How to Live a Balanced Life Like Jon Butcher? | Vishen Lakhiani

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And that's called the 12 areas of

balance, ok so Lisa

Nichols said this

yesterday: "A Phyrric Victory is not okay.

It's when the cost of the victory

outweighs the victor herself". What she

was talking about is how many

entrepreneurs may be making great money

may have great companies but they suck

as parents or they suck as lovers or

they are completely blowing it

with their friends. This is a guy

Jon Butcher, he's 48 years old who's an

entrepreneur whom I believe is setting a

new example. I had the pleasure of

meeting Jon a couple of months back.

Jon runs a company called Precious

Moments. They make little figurative dolls.

They're sold in Hallmark stores. Precious

Moments does several billion dollars

in sales annually. Jon is 48 years old but

he doesn't look 48, he looks like 35. He

has an amazing relationship with his

wife, amazing relationship with his

children, he is in fact a grandfather. He

has a six-pack abs and Jon is the most

well-balanced man I've ever come across.

Jon started a concept called Life-

booking. He would basically take a book

and in that book he would divide his

life into 12 areas and then he would

create a vision for every single area of

his life. You know, some of you guys have

a vision board.

That's cool but this is like having 12

vision boards for 12 different areas of

your life, and as a result Jon has

managed to create this amazing life. He

lives in one of the most beautiful

houses I've ever been and I've been to

Richard Branson's home.

Jon's house is unbelievable. For several

months every year he takes his entire

family, his kids and his grandkids and

they live in a paradise location around

the world. He just spent several months

living in Bali, in a couple of months

he's going to go live in Cairo. He has

the most loving relationship with his

wife. His businesses bring in billions

with a b, billions of dollars every year

and he's in a prime state of health.

He doesn't intend to die till he's a

hundred at least. Now, what I want to share

with you is the 12 categories that Jon

identified and I want you to think about

how if you are really creating a vision

for yourself in these 12 categories..

Ok so let's recap, we've talked about

flow, we've talked about the importance

of being happy in the now, we've talked

about embodiment practices, now we're

talking about a vision for the future

and what we're talking about is how to

create a really big broad vision.

Ok, so here are the 12 categories, you

want to write this down. Now the first

one is health and fitness. We all know this,

lots of you have health and fitness as a


The second one is your intellectual life.

A lot of people forget this. Your

intellectual life is how much are you

learning, how much are you growing, how

much control do you have of your mind and your

daily thoughts, how positive or optimistic

are you, how many seminars do you intend do attend

in the next couple of years? Then

there's your emotional life, this is

really emotional intelligence.

How are you able to bounce back from

adversity, how good

are you at being able to control your


How often are you in the state of bliss?

Then there's your character. What values

do you want to demonstrate to the world?

What type of integrity and ethics do you

want to bring into your marketplace or

your business? Then spiritual life. How

many times a day do you meditate or pray,

what type of spiritual values do you believe


How much time do you spend engaged in

spiritual practices, how many spiritual

books are you reading? Then there's your

love relationship. What does your love

relationship look like, what do you do

with the love of your life, where do you

travel together?

How do you relate to each other in your

relationship, how much time do you spend

with each other?

How do you make him or her feel? There's

your parenting vision,

this is again very important. How many of

you here have kids raise your hand? Wow, the

majority of you. What type of values do

you want to endow onto your kids? How

much time do you want to spend with your


What type of personality traits, what do you

want to teach your children? How do you

want to raise your children?

Then there's your social life. This is

something else that people forget. Who

are your top friends, who are the people

whom you're closest to?

How much time a month do you want to

devote to spending with your friends?

What type of social life do you want to


what are your weekends with your friends

going to look like? How many friends,

close personal friends do

you have around the world? Then there's

your financial life and this is

different from your career. Your financial

life would be, what type of assets do

you own? What type of income are you

earning passively on a monthly basis?

What type of salary are you earning? How

how much cash liquidity do you have, how

much property do you own? And then

there's the career. Your career is what you're

spending basically 40 to 60 hours a week

engaged in. It doesn't matter whether

you're a housewife or you're a plumber or

you're an entrepreneur, your career is

what you do that's part of

your mission, your work.

So what are your visions for your

career? What level of

competency you want to get at? How good

do you want to be at what you do?

Are you aiming for world-class? How much

time do you spend on your career, how

much you enjoy your career? And then

there's your quality of life.

This is something else that people quite

forget. Quality of life is basically your

surroundings. Before I met Jon I'd totally

forgotten about adding quality of life

to my vision. So I had great deal of

money, I had an amazing a career, I had

wonderful relationships with my friends

and my family but I lived in just a

really bad apartment.

It wasn't inspiring, it was just

completely messy and then I realized how

important it was to really create a

vision of what I wanted my workplace to

look like and my home to look like and

that's what quality life is about. Then

finally there's your life vision.

What is the mark that you want to leave

to the world?

Ok, so these are the 12 categories I want

you to think about. Now,

different people use these in different

ways so Jon has Life-booking, right. I

use a similar technique, I use a

little notebook, something like this.

On this notebook I divided into these 12

categories and on the right-hand page,

let's say this is, let's say this is

quality of life. On the right-hand page I

write down my vision for quality of life so

I'll write down something

such as: I own a beautiful condo in the

centre of the city, its 3,400 square feet,

it is extremely awe-inspiring and I love

being at home.

Ok, that is my vision. On this page I

write down what I'm grateful for, little

things that have happened in my life that let

me know that I'm about to attain this

vision so I might write down I already

own an apartment which to me is

appreciating the fact that I'm already a

homeowner, or I have a good good taste in

aesthetics which to me is appreciating

the fact that I know how I'm going to

decorate this home.

Ok, so again here's what you're grateful

for, here's what you want. A lot of people

just write down what they want but you

when start writing down what you're grateful

for right now

it helps build up that reservoir of faith

and it helps what you want come to you a

lot quicker. Ok, but the key again is

balance, doing this in all 12 categories.

So here's a quote I love. I love this

quote. It's from the book The Alchemist.

"There's one great truth - whoever you are or

whatever you do, when you

really want something that desire

originated in the soul of the universe,

it's your mission on Earth and when you

want something all the universe

conspires in helping you achieve it." by

Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist. Beautiful

quote and it's really true but I found that

almost everyone

most people I talk to, when I ask them

what's your bucket list or what's your

grand vision, they don't know. It's like

you have this big friend the universe ready

to conspire with you but you just don't

ask for anything and that's why this

exercise that I just shared with you is

so important.

12 categories of your life. Go batshit

crazy, come up with like 20, 30, 40 things

you want in these categories so your

co-conspirator can start moving them

into your path.