How to Balance College and Life

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hello guys for this video I'm going to

talk about how to manage college and

life this video is actually collab with

Clarissa so don't forget to check out

our video it's very hard to find ways to

keep up with all of your college work

and still keep a balanced life many

people say that when you get into

college you need to choose from two

vortices while sacrificing the third one

well I need to tell you that that's

completely not true if you plan and

organize your life you'll be able to

manage your sleep schedule your setting

sessions and your night outs without

sacrificing one of them the first thing

you need to do is being realistic

instead of sleeping 9 hours a day

perhaps you'll need to cut back to 7

hours a day which will probably provide

enough energy throughout the day without

letting you feel the burn outs on the

other hand you need to ration the time

you spend with your friends and family

the best way to do so is scheduling a

fixed time to be with them and dedicate

yourself 100% to them it's not how much

time you have available that matters

what matters is what you do with the

time we have available cutting back on

fundamental aspects of your life will

really hurt your grades and if it

doesn't hurt your grades right away it

will hurt your body and state of mind

sooner than you think

sleepless nights have a mark on your

body on the other hand depriving

yourself of the time spent with your

loved ones can hurt and destroy

relationships and in the end of the day

you'll find out that those grades aren't

is worth as much as that another thing I

recommend is finding some sort of

physical activity that helps you manage

energy levels even running ten minutes a

day will do wonders for your physical

and mental health letting you cope with

high stress levels and the feeling of

burnout you also need to prioritize

having a heavily crowded schedule just

for the sake of it will result in lower

grades and the lower ability to focus on

those classes big classes and courses

that you think you can personally enjoy

but can also help you on your chosen

career path try to keep both of those

aspects in mind when you're picking

subjects for the next

sir or else risking signing up for

classes there that are just filling you

with stress and won't even matter when

you get your diploma find a way to get

help you are not alone in this path and

many of your classmates are probably

feeling the same way try to get together

and find a way to share some tasks are

somehow trade notes and materials help

each other if you can't attend the

lecture for any reason don't hesitate to

ask for the class notes and assignment

finding a reading group is great to

divide huge books into manageable chunks

and distribute them between the members

so you have less reading to do and are

able to summarize your part in a better

way and then share your summary with

your colleagues schedule submit time

don't look at your personal space is a

failure toward your productivity goals

try to incorporate at least half an hour

with yourself in your busy schedule and

stick to it religiously I hope you've

enjoyed this video don't forget to click

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week bye