How Much Did It Cost?! 6 Months Traveling Abroad

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hi I'm working I'm Harrison this is

Morgan please we do budget travel vlogs

around the world recently we have just

got back from a six-month trip to Europe

and the Balkans when talking about our

travels one of the most asked questions

of yet is how much does it cost so this

video we're going to share exactly how

much it cost us to spend six months

abroad and we are going on another

six-month trip and we are going to tell

you as we go along how much we're

spending so if you guys want to see all

of that you can hit subscribe show up

somewhere over here and yeah we'll see

you there let's just get into it how

much did it cost us hmm

so we kept a pretty good track of how

much we spend and what we spent it on

and we broke it down into eight

different categories accommodation food

transportation attractions entertainment

gifts with Charles and transaction fees

so let's go down the list and start with

accommodation and I do want to preface

this by saying we talk about this in

tons of our videos but this total for

accommodation is really really low first

six months of travel and the reason that

is is because we house it when we travel

we use a website trusted house sitters

we're not sponsored in any way shape or

form at all although I always say this I

wish we were but we're not but that's

the reason why we can even afford to

travel at all because this is a budget

Travel Channel we're broke we don't have

a lot of money and we don't come from

like rich parents or something so this

is all funded by ourselves and how

sitting is a major way that we can do

this and I'm gonna link some

house-sitting videos we have done below

so you can check it out and get more

knowledge about it if you want to we do

have a code you could use if you want to

house it it's not because we're

affiliated with it anybody can get this

code if you have an account but if you

are interested in house-sitting

definitely use our code you get 25% off

and who doesn't like getting things for

less money so there's that but say yes

accommodation this means all of our air

babies we usually use Airbnb I think we

stayed in two hostels and one hotel

during this whole six-month journey and

this was outside of the times that we

were house-sitting so in between house

it's and things like that

by the way our cats I the total for our

accommodation is three thousand seven

hundred twenty dollars and fifty nine


which for six months is super cheap I

know it sounds like a lot at first the

$3,700 mark but if it were nuts yeah six

months so if you were to spend $100 a

night anywhere you'd only last 37 days

also think about your rent so this is

essentially a rent for half of a year


I mean you pay a thousand dollars for

rent and like a lower priced apartment

and this is split between the two of us

- I feel like that's something that we

have to keep in mind the trade oh yeah

yeah so like for me for the whole a

combination it's around 1800 for one

person for six months for six months

imagine having your rent being $300

that's basically what that equates to I

do want to also say even though I go for

very cheap air babies and hostels and

everything like that

I am very picky but where I stay I don't

like to stay in nasty places and we

stayed in really tiny places but I could

go even cheaper than that absolutely I

know I could I could have chosen places

with no reviews or bad reviews I could

have chosen smaller nastier further away

places but I chose a pretty good middle

ground for what we got I think we got a

really good deal okay next category is

food how much did we spend on food and

six months abroad we do not go out to

eat almost never if we do it's maybe

like pizza or I'm sorry to say but

McDonald's yeah I mean account not going

out to eat yeah like our version of

going out to eat we went out to eat like

once on her own I think the whole trip

we did go out to eat a couple times with

people who were house-sitting for but

they were nice enough to take us out to

eat her one time we did pay for

ourselves but it was only prompted by

somebody else that we went out to eat

because we were house-sitting and we had

Airbnb so we always have kitchens for

the most part anyway so we would go buy

local groceries cook up meals like

normal and just eat that and I am a

pasta enthusiast and luckily for me

pasta is very very very very cheap so

that was our six month trip for food was

two thousand three hundred and eight

dollars which is also extremely cheap

for Americans anyway I'm not sure for

the rest of the world but so I know most

people break down their food

it's by the week for us a week it was

about $90 for food again split between

two people that's only $45 per person I

also recognize and just want to mention

that I know most people don't like to

travel that way or even live that way

that's very true I think one day we will

make a video about why you wouldn't want

to travel with this and that's kind of a

major but I'll talk about more in

another video but I recognize that this

isn't common but we're already really

frugal people if you have grown up in a

space where there's not a lot of money

around then this is normal you can't go

out to eat if you've grown up with more

money or just have more money to spend

it's like I kind of some some people

really find it unbelievable that we

don't go out to eat at all but it's just

what we did you know we have the dream

of travel there's no there's no buying

food at the market so that was food next

one is transportation so this includes

all of our planes trains buses and I

think that's all we did trains we did

one messes one over one oh yeah we did

one more we didn't rent any cars or

anything we got around just by using

public transportation this whole time so

I guess that's something that keep in

mind with this number two and walking

and biking walking a lot yes yes

absolutely we didn't rent bikes either

they were just our house sits right our

transportation photo is three thousand

two hundred seventy four dollars and

ninety nine cents now too bad we think

about all the planes so we took a plane

from the US to Germany and then bus to

lavinia and then bus all down through

Croatia and then light to Germany and

then bus is all around Germany and

trains and then flights to England

trains and buses all around England and

then like back home and that also

includes trams local trams and things

like that just by 127 dollars per week

and again that's split between two

people I got to keep reminding you guys

that I think comes to about $64 per

person per week pretty cheap if you're

traveling as much as we were at a normal

day-to-day basis I probably not yeah I

mean that's a lot but in their situation

it wasn't that right as far as that goes

I didn't really do too much special

things to save money there besides just

walking a lot and biking a lot whenever

can and just using public transportation

there wasn't any like special thing I

did to find anything cheaper we didn't

do ride-sharing although I know that is

the thing you can do but we didn't so

that's it next one is attractions so the

attractions category means anything

where you got to pretty much buy a

ticket to see an event or do something I

think we only paid for three things this

entire trip yeah we don't go on

something unless we really want to do it

and the three things that we really

wanted to do included walking the wall

on the rub neck going into North Shore

and Sun Castle and visiting Lacock Abbey

because of you know the Harry Potter

locations you can't be missing stuff

like that the total for attractions

Dremel 103 dollars and eighty six cents

for a three attraction thought we paid

to get it so our next category is

entertainment literally only had two

things we had a Netflix subscription for

six months and we rented one movie

through YouTube and that brought us up

to a grand total of 71 dollars and 84

cents which is not bad I guess it's just

another category it's something that we

did spend in something we felt like it

wouldn't be right to not include the

next one is gifts so we bought lots of

gifts for family and friends and a

couple things for ourselves but I can

definitely tell you for sure that the

majority of this amount of gift money

was not for us there were a couple of

things we brought ourselves but I got a

Hard Rock Cafe shirt I got one necklace

from the Harry Potter store 93 quarters

and I got some closer mr. shop in

England that cost 9 pounds so that was

when we bought ourselves all the rest of

this was gift so you're welcome family a

gift amount is six hundred seven dollars

and 66 cents we bought some expensive

gifts so the next two categories kind of

go hand in hand they were withdrawals

and transaction fees so withdrawals are

literally just me bringing my car to an

ATM and saying I need cash so it's cash

like it's just cash that we took out and

I we really can't track because there's

no history and we didn't keep paper

receipts or anything so this is just

literal money from a bank accounts we

took away who knows what we spent it on

exactly so some of it went to grocery

shows some of it went to an attraction

we did actually go on a war tour and

sorry a phone we did pay cash right of

all the cash we took out over the

six months the grand total for that came

up to one thousand three hundred twenty

six dollars and seventy seven cents

miscellaneous money who knows where it

went to but it went no yeah exactly

untraceable something that cash did go

to was fixing a lock at a really bad

house said that we went to right and I

think we shouldn't have had to pay for

it and cost us a withdrawal fee so you

should definitely check out that story

time if you haven't already I'll link it

below and then the little thing that's

popping up one of the two areas I'm

putting it and our last category our

transaction fee so this is just very

simply put these that are bank charged

us for doing things they all have their

different rules on what they're charging

and so our bank charged us two hundred

and ninety six dollars and fifty eight

cents to use our cards abroad using

those travel cards






so that's all of the categories how much

did it cost us total it costs us total

several Egan eleven thousand seven

hundred and ten dollars and 87 cents I

know it seems like a ton I know that

sounds like a lot at first but if you

just just just hear me out if a single

person was to earn $20,000 in a year

that is a terrible amount to earn like

that is that's awful you can't survive

in America like you no way you're gonna

be able to afford rent get yourself food

and all that on a job like that we can

do that when we're traveling like this

we could survive on a job with that

because we're not really paying rent

we're saving a ton on food and not going

out to eat and it just makes this

possibility of travel that much easier

for us which means it can be that much

easier for you if you guys check out

trusted house sitters you can do this

you don't have to do it for six months

like we are you can do it for two weeks

go out and see the world you can

definitely do it we save money doing it

honestly it sucks for us because we're

not making money while we're traveling

but if we were working a minimum-wage

job online while we're doing this we

could do it indefinitely and that is

crazy I'm so glad we're on ironically

living the dream this whole thing sounds

like a sales pitch and that's supposed

to be we're just like really happy that

we could do this and our broke asses can

still travel the world so yeah that's

how much it costs so eleven thousand

dollars but per person cost us less than

six thousand per person to this it cost

us exactly five thousand eight hundred

fifty five dollars and forty three cents

per person for six months abroad if you

were to try and divide that by month I

feel like people can see how much

something cost when it's in smaller

increments so if you're spending right

now overall and I mean when I say

overall I mean rent any food I mean your

electricity bill I mean or gas

everything if you're spending more than

$975 you're spending more than we are

because that's what we pay per person

per month again we were making money so

it's not a direct comparison honestly

because we're not taking in any income

now we are partnered with YouTube so you


maybe two cents a video that's a good

video that's a good video and our last

couple videos didn't even get a hundred

views so no probably not seed sense but

so now in our amazing income of two

cents per video we know we're just

living the dream

if you hit subscribe maybe you could

help us make like 3 cents per video that

ok so that's what it cost us the cats

out of the bag yes it cost us around a

little essence 6000 dollars per person

for 6 months in Europe police it

subscribe we're going on another trip

really soon and like literally a week we

have a couple more videos coming out

kind of talking about the end of our

trip and wrapping it all together so

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thank you so much for watching

bye bye we recently came back from a

six-month trip from Europe to the Boston

Boston Balkans we recently came back

from a six-month trip that involved the

Europe in the ball