbits were the

[ __ ] enemy and he would go out with

his gun and he would hunt as many as

possible and he'd go morning till till

tonight and he would kill as many


could because it was hit the rabbits

were the ones eating the hedges and the

flowers and whatever so he basically

made the rabbits his enemy and struck

out every single day to kill as many

rabbits as possible and that dude

according to Bertrand Russell was happy

as [ __ ]

he had a task he had a task he had a

purpose you know he had a mission

my mission is destroy the rabbits I just

have a dog like that yeah I the happiest

dog ever his name was Frank Sinatra and

he was a pit bull that all he lived for

was killing lizards and my house my old

house not the house of his now but my

old house had this one it's like on a

hill and there's this one wall where

these lizards would run up the wall and

so Frank I would literally let him out

in the morning and he [ __ ] bolt out

that doors like time to go to war like

and he would run and go look for these

lizards and he would stand there like

Eddie Bravo would just watch it and

marvel he'd be like [ __ ] man this dog

does this every day this dog does this

every day I go this is what he loves to

do and he would go there and he would

have his paws on the wall crazy he would

jump up and try to grab a lizard and

occasionally he would get one and he

black [ __ ] yeah and he would get one

they would go looking for another one he

would go he was a pretty big yard so he

would go wandering around the yard

looking for anything else that [ __ ] up

anything else that was slipping there

was conflict unfortunately twice I had

to take him to the hospital because he

got bit by rattlesnakes cuz rattlesnakes

are slipping too apparently he killed

the rattlesnakes but the rattlesnakes

[ __ ] him up okay like a water balloon

growing out of the side of his head both

of my dogs I in it by the way that's a

real problem if you don't have the money

to pay for the serum it's super

expensive it was several thousand

dollars to treat them for this

rattlesnake venom anti-venom [ __ ] it's

like I was like man what if I was poor

what if [ __ ] that's a whole [ __ ] up

system like they're you they inject

horses with the venom mm-hmm and they

like get the antibodies from the horses

it's actually archaic system I think my

friend Donald Shultz is working on he's

a big snake handler guy he's working on

ways to innovate around that because

it's kind of like a real backwards

system that they have how you get

anti-venom well a horse will survive so

let's just [ __ ] sorta put the venom

in there and the antibodies from the


then you know it's a weird it's a weird

thing how they do it yeah well that's a

real problem with people that are vegans

if you're a vegan you don't use any

animal products you get bit by a

rattlesnake you got two choices

compromise your morals well that's a


yeah you know but this dog was so

goddamn happy mm-hmm he had missions you

know he would go out of that the yard

and he wasn't bored he was like please

take me for a walk come on man he was

like see a dude I don't know he was calm

just his little mission and I think you

can see that in the people who are the

most unhappy they seem aimless yeah like

what am I here for why am I doing this

nothing makes sense you know and I've

even felt it in my own life when you

know I know what my mission here is

first my mission is to expand human

consciousness to help people be happy

like that's really what I find my

greatest purpose in but every once in a

while I'll get this kind of like [ __ ]

people out of to maybe someone who said

some [ __ ] up [ __ ] and my man people

[ __ ] some people and then at that

poem that's when I'm actually confused

you know cuz I've lost my mission

instead of having a mission like yes my

mission is human consciousness all the

suddens like [ __ ] people [ __ ] that

mission they'll figure it out and then

I'm depressed cuz I've lost my purpose

it's very hard to rise above like

literally when something like that

happens and realize like oh you've just

you're encountering one diseased

individual you got to look at the mass

of humanity yeah like when you encounter

one diseased individual it's it's so

like this guy who shot up that nightclub

in Orlando you're looking at one

diseased individual and if you say man

people [ __ ] suck look at what they

did well look at how many people that

are responding with rainbows on their

Twitter pages and love and and and all

the best wishes to those folks that got

killed and all their I mean I was

looking at this guy's page who's an

animal lover who was organizing people

to go to the homes of the victims and

see if they have pets that are trapped

you know there's this beautiful people

out there yeah there's a lot there's

more beautiful pieces this is without a

doubt not just the safest the easiest

this is a happiest time in terms of like

being able to like reach out and and and

send love to people and have people send

love to you but just occasionally you

run into constant yeah no no in the

constant self but the beauty is out

there too it's not as dramatic and it

doesn't impose upon us as forcefully but

we just look it's around all the time we

run into good people all the time but

you know you just make eye contact with

that good person or that kid who's just

looking at you and just creating with

that little smile and you're like oh

yeah the good of humanity the fact that

you know we really are loved you know

being expressed you know

outwardly all the time and it's just

these other delusions that get in the

way of that

well we're oddly attracted to negativity

- it's almost like we look at negativity

online or that you run into is like a

possibility of war like you have to look

out this [ __ ] drums beating goddamn

it there's an army on the background

they're coming they're coming but you

know it's like this this real impulse to

sort of batten down the hatches when

really it's just some [ __ ] 36 year

old loser sitting in his parents

basement you know farting and smelling

his own farts and angry online I mean

that's really what a lot of you're

dealing with you really you're dealing

with like really sick people like people

that have just for whatever reason

they've not found their path they've not

found any happiness they're not found

any fulfillment they don't found it

haven't found any growth they're just

stifled or rotten and some sort of a

weird way it just hasn't really worked

for them and so they're they're lashing


they're lashing out at the world and you

run into one of those you know people


yeah and that's the initial response and

then the more conscious response is to

look at them be and have compassion for

that yeah you know that's right that is

hard to do and our system isn't based

upon that even if you look at the US

penal system it's very much about

punishment whereas you watch that that

documentary that Michael Moore did who

to invade nests where they go to Norway

they have a whole different idea of what

the penal system is for it's about

restoring human dignity and cultivating

you know a change really making change

in the person not about punishment it's

about it's about actually changing that

individual so he doesn't do it again and

then you look at the recidivism rates

between our prisons and Norway's prisons

and they're just dramatically different

that impulse to punish immediately you

know is not the healthiest impulse

gonna create more issues down the road

you're not rehabilitating anybody you're

just taking even more broken people and

putting them out in the world and hoping

they're not going to do the broken

things well it's not gonna [ __ ] work

you know the the right impulse is always

that compassion and looking to see as if

that was you how all of these [ __ ] up

elements of the world and choices I'm

not overriding the fact that they had

choices in all this they're not free of

guilt but look at look at that like this

is the person that just made some bad

choices and had some tough [ __ ] to deal

with and couldn't overcome it the

resistance in the video game was higher

than his skillset and he wasn't able to

to choose to work and choose to the the

positive elements that would allow him

to overcome it yeah yes it's it's also

Norway's dealing with far fewer people

true you know that's that's a good thing

for them and it's also they don't have

that conkers mentality that we have so

we're so wrapped up in success and also

in punishment I mean that that is a big

aspect of our culture like punishment

and I mean like when anyone does

anything wrong online the amount of

people that feel like it's their job to

shame that person and embarrass that

person and and insult that person it's

pretty crazy to watch when something

goes down it's also it's also

counterproductive you know and I see

that in the people shaming people for

appropriation right so let's say for

example someone wears a headdress at a

[ __ ] festival right they're probably

mildly they're not doing it to mock the

Native Americans most like or probably

like a a mild appreciation and interest

I think this looks cool I'm in a place

and you know

and then all of a sudden they get all

this intense hate and shame and and

putting all of this stuff all of these

intentions on them that weren't true

again going back to my point about

morality it's not about the act it's

about the intentions of the act but

right now we make it all about the act

oh you wore this headdress that means

you're insulting thousands of years of

Native Americans you're oppressing

you're appropriating like no I [ __ ]

wasn't I was wearing a [ __ ] hair

headdress but then all of a sudden that

imprint will create trauma and that

trauma will have a poisonous impact that

will make them feel weird and make them

want to do that to other people so it's

like you're injecting someone with like

a hate virus you know that they're gonna

then pass on to other people rather than

doing the opposite you know spreading

the love herpes where yeah this

contagious positivity that goes the

other way and we have those choices with

how to deal with people but more often

than not we come with this thing to

punish and create more trauma which

triggers their own self judge and their

own self hate lowers their own self-love

and then they're gonna pass that off to

kids family members people around them

you know there's just two sets of

dominoes that we can choose to take to

take either path