Create A Well Balanced Life: Step By Step Guide (LIFE BALANCE MONTH)

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welcome back guys I am the veteran from

a personal development channel 120% and

I have a huge go for it true so we have

been working on self analysis in

February on relationship in March on

wellness in May and this month I decided

it's about time we learn how to balance

all these areas all together so guess

what guys I have a serious life audit

plan for you we are going to do

everything step-by-step together and

since I'm a queen of analyzing and

planning that's for sure this is my

favorite part so I can't wait to start

let's go if you follow this make sure

you are alone and you are dedicating at

least one day for making a solid life

product at the end of the day you will

have a very clear list of what you need

to do every single day week and month I

don't know about you but the idea of

getting rid of this mess I'm currently

in makes me flippin excited so let's go

and do this first of all on that your

time because that's the most expensive

thing that you have draw three circles

how much time do you currently spend

working how much time do you spend on

relationships with your spouse family

friends and how much time do you

dedicate for your own free time hobbies

personal development and anything else

that involves only you now the last time

I had the circles done was November of

last year so I was really curious to

compare and it makes me happy seeing

that I had a goal to increase

relationship and my personal time

circles and I got

see the difference so guys it actually

helps the Wheel of Life is the next step

before you try it make a list of areas

that you feel like focusing on then give

a score from 1 to 10 to each area well

do this ask yourself how fulfilled do

you feel how happy do you feel about

this area is there something that could

be better when doing this I like to

color each area differently so visually

it would be easier to compare if you

liked this video so far give it a big

thumbs up it's only a click to you well

to me it's a motivation to keep creating

videos like this okay now that you are

done let's do some analysis start with

looking at your biggest circle of time

let's say it's work which areas of the

life will represent that circle can you

see any patterns this time I personally

noticed that even the word takes most of

my time somehow I don't feel like that

reflects and my business and financial

situation so this simply confirmed to me

that I need to make some business model

adjustments so I wouldn't feel like my

time is wasted sometimes do the same

with other circles as well

congratulations you have all the answers

in front of you now the question is what

are you going to do about it I use these

arrows that represent where and how much

I would like to poo and this is very

helpful later on take a minute to tell

your future I'm serious if this would be

someone else showing you there will

apply what future is this person heading


what's likely to happen with such

lifestyle in a year five or perhaps them

is this the life you wish to have

because that's where you are going so

you better do before we move on to

planning I have a question for you would

you like me to create an online

printable document so it would be easier

for you to do your own life audit if you

feel that way leave a comment with yes

so I would know okay guys let's go and

plan some change in our lives I would

recommend using this on your computer or

phone because you will want to move

things around so make things easier for

yourself unless you just love planning

on paper put every area that you had in

your life will as a separate column now

think of what specific actions could

help you to improve those areas these

aren't going to be your goals write them

in present tense with a deadline don't

use any negative words and try to make

it super simple do this for every area

and don't worry about the amount of


just write down what comes to your mind

at this point you can always add

additional ones later on I will give you

an example if I want to improve my

business situation I need to create a

business website that would represent me

and what I do in the right way so that's

why I write down a goal on September 1st

2018 I launch my business website that's

it once you have all the goals in place

look at this list I know it might seem

slightly over at home and cry but don't

worry we will make it so easy you won't

have to think about it or open it and

time soon but we need to work on it a

bit more dig every goal and think of

what kind of ritual you can create daily

weekly or monthly so it this way you

will have a very clear list of deduce

every single morning week and month

let's take my goal as an example on

September 1st 2018 I launched my

business website so logically thinking I

could turn in into let's say weekly

ritual because daily is a bit too much

for this goal and monthly is too little

so my ritual would sound like every

Saturday I spend an hour or two

developing my business website simple as


scheduled and specific so why go through

all this trouble because it actually

works and as one wise person told me you

don't have to achieve it all to feel the

difference and at the end of the day I

guess that's what we want right we just

want slightly different life and if you

manage to change your life or if your

daily rituals weekly rituals monthly

rituals by at least one person your life

course is going to you know go not like

this but instead like this in a long run

and that's a huge difference I will take

myself as an example I wanted less

clients and bigger projects Cardale only

now I have agency type of problems to

solve and that requires new goals and

new rituals I wanted to get stronger and

healthier me after I guess the few years

of not having any kind of physical

activity I'm back in gym and making my


mewls but now I have to learn how to

squeeze that kind of lifestyle into my

life and that requires new bells and new

rituals once again I wanted to shift my

focus from work to relationship and it

just happened that the same day I got

engaged a few months later I'm getting

married weekends are off which never

happened before but this chapter brings

new challenges to my life and once again

I need another type of goals and rituals

in my life I think I'm finally starting

to realize that life is always going to

be a roller coaster of some sorts and

there will always be harder days there

will always be some issues to solve but

this month I felt like I was finally

finding some happiness motivation and

peace of mind even in those busy moments

it's easier now to let go the work to

switch off that part of my brain to have

a quality time off to dedicate more time

to people who matter to me without

keeping a huge list of the do's in the

back of my mind and simply enjoy what I

have right now even if it's just for a

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jewelry guys I hope you have a great

time during the coming one