How to Live 365 Days a Year

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i have the original printing which is

much better not so watered down and

politically sensitive

however for today's youth it's enough


since 1972 i've purchased 15 of these

for friends who needed the information

found in this book

a must read for anyone who lives with


this book is a must for everyone looking

to really improve themselves


the crux of the book 50 of all illnesses

are emotionally cost

easy to read considering a physician

wrote it

this book was loaned to me in 1954. i

live better for reading and integrating

into my life

my childrens my friends and even have

been asked how i could deal with death

burdens worry and tragedy

set a pattern and enjoy the better side

of some difficult time so that you

venture and find the better ones

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this product today at the best price