Scientists Reveal the Exercises That'll Make You Live Longer

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all right check it out scientists reveal

exercises that will make you live longer

like yeah our body and all its

complexity is a treasure that we must

take special care of our whole lives you

only get one chance after all as far as

we know the better you take care of your

health the happier more comfortable and

longer a life you can lead that's why

Brightside is inviting you to test your

body's age and we'll suggest a few

exercises to improve the condition of

your health and reverse the hands of

time or an unhealthy lifestyle also be

sure to stay till the end of the video

for a real eye-opening bonus exercise

the first thing we have to do is test

your body's age we're not talking about

how many years you've been on this earth

we mean the physical capabilities that

your body possesses so if you're

actually 21 years old but this test

reveals to you that your body is more

like 38 there are no paradoxes or holes

in the universe here it just means you

have some things to work on health-wise

we're gonna do the short version of this

test but if you want the extended

version check out this video to find out

what your weak spots are and how exactly

you can work on them you're gonna need

to start the test by standing up go on

don't be shy

stand up yeah you stand up bend over and

try to reach the floor with your hands

don't forget to keep your legs and back

straight no cheating

only bend your body at the hips remember

the exact point that your hands can

reach and now you can stand straight

again there you go done now let's see

your results if you can easily touch

your palms to the floor while keeping

your legs straight you should be proud

of yourself your body is around 20 to 25

years old your muscles are pretty much

relaxed and your body is definitely in

shape you're obviously doing a great job

so keep it up

if he can touch the floor with your

fingertips but notice that you bend your

knees slightly your body is

approximately 25 to 38 years old that's

not too bad because this exercise

doesn't bring you much discomfort

overall which is a good sign so no

worries you're still on the safe side if

during this exercise your fingertips

touch the top of your feet your knees

are bent and your muscles are tensed up

your body is probably 38 to 50 years old

if you feel like you want to stand up

straight again as soon as possible it

means your flexibility could use some

work and finally if you can't touch your

feet and attempting to bend your body

just makes you bend your knees more than

anything your body is over fifty years


the fact that you feel uncomfortable in

this position shows that your

flexibility needs some serious

improvement but don't worry we know

exactly how to get from here all the way

up to the flexibility of a twenty to

twenty five-year-old so keep watching

the best news is that you can improve

your flexibility at any age so don't get

bent out of shape get it if you work

hard enough you can change your current

situation the easiest thing you can do

is bend over and try to touch the floor

thirty times a day trust us you'll start

seeing some impressive results after

only a month Tibetan sages say that the

body age of a person depends on the

condition of his liver which is

connected with flexibility everyone

knows that a sedentary lifestyle

negatively impacts both the muscles and

organs by bending at least thirty times

a day you'll strengthen your ligaments

and tendons and improve your flexibility

as a result yoga stretches are also good

for improving flexibility

I mean Yoga is pretty much the epitome

of insane flexibility have you seen the

contortions these people put themselves

into amazing pretzels get your pretzels

here you could practice mastering the

downward dog pose oh no not that dog the

initial position for this stretch is an

upside down V shape with your hands and

feet on the ground

after you've gotten into position try to

extend your tailbone up and back don't

forget to breathe correctly exhale while

you're extending your tailbone and

inhale when you come back down to the

initial position another great yoga pose

that can give you a good stretch is the

Child's Pose

if you're not familiar with it here's

how to do it start in a kneeling

position and then move your bottom

toward your heels and rest your torso on

your thighs is this how kids sleep so

uncomfortable in this position you can

either reach your arms out in front of

you or bring them down to your sides

whatever feels more comfortable for you

if you do this exercise regularly it'll

really increase your flexibility as well

as stretch your shoulders and lower back

you can also try the butterfly pose to

improve your flexibility it's really

simple just sit down bend your knees and

bring the soles of your feet together

almost like you're going to sit

crisscross applesauce but without all

the Chris again crossing hold onto your

ankles and use your elbows to gently

push your knees toward the floor don't

rush it it's not about how quick you do

it it's all about a good and proper

stretch which can only be achieved in

baby steps but and let's underline but a

tush push is also a wonderful

alternative to getting your flexibility

back to the way it was in your younger

years to do it you have to stand up

while keeping your feet as wide apart as

possible so hold on to the back of a

chair if need be then push your tush ah

now the name makes sense to one side and

then hold it in this position for about

five to ten seconds repeat the same

thing while pushing to the other side

it's a great exercise no buts about it

have I beaten this joke to death I think


now here's your bonus not that many

people know about this but you can

actually exercise your muscles not only

from the outside but from the inside as

well and this static gymnastics exercise

is going to be a huge help for you in

that static gymnastics help eliminate

inner muscular spasms and by doing just

one simple exercise you release tension

and enrich your body with oxygen not to

mention it also works a lot of different

muscles one of the most important

effects of this exercise is that it

gives a sort of internal massage to your

organs and improves your digestion the

best thing about it is that you don't

need any fancy equipment or gym clothes

to do it you can do it anywhere you want

you can do it right now in fact so let's

try it inhale deeply and push out your

stomach hold your breath and then exhale

all the air out of your lungs while

sucking your stomach in repeat five to

ten times a day don't forget to consult

your doctor before beginning an exercise

plan it's always important to be sure

that your system can handle it do you

know any other ways to improve

flexibility and lower your body's age

let us know in the comments section

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