How Bill Gates reads books

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I don't let myself start a book that I'm

not gonna finish you know when you're

reading you have to be careful that you

really are concentrating particularly if

it's a non-fiction book are you taking

the new knowledge and sort of attaching

to knowledge you have and for me taking

notes helps make sure that I'm really

thinking hard about about what's in

there if I disagree with the book

sometimes it takes a long time to read

the book because I'm writing so much in

the margin it's actually kind of

frustrating oh please say something I

agree with so I can get through to the

end of this boat so there's this one

it's a fiction book called Infinite Jest

what I'm trying to decide if I started

or not because I watched the movie the

end of the tour I loved it

David Foster Wallace comes across as a

super interesting broad thinking person

if the book was like two or three

hundred page book there's no doubt as

soon as I watched that movie I died in

but it's quite long and complicated and

you know I don't want to make an

exception it's my rule to to get to the

end over time I will make the switch but

when I'm just sitting there at night

reading often a paper magazine or the

the book I'm used to that and it's

ridiculous because I care I have whole

book bag that goes on my trips with me

and it's it's voluminous and antiquated

if you're reading books like these you'd

want to be sitting down for an hour at a

time because otherwise just getting your

mind around okay what was I reading is

not the kind of thing you can do five

minutes here ten minutes there magazine

articles fit our short YouTube videos

fit into those little slots and so you

know every night I'm reading a little

over an hour and so I can take my

current book and make some progress