How to Be a BADASS | 6 Easy Steps

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what's going on YouTube it's David here

in this video I'm going to give you six

easy steps to help you become that

badass who has supreme

confidence in himself and who lives life

on his own terms let's get started so

let's get started by talking about what

a badass is what a badass is not the hat

is not some dude in a leather jacket who

rides a Harley Davidson who's a dick to

everyone that he talks to that's just

someone who's an what a badass

really is is someone who's confident

enough in themselves to go their own way

without worrying about what other people

think about them hit at the same time

they're still respectful and kind to

everyone they talk to that all being

said the first step I have for you is to

take care of your appearance look man

the truth is that how you feel is a

direct reflection of how you look so if

you walk around all day looking like a

complete slob then you're going to feel

a lack of confidence in yourself and

other people are going to perceive you

the same way as well I'm not saying you

need to wear fancy clothes and walk

around in a fitted suit and tie

everywhere you go I'm just saying you

need to take care of your appearance

make sure that your facial hair is

groomed make sure that your hair is

styled however you want its style make

sure you're wearing clothes that

actually fit your body and then match

each other if you watch my channel you

know that most of the time I don't wear

anything fancy but I do make sure that

it looks good and you know it's probably

time for me to take my own advice

because I'm wearing a shirt from last

night and has a couple stains on it my

hair is not done so I'm gonna get myself

ready before I walk out the door it'll

keep this video going alright looking

better and I'm feeling better anyway

let's get to the second step which is to

lift weight and before you dismiss me as

another gym bro who's just obsessed with

getting big listen up I don't think you

need to get as big as a bodybuilder I

don't even think you need to get a

shredded six-pack none of that's really

important at the end of the day if you

just workout recreationally and build a

little bit of muscle you're going to

fill in your clothes a lot better and

you're going to look like a strong

confident guy you're going to make that

much better of a first impression on

everyone you meet and that's not even to

mention the internal benefits when you

pushing yourself to get stronger and a

little more weight in the gym every

single week that can help you build

mental toughness that's going to

translate some more persistence and more

courage in every single area of your


I'm not joking man this really

works and right now if you're looking

for a simple routine to get started you

can click the I in the top right corner

or the link in the description to

download my free full body routine it's

just three days per week anyway I'm at

the gym now

so I'm ahead in to get my workout in

which unfortunately is kind of sad right

now because I have herniated a disc in

my lower back a couple weeks ago so I'm

just doing like the old man machine

circuit I'm crossing the road here too I

got to be quick but keep watching

because after that I have to step number

three coming your way

workout complete it felt good but I'm

looking forward to getting back to full

strength so I can back to squatting and

dead lifting and all that good stuff

anyhow the third steps that I have for

you is to face your fears on a daily

basis because look man a badass to

someone who's comfortable facing his

fears but that doesn't just happen you

have to build up your courage muscle

over time in order to get to that point

and the best way to do this is to do

small little things each and every day

that make you afraid so for most dudes

an easy way to implement this would be

to try and start a conversation with a

cute girl every single day just while

you're going about your daily business

so this could be at the grocery store at

the supermarket or just on the street

right here for example so in the spirit

of implementing my own advice I'll do a

quick approach for you guys here wish me


I'm going to tell you I think you're

super hang down how's your day

going good I have a good day

and that is how the majority of these

approaches are going to go but that's

alright remember that the point of this

is to face your fear and to hear

yourself comfortable facing your fears

anyway I got to go home and shower and

change up I'll pick back up for step

number four all right guys I'm enjoying

a nice evening walk you're in Boston I

love this city in the summertime

anyway the fourth step that I have for

you is to read books and I know on the

surface this does not sound badass but

listen up because it actually is when

you read books you can essentially

absorb unlimited amounts of information

that it's going to make you more well

equipped to handle yourself wealth in a

huge variety of different types of

situations and at the end of the day

that's pretty badass now

personally I don't have the patience to

sit down and read for 30 minutes so I

actually listen to audiobooks right now

I'm listening to this book called the

simple art of not giving a by Mark

Manson so if I'm taking a walk or I'm

doing cardio I'll just pop it on and

listen to it and if you want to try out

listening to audiobooks I'll include a

link in the description that's for a

free 30-day trial of audible it will let

you get your first book completely free

anyway I'm going to throw my headphones

on and enjoy another chapter and I'm

going to give you steps in response




chapter complete was a good chapter


the fifth step is to stop bragging bro

when you brag and you try and tell

people you know how much money you have

or how cool of a car you drive or how

many countries you've traveled how many

girls you've slept with when you try and

tell these people this information

without them asking for it it's just

yourself looking for validation it comes

off as needy and insecure and it also

feeds into those feelings in yourself it

makes you even more needy of a person

instead what you should do is focus your

conversations around the person you're

talking to learn more information about

them get to know who they are and what

motivates them because at the end of the

day this is going to make them like you

more and respect you more and also it's

going to give you more information on

every one that you know and information

is power and that is badass and before I

give you guys the final step I'm dying

of thirst out here I need to go find a

Gatorade let's go so I just stumbled

into MIT campus they got some crazy

buildings in here and I'll tell you one

thing these people read looks like they

got a little cookout going out here but

these burgers are like hockey pucks

there's bugs on them and there's no

Gatorade the search continues

all right thirst has been quenched

anyway the sixth and final step I had

for you is to say no to other people a

badass is not a people-pleasing yes man

who gets walked all over sure you should

always be looking out for the general

well-being of other people and you

should do things to actually help them

advance their life but you should not

get weighed down doing little minutia

tasks just to try and keep people happy

all the time on one hand that's going to

waste all of your time and you're not

gonna have the time you need to pursue

your goals but on the other hand it's

going to make people lose respect for

you and look at you is just a servant so

the only way to avoid this is to get

comfortable telling people no when they

ask you to do little things that just

aren't worth your time for example if

you're that guy who always gets caught

staying late at work because your boss

always asks you if he knows you're going

to say yes we're going to start saying

no and you're going to start standing up

for yourself because that's the only way

you're going to earn his respect anyway

I'm going to wrap the video up here

because I'm tired I'm gonna call over to

get home I don't feel like walking bro

but those are six steps you can follow

to become a badass who

takes names and ask questions later I

don't even know what that means but it

sounded cool if any of these steps scare

you and they're outside of your comfort

zone then listen up I actually just

released a completely free course that

teaches you my 30-day system to rapidly

expanding your comfort zone and reaching

through confidence in yourself so you

can be a badass if you want to get

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