How To Live 365 Days A Year

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hello my name is Larry seach live and I

am 72 years old and I enjoy great health

now you'll be asked may be asking

yourself why am I telling you this

well for three reasons one you can have

better health to two you can lower your

medical expenses and three you can live

life as it was meant to be lived

pain-free several years ago I read a

book titled how to live 365 days a year

it was written by a brain surgeon who

after years of study determined that

most illnesses are caused by the mind

whatever you think about that's what you

get so if you think you're gonna get

sick you will you can create your own

illness therefore you should also be

able to create good health you see I

don't believe in taking drugs I don't

take any aspirin I don't take cold

remedies stomach cures you know for

indigestion I used to take them but I

don't anymore in fact I haven't been to

see a doctor in 10 years now I have been

blessed with perhaps youthful looks and

good health maybe it's part of genetics

but I really believe that I have created

my own good health because that's what I

really believe the way it should be

why don't other people have the same

health I do or here's a possible

solution or answer to that question you

see we have been inundated by drug

companies by our government by our

parents that taking drugs and getting

sick and going to see a doctor that's

normal I don't believe it is normal

I believe that we have the ability to

heal ourselves through natural causes

the why don't people use natural causes

well there's three reasons one they

don't know about them - they don't

really believe they work they'd rather

go see their doctor and three most of

the natural cures have a warning on them

go see your doctor before taking so in

other words the drug companies and the

Medical Society is putting down the use

of natural cures saying they really

aren't any good because they don't cost

anything and we can't make any money off

them that's probably the real reason

well anyway I really believe that we

have the ability to heal ourselves

whatever the map whatever the mind of

man can conceive it can create so you

can create good hell by thinking about


and I'll admit that I've been fortunate

my parents have lived to be an old age

we have very little sickness in our

family I haven't had any broken bones

but I believe believe I have created my

own good health and I believe you can do

the same I will return later with more

information thank you for listening