Live 200 Years? This Is How You Could Do It.

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People have been wanting to live longer lives for thousands of years.

And they’ve tried just about anything to try to make this happen.

Obviously, all these quests for immortality were unsuccessful.

Now, the average global lifespan is 72 years old, but what if we could live an extra 100


Today, people are living longer than ever thanks to advances in health care and sanitation.

Still, for many people, a lifespan of 72 years just isn’t long enough.

In order to live longer though, your bodies are going to need a bit of help.

Researchers believe that, in order to truly extend your lifespan, we need to address the

entire aging process itself.

Because what good would it do if you lived to be almost 200 years old, but your body

clocked out at age 100?

Scientists have actually had a number of recent breakthroughs that are leading many to think

we’re on our way to longer, healthier lives.

Recently, for example, researchers found a type of molecule that may reverse aspects

of the aging process.

Sure, their experiment was conducted with mice, but it’s still a step in the right


One of the biggest consequences of aging is the fact that, as people age, blood flow to

the tissues and organs is compromised.

So your body isn’t getting the oxygen and nutrients it needs to function properly.

The compound, nicotinamide mononucleotide, restored blood flow, improved DNA repair capabilities,

and even allowed the elderly mice to exercise much longer than the young mice not given

the NMN.

And the breakthroughs don’t stop there.

Scientists have realized that as you age, some of your cells can become senescent.

Also known as “zombie cells”, these cells will stop dividing, but won’t really die

either, building up in your organs and contributing to declining bodily function.

Researchers found that destroying these cells leads to new tissue production and fewer diseases,

and can even extend lifespans!

Again, this was just in mice but you’ve gotta start somewhere.

When it comes to human-ready methods of lifespan extension, there’s actually a drug that’s

currently used to treat Type 2 diabetes which appears to be having a 'side effect' of increasing

healthy lifespan as well!

What’s especially cool is that the drug is a slightly modified version of a compound

found in a plant known as the French lilac, or goat’s rue, which has been prescribed

as a herbal remedy for centuries.

The medicine, metformin, was given the go ahead by the FDA to look into using it as

a treatment for aging, and is now being tested in a clinical trial to see if it really can

keep you alive longer whether you have diabetes or not!

But even if scientists do figure out how to extend your health and your lifespan, what

would happen to society if everyone lived twice as long?

Overpopulation is already credited for many problems on our planet, like energy shortages,

global warming, and starvation.

But being able to live longer could actually be good for our population, with certain data

showing that the healthier people are, the less children they have, which can slow down

population growth.

And what would this mean for you personally?

What could you do with 100 more years?

You could start a business or two, or five.

You could travel the world.

You could really do anything.

You may even care more about the planet, wanting to make a bigger impact since you’ll be

here for twice as long.

But what do you think?

What would you do if you lived for an extra 100 years?

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