Decided to become a bachelor and enjoy the single guy life? What's next and how do I fill my time?

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guys welcome to better bachelor this is

Joker with a face for radio and a voice

for TV tonight I wanted to talk about

never settling never taking second best

and always shooting for what you want

and while I talk about this I'm gonna

show you some photos of my travels and

the reason why is because number one I

never get to share them that much but

number two I think it's a really good

example of what your life can be like if

you decide to kind of go your own way

and become a bachelor and do your own

thing you know if you're younger if

you're in your your 20s or your 30s and

you're now finding yourself in this

lifestyle and you wonder you know I've

got maybe 50 or 60 years left on this

planet or if you're my age I plan to

live to help be a hundred so I've at

least got fifty five years left there

that's a lot of time that's like a lot

of your life and many guys think you

know I'm gonna be lonely what am I going

to do how am I gonna fill my my life

with excitement and activity well if you

take care of yourself and you stay fit

and you properly finance your your

yourself and properly invest your money

when you get to be a little bit older

and it doesn't take that long you can

travel around the world now I did it by

backpacking I threw a backpack on my

back and I flew to Iceland then I flew

over to Norway and then I backpacked all

through Europe and then I went down and

across over to Egypt and then and then

Southeast Asia and then down to

Australia New Zealand in the home and it

took about I think right around 18

months or so and it was relatively

inexpensive those 18 months cost me just

about I'd say between 800 and a thousand

dollars a month now to some of you

younger guys that are just getting

started out work that sounds expensive

but when you've been working for a while

and you invest well remember that's no

rent no car payment no anything

just me traveling finding hostels or

sleeping in my tent out in the wild and

taking airplane trips and maybe buying a

few tickets here and there for me

Museum my main Fattah my main hobby

while I was on the road was photography

and that's what's actually on my second

channel on the an unknown adventure I'm

kind of getting those videos out but in

the meantime you know here's here's some

video or here's some photos of some of

my travels so for me my passion is

traveling my passion seeing the world

and learning about other cultures and

then as as I get a little bit older then

I realize okay well I can also you know

I can also either do this continually or

I can find a place that I like and spend

an extended period of time there when

you guys are feeling a little bit lost

and you see your friends around you're

getting married and you see your friends

around you having a family and there's

that what am I gonna do instead of this

I want you to start thinking about what

your dreams are now if your dream is a

family and kids I don't I don't know

what I can tell you there I don't have

any advice as far as that goes cuz

that's that's just not my wheelhouse you

know I

that's I have no knowledge of that stuff

but when it comes to trade chasing the

rest of your dreams whether it's you

want a rock climb or whitewater river

raft or even become a raft instructor or

scuba diver or a traveler or

videographer whatever you want to do the

point is to chase it you know too many

times we we get into this rabbit hole of

of a funk where we don't know what we're

gonna do and we don't know how we're

gonna be happy and we can't envision

ourselves as a single person out living

the world well when you do kind of get

out there and you kind of get to it it's

not nearly as bad as you think it's

gonna be you just have to change your

perspective of what you want out of life

I took my perspective you know I had a 9

to 5 desk job I was successful at it I

could have probably done that until the

day I died we're retired

quite comfortably but I realized you

know do I want to wait until I'm late

50s or 60s or even older before I start

enjoying things that are out in the

world and the answer for me was no so

from early you know several years ago I

started saving money so I could travel

and after traveling I realized that if

you do it the right way it's not too

terribly expensive I've had friends that

have told me that they flew to Europe

and spent two weeks in Paris

did this that and the other and it came

back and it cost them four grand or six

thousand seven thousand dollars because

they didn't you know they stayed in

5-star hotels and they ate in fancy

restaurants and they took all the tours

but you never also really found out what

the country is about because you didn't

stay in a hostel and you didn't go to

the small little backwater restaurants

that aren't expensive and aren't fancy

but there where the working man you know

likes to go to eat I did the same thing

in Ireland you know instead of I did go

to the the Guinness Factory but instead

of drinking there all day I went and I

did my tour and then I went down to a

local pub that had been established in

like 1786 I think it was one of the

oldest pubs in Ireland and I met people

and I sat at the bar and I spoke with

him and of course I didn't understand

half of what they were saying especially

the older gentleman because they spoke

in such a strong Gaelic accent even

though it was English I got nothing but

my point is that you know through all of

this you can find things to do you can

find ways to be happy you can find

things that are going to fill your life

and you will find that that is much more

fulfilling than a relationship or a

quote unquote normal job because when

you do those things and those of you

that are older like myself or whether

you're in your thirties forties fifties

sixties whatever you can quickly attest

that you say well I got this job and I

was there for five years or seven years

or ten years and I blinked and because

every day is just like the other days

you know unless you're you know doing

something very very unique days turned

into weeks turn into months turn into

years and before you know it you've

worked a good portion of your life at an

a very comfortable a very safe a very

reliable job and it's in the past you

may have seen friends and reliable

relationships and everything's reliable

everything's stable and everything's

steady that's gonna lead to one thing a

very mundane boring everyday life and as

you get older there's gonna be regrets

and I can tell you this because I'm not

battled yet I mean I'm 40s but there I

wish I could go back at 18 knowing what

I know now which would be to work my

tail off make as much money and stuff in

the bank

as much as I can and then when I was

ready for a job change and my apartment

rent was done and maybe I have an old

beater car I could leave it and a

friend's garage or parents you know

backyard or something I'd take a good

wad of that money and I'd travel because

I tell you a year and a half on the road

equals ten years of normal life the year

that I spent or the year and a half that

I spent on the road was so long and a

good long because I never knew where I

was gonna lay my head at night you know

am I gonna put a tent down and hide it

in in a park where I have to hide from

people am I gonna sleep without a tent

and just crawl in a bush am I gonna find

a hostel for five or ten bucks a night

and you know the unknown and that's why

my second channel is called the unknown

adventure I didn't know what the heck I

was doing I bought a ticket for Iceland

that's all I knew and then I wanted to

travel that was the entire trip and I

just chose where I went next based on a

flicks bus flicks bus pass like I could

get from Berlin to Warsaw on a deal for

17 bucks or 17 euro and I said I guess

I'll go to Warsaw next and so I went up

to Poland and then from there I said

well I'm kind of heading out towards the

Ukraine I guess I'll go to Kievan and

check out that I guess Kiev is how

Americans say it but so I went up there

and I just wandered for a year and the

cost of it is really what surprised me

it was cheaper than having a regular

apartment is certainly cheaper than

being in a relationship it was cheaper

than having a car payment and so I don't

know your passion may not be traveled

but I could tell you maybe make it part

of your passion you know chase your

hobbies and do things that you love but

I can tell you now that when you see

other cultures and you meet other people

and you have to learn a little bit of

other languages

I'll tell you right now getting off the

train in Japan wasn't too bad because

they had a most of the signs in English

but you get off in a smaller city in the

Ukraine where they don't have English

posted and you're just looking around

like some of its and some of its in

Ukranian some of its in Russian and you

have to get a phone app like Google

Translate to take pictures of stuff and

try to figure out what's going on it's

an adventure I'll tell you what

but but after doing that for me at least

I realized that there are so many things

in this world that you can do and

there's so many adventures you can have

and so many interesting things that you

can experience that a relationship or a

nine-to-five job or security or all of

that really isn't that great a prize if

anything it's a prison sentence you just

don't know it because it's what

everybody does without realizing that

there's other options available so I did

all this when I was see 4440 we have 44

43 44 45 I guess I started at 43 and I

was 45 when I finished so or yeah my

birthday overlapped anyway my point

being is that it's never too late

whether you're in your 50s your 60s you

want to do this we're in your 20s even

if you're not making a ton of money you

could still save slowly and over the

course of a year or two years if you can

put you know a couple thousand dollars

away instead of buying that new phone

every time you can instead of buying the

new laptop instead of buying the next

toy maybe skip that one video game you

think you really want that's fifty nine

bucks or sixty or whatever the hell they

are now and you know get it when it's on

sale in two years for 19 bucks if it can

make certain sacrifices and the world is

open to you and you can meet beautiful

cultures and beautiful women and

beautiful amazing food and just the

adventure is just so amazing so I I

guess I wanted to put this out there for

you just to let you know that no matter

what age you are after you've lived this

lifestyle a little while after you learn

how to plan after you've learned how to

do the single thing and think that way

and the expression is perfect the world

is your oyster it's all open to you it

can be done cheaply if you make

sacrifices and live out of a tent and

backpack and hitchhike and ride buses it

can be done fun it can be done cheap and

it will be amazing so if you find

yourself having a bad day you're having

a rough time of whatever just remember

what's coming just remember what can

happen for you and chase after it go

after it don't sit back and just say I'm

gonna do the nine-to-five

pretend like I'm gonna live like

everybody else except I'm gonna do what

they do but I'm gonna do it single well

they have families and all that don't do


carve your own path find something

that's adventurous and exciting and fun

and go from there

and trust me you'll appreciate it

because it becomes life is so big and so

much better if you want to check out my

travels I have my Instagram which is

above that's more photos of like what

you've been seeing here but times 20 I

have my second channel I'll be putting

videos out slowly it's very hard to edit

in hundreds of photos into a video but

I'll have that out as well and if you

want to support my work link is down

below for that as well guys this is

better bachelor i'm joker i'm gonna

leave it there for the night you guys

take care and we'll see you soon