Centenarians Give Advice on How to Live to 100 Years

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The Oldest Woman in multnomah County Turned 108 today

Loreen Dinwiddie Lives at Cherry Blossom cottage in southeast portland

She credits her vegan diet for her longevity and Says It Keeps her feeling Good?

nothing But Fruit Vegetables nuts and

Well it'S all there in the bible

Loreen is Likely The oldest Woman in all off Oregon But That's not official because the state Does not Keep Those Records

we Know that Heredity Is a Big factor in Longevity

Probably 50% It Rates as being That Influential i

Don't have a Particularly Good Heredity Three of My Grandparents died At 72

My Grandmother lived about 85

Nobody in My Family's Lived to be my age

Then of Course you get into the Matter of your lifestyle and

I think that one has to

Be at peace in in his mind as Well as in His

As Well as Have other

Health a Good Health Habits and

Perhaps That's The reason Why

The Seventh day Adventists Have this Seven to ten Years They Say They live Longer?

Than The average is that i think they do have a sort of a Peace of Mind Which They Get from Their

Religious Convictions I

Happen to be a vegetarian and i think It has its Advantages in Longevity

I'm actually a Vegan a Lot of People Will Say Well where do you Get your Vitamin B12 from and

Where do you Get your Protein from and all that but we Know these Days That That's no problem

to have a Real Balanced diet on the vegetarian diet a

Lot of People Get Up and Just Run down the Road you know what i mean

With me i'm not that disciplined i have to have some structured form of?

exercise Where i see some benefits of What i do i go out and i'll prune a tree or mow the lawn or

Dig The Garden or something like That and i Help My Wife in the house even Run the vacuum Cleaner

something That's active

They do Say That being Married is an Advantage in Other Words a Matter of social

Support You Know What i mean and

I have i came from a large Family?

That is there were six siblings of My Family and i have

Five Children i think that That Is a Big factor all right in the persons peace of Mind

My son is born January 14th

1926 My Daughter Was Born February 14th


Never Been Sick a day in his life i was astounded some People argue well it'S Just Bernando's Genes he has Good Genes

One of His family members His son wasn't

Didn'T Eat properly and he did pass on

Much Younger That Was in his eighties yeah so That's the sad truth about you are what you eat

What Would you Say are the the most important lessons you learned from Your father well

Wha My Father taught me from the Very Beginning he said That

Health Should Be Your first priority

and in order to do that You eat properly

try to be it timely, get your proper rest and keep your colon Clean above all

But at The top of the list cleanliness Index to Godliness that means inside and Out so in order to be clean on the inside

you have to eat properly and

Not a lot of stired Up boiled to death Food

eat Just What god left here for you and when God left the Garden of Eden

He left fruit and

Vegetables no fried Chicken no spare ribs

Nothing of That Type and They Laughed at me call me the rabbit Eater and so

Forth and so on all those People are long Gone

I eat vegetables Green Vegetables fruit and

Good soup

and from above of all above all We Provided meat 70% Water i try to drink the right Water

Proper Water and i've Been Doing that Now for the last three months and i feel Better Than i was until

since i was 50 so the key is really alkalinize Ionized

electron-rich Water That's right and This is the Kind of Water That Would be available

Naturally You Know in artesian springs but it's Been so processed and as It travels Through The City

That you know we Need the Additional Tools but

That's the Other Thing about the Food Supply Didn't Food taste and look and smell Better back

yes yes Because first of all Wouldn't you Know all Those chemicals in it

Hey my top fruit is blueberries Number one

If i call the Berries Blueberries It stops All The Berry Family i Go for that and the next

is cantaloupe

cantaloupe Is one of the finest Good evening cantaloupe in my book is next to blueberry

But Blueberries is tops i

Have must of eaten Blueberries in 20 Years

Cabbage Is one of the Greatest vegetables you can have broccoli is next

Is there anything That you don't like in vegetable line

No i can't Say It is do you eat nuts and seeds? nuts i eat an awful amount of nuts all kind

The Other Thing Bernando's done is he's Been Sustainably high raw Always like for over 100 Years You've Eaten This way for

100 since your four right since i Was 5 Years of age i can remember but Very

Can Be eating properly and i never Changed i haven't Changed anything i eat The same Way?

And They still have Been Called me the rabbit because I eat raw-Food so you've been eating raw food for

104 Years Almost

And The Other Key here to bernando Is an Herbalist and

That's his back on that His father's background as a Physician in Brazil Fernando Help co formulate?

This Amazing Herbal Superfood Blend With dr. Schultz ii that he's Been taking for 30-Some odd Years

Scholl Yeah you Knew Him growing up

I knew dr. Shultz all his life

Religiously Every Morning he has a Superfood Blend

Which is a Blend of herbs and it's interesting Because his fruit Salads Really palatable so often You'll put the fruit Salad mixture in your

SuperFood That's right and It Makes a Palatable Breakfast

Drink and That What you've had Every day in the morning where that you won't get home at 11:00 o'clock

And The Overweight you gonna lose Bit it's gonna come down to?

Natural and on another Raw Food front The other Thing Bernardo Does is you eat

Well-Managed Portions for Several Times a Day on Certain Times you don't eat too late you don't eat too early

so what Times do you eat Well in the morning after i have my mile and a half i have walk I will have

My superfood and My tea My

Cinnamon Tea oh That's a Big Thing too

Oh you actually Get the the cinnamon Bark and

Soaking Out That's right boil it and make a tea you Actually you have a Certain Ritual that Keeps Your Skin

You Know so great you don't have any Wrinkles That'S olive oil i don't have nothing Hanging Underneath like the average person?

This Is also a Really important point to know i mean you Hear the way Bernando is talking about

How to make Food look and taste good and you're even a Five-star Chef


sorbonne University in Paris

As a Bonafide chef and Worked on the liners for 37 Years - What year you go to 1947

1957 - so Fernando Actually you have a Blender and a juicer right so we have to Make Smoothies?

yes oh yeah

How much of your diet would you Say is in Green leafy Vegetables

Two thirds of my diet this is broccoli

Collard Greens Kale Spinach Asparagus

All Those Things i Eat?

Regularly Every day Not One day Every day and What do you Say When people ask you where you get your Protein

Beans Black Beans don't Forget The Beans Black Beans and Rice are That's a Regular meal That's a Poor Man's meat

and i've Been eating it all my life the way you do it unlike Other People some People

Way over cook What they do and you soak It Overnight You

Overnight and Pulls Out the starch Yeah and then You Just you Lightly cook it Just to Just so it can be Chewed on That's

Right and You even though i Showed my When i get ready to make a soup

Read Up on Barley tell Anybody to get on find out What It Does it's been used years back

When pyramids were being Built and They used this barley soup to give the slaves strength To Work

Like Crazy and You couldn'T Understand How you can do all That Work Just on Barley

The Goal of Course is not Just to have a long life but

To have quality life the goal is to keep a Good quality as Well as quantity of life and the goal Is to die as

late in life as possible right

One of my Good Friends dr

Howard Muriad Always Says aging Is a Fact of life But look in your age is not and

What are the things to do for a long Healthy life according

to american college of medicine is Eat a Wide Variety of Plant Foods Maintain a Healthy weight choose a Diet low in

Fat and Cholesterol

choose a diet With Plenty of fruits and Vegetables and Be Moderate in the sugar salt and and so forth

we Know today That By eating Less You can live Longer

cutting Down on the Calories

50% increase in Longevity in Animal Studies with Thirty To sixty Percent decrease in calorie intake

How many you saw the National Geographic a Few Years Ago When they look at the different cultures of

Longevity The Okinawans the Sardinians in The seventh-day Adventists population in loma Linda

You Know in okinawa They They have quite a Bit of life Expectancy compared to in the united States they

Have more Centerians in their country Compared to the United States Here are some of the

Active Seniors in Okinawa That are Very active and their exercise and These Gentlemen are over a Hundred Years of age

Is a Hundred and three Year old Individual

and When you look at the net People that live to be over a Hundred Years of Age What do They see in

Okinawa They eat a Low calorie diet it's a plant-based diet Unrefined Carbohydrates Loaded Protein Low in sodium

9 to 17 servings of Vegetables Daily

7 to 13 servings of Whole grains Daily

2 to 4 servings of calcium rich Foods and a Lot of That is in the form of Seaweed

2 to 4 servings of Flavonoid rich Foods Such as Green Tea or Soybean based products and 2 To 4 servings a day of Fruit

The Very little Protein in fact it Only Makes Up about 10 percent of Their diet in the calories and

Very Little Sodium little or no, Alcohol and They use Healthy Types of Oils and fats

Here we have a TyPical?

280 calorie meal in america and a 280 calorie diet in

Okinawa and You can See They get much more Bulk

More you Know more Quantity of Food in the okinawan diet compared to the hamburger and That's one the reasons americans eat?

Too Much Because They're not Always Hungry They Get all These calories and Just small Pieces of Food and They don't Get Satisfied

Another area Is in the area of hunza up in the Himalayas my friend dr

Jim Hoffman Studied These People Number Years Ago The oldest Recorded Age Is a Hundred and Thirty Years Of Age a

Very pristine Mountainous region These Gentlemen are all Over a Hundred and six Years of age

The One the second one to the left is a Hundred and Six Years old and he walks 12 miles Every day and

When you're in hunza you're Walking up a lot of Hills

Here's a Beautiful pristine They're Very physically active

Apricots Is One of The Foods That They eat Every day in their diet rich in

antioxidants They Dry It and They have It fresh and They do everything organically But They're Beautiful Terraced Ways of growing

Whole-grain Bread The chapati is used in their diet every day when you look at Their diets a

Lot of Whole grains

80% of the vegetables That They eat Is raw with the Skins

20% are lightly Steamed so most of The diet is raw

Apricot Seed oil is used is their Fat and Very Sparingly Because it's Turns Rancid easily

grains Buckwheat millet Rice Corn Fruits Apricots

Mulberries Grapes You can See a Very Healthy diet an

Animal product account for Only One Percent of Their total Calories they do have a Little melt Butter and cheese

Very Sparingly small Amounts of meat averaging 3 Ounces per month Which is nothing

Actually They eat Meat about 13 Days a Year and The rest of The time they get a vegetarian diet Because They don't. Have Refrigeration

and in the United States We Have the seventh-day Adventist population and

Seventh-day Adventists are a Great Group to study Because They don't smoke They don't Drink 50 percent of seventh-day

Adventist uh Ds show that vegetarian Seventh-day Adventists live almost a decade Longer in life

Compared to the Average

American This Is a Good friend of Mine Holder Crooks Who lived to be a Hundred and two Years old she Was a

Seventh day Adventists Climbed Mount Whitney Every year in her 60s and 80s and at

92 she Was the oldest Woman to climb to the top of mount fuji and

She attributed a Lot of That Not Only to a Good exercise routine but her vegetarian diet

Jack Lalanne Was Raised a Seventh day Adventist and he Says exercise is King

Nutrition is Queen and if you Put them together you have a Kingdom?

He also Says and in fact of patricia Bragg and i had the opportunity to go to jacqueline's house Just about a Few months Ago

Before His 94th Birthday

The Nice Lunch with Him he's a 1 he's still Keeping fit Still exercising Regularly and you know what he Says?

Dying is Easy

Living Takes a Lot of Work

You Know dying all you have to do is Sit Around don't exercise Watch TV types of Junk Food That's easy

But Living Takes a Lot of Work and he Says that exercise he says is a pain in the butt

It's hard Work to do but That's what it takes

Now When we define aging a Lot of People Think of Wrinkles sun damage less Hair Poor Memory Poor Digestion

Reduced Circulation and

Aging Begins at The cellular Level That's where it all begins all cells have a membrane that Protects the walls and if Those are?


Then We Start to age and There's One scientific truth that We See

Is that Regardless of What Causes disease or aging the Final common Pathway is that There is a Reduction in Water in

tissue and

There are Many different Theories of age and i'd Like to talk to you about One of them that Was developed by the

doctor i worked With dr. Howard Murad Called The cellular Water principle and

Water Is found in the Body in basically three areas Entry in the intracellular Level

Within connective tissue and Then There's Wasted Water Like edema

and That's the Goal is to increase our Intracellular watering and The connective tissue water and Reduce that Wasted Water

Think of a Grape You Know how nice a Grape is it's very Moist and it's got all That

moisture in It and you look at a Healthy cell membrane and think of That As a Grape

It's Got a Great membrane but What happens as


Bombarded By

Oxidants free Radicals It Damages and Puts Holes in that Cellular Wall and The Water is actually lost

Also inflamation takes place and We Get Damaged that Cellular Wall

Inflammation is from eating in pro-Inflammatory Foods Like The Meats and the cheese's and the Dairy products and all Those Things and we Lose That

Moisture The Thing is is to make sure that we promote our

Cellular Health By eating Foods That Build It up with Things that are rich in lecithin Healthy fats

The Right Types of Protein so that we Can Keep that Cellular Wall strong and Keep the moisture in

cell Your water principle Is a Key Theory in

Anti-Aging and One of the key Things in this Theory is that We Need to eat more Raw fruits and Vegetables

you Know What's a to drink six eight or eight Glasses of Water Every day

But the Water that you get in fruits and Vegetables


Actually different Than Just The Type of Water that you get in Drinking Water It gets into the cells of the fruits and Vegetables Very

Easily and By eating a Water Based diet

we can Get That Water from the fruits and vegetables and It can Go into our cellular

Tissue into the into the cells and not Only that is that the fruits and vegetables have antioxidants and They Have?

Anti-Inflammatories in It so a

Vegan diet i believe is really The ultimate Type of diet for anti-Aging and particularly eating more Raw fruits and Vegetables and

Cooking Things list