1950s "Day in the Life" of a Vintage Housewife

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hello everyone thank you for joining me


this is a very long requested day in the

life of a vintage housewife video

last year some articles came out about

my vintage lifestyle and while a couple

of them were a little bit


yes it is true i try my best to run my

household as if it's 1955.

i love history i always have and i've

studied the 50s for the last

10 years 10 or 11 years so here i am

putting on my makeup in the morning

i've already curled my hair using conair

hot rollers

and then i am also wearing a pink house


which i made from a 1950s butterick

pattern it was something you kind of

wear to breakfast

before you had time to put your full

dress on so

i wore a besame lipstick and victory red

and this is pretty much my makeup that i

wear every day


so i'm opening up the windows and

then i'm going to um open up the front

door as well which i don't think is

shown on the video

but i just like to get fresh air in

first thing in the morning

and then this is a modern record player

made to look vintage and i

love it i am turning on my exercise

record from the 50s

and if you guys are interested in

vintage exercise i have the complete

workout on a video here on my youtube


it's a lot more difficult than just

those few things you saw there

so now i'm coming into my kitchen to get

breakfast ready and

we try to eat a fairly healthy breakfast


on the weekdays i will splurge on the

weekends and make a chocolate chip

pancake or something like that

but right now my husband just wants uh

whole grain cereal so that was what i

got the milk for

and then i'm making oatmeal for myself

like a whole grain steel cut oats

and i'm also making tea which is

something i try to do a couple times a

day for us

this is harney and sons tea in winter

white earl grey and it is

so good my husband and i are not coffee

fans we just never developed a taste for

it so it's

probably healthier for us that way and

then i did not film

us eating breakfast but i did film our

dinner so you can see that a little bit

later on

so now i'm about to pack my husband's

lunch bag i always try to make

sure he has all the food groups

represented and

this one was not super heavy on green

vegetables but we will be having

a lot of greens with our dinner

and now i am putting my hair up in a

ponytail which i do

most days during the summer months when

it's really warm

so here i'm cleaning the dining room

table this is a dinette table from the


and sweeping the kitchen floor

and then i'm going to empty all the

garbage sacks upstairs so that's

my husband's office and then our


bathroom and then my sewing room as well

i just

feel so much better when i get all these

things done right off the bat so now

this dinette table is original from the

50s and my husband

repainted it refurbished with some kind

of rough condition

so this is my vintage homemaking journal

and i am planning my menu for the week

so this is a monday which means

it's grocery shopping day meal planning


and then also laundry day so i'm i'm a

busy lady and then i also need to mail


a dress to a customer today so i'm

writing down

some things on my board in the kitchen

now including my menus

and then this is a liesls dancing dress

which i designed

over 10 years ago it's inspired by 16

going on 17

and right now unfortunately my calendar

is so full that i cannot

um take any more orders of these

specific dresses

for customers however i do sell the

sewing pattern

on my website that's

um it's just the the pictures in the

video don't do it justice one of these

dresses is so gorgeous to wear


so now i am making a really healthy


i'm going to have it as part of my lunch

there's no dairy and no sugar

you can store them in the freezer and

then with the leftover

i am making sorbet roses for dessert

tonight which is like a really healthy

and delicious dessert

and now i am on my way to go run errands

i have

two grocery stores to go to and the post


and then also the fabric store to pick

up more 22 inch zippers for

the next lethal dresses so this

is one of my favorite parts of the week

i am at

sprouts in the produce department

i could just stay here for hours


okay so i'm back home and i've brought

all the groceries inside most of

most of which you don't see here but i

have asparagus and celery and green

onions and a red bell pepper

and then two onions and garlic

and now i'm going to chop up one of

those onions to add to tonight's dinner

which is spinach soup

it doesn't sound that good but it is so

delicious when i make a pot of the soup

my husband and i finish it

like in five minutes yeah this is

actually from

this vintage cookbook here i also have

the recipe on my instagram at katrina or


with a lot more information about it i'm

just starting it out

and adding bay leaves for flavor i'm

going to add a lot of chicken broth

and cook this for quite a while probably

close to 40 minutes and then puree it

and from here i am putting on my pink

gloves of course they're pink

because that's my favorite color and i'm

doing the dishes by hand

we have a mid-century house and so the

kitchen just really doesn't have

space for a dishwasher and i don't mind

doing it this way i feel like i'm being

a more authentic

housewife you know and then i'm also not

being a spoiled american which is

probably a good thing so i have set the

table for dinner

and by this point in the day i am really


i've been on my feet all day i've been

out of the house running errands in the

hot hot weather

and i am going to relax on my vintage

slant board

this is a concept used by a lot of

actresses in the 1940s and 50s

and i have a very in-depth article about


on my blog the edelweiss patterns blog

if you're interested

so i have changed now into a red pencil

dress which i made

and i've touched up my makeup really

fast and then i'm going to go put

dinner on the table

so this dish here my husband and i

bought it in the old city of jerusalem

so it's kind of sentimental

this is dill and feta cheese toast and

then i've put the pot of spinach soup

there on the table and i'm just kind of

doing a walk through through the living

room to make sure everything looks good

before my husband comes home

and i'm turning on jazz music


so now i'm delivering the sorbet roses

to the table

and then we will spend a couple hours


watching a show or playing games or

maybe he'll work in his shop or on his


and i'll work on a sewing project


so i am now removing my makeup at the

end of the evening

with pond's cold cream which is a

vintage product and i'm listening on my

vintage radio speaker

to the classical station so i would like

to thank you guys for joining me today

um obviously this did not show

everything that i did but this

just kind of gives you a general idea of

how i structure my day and what a day

looks like around our home

so i hope you guys have enjoyed this and

i will see you next time here on the

edelweiss patterns youtube channel