How To Live To 100

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The UN estimates by 2050

3.2 million people will be 100 years or older,

compared to 316 000 in 2011.

So, what can you do to become a part of this

elite centenarian club?

How can you, live to 100?

There are some obvious steps like,

stop getting take-out.

65 year-olds who cooked 5 times a week

were 45% more likely to live an extra decade.

Being a vegetarian means you have a

12% lowered risk of premature death.

And, if you have to keep eating meat,

lay off the cold-cuts.

Processed meats like sausage, bacon and cold-cuts

are linked to a higher incidence of

dying from cancer and heart disease.

Less oviously, could you win an Oscar?

Winners, on average live

4 years longer than their losing peers.

Even a Nobel Prize could help,

as finalists end up to living

1 to 2 years longer than their runner-ups.

Now, it may be time to move.

The 20 counties in the US with the highest expediencies,

also have average altitudes of 5967 feet above sea level

In Japan, woman live to 87 on average, and men to 80.

Compared to the US

with 82 and 77 years old, respectively.

Then, like the Japanese,

You should start consuming more green tea and fish

A study of 40 500 Japanese people found that

those who drank 5 or more cups of green tea daily,

had the lowest risk of dying from heart disease.

As well, those with a diet rich in Omega-3s from fish

lived an extra 2.2 years

The world health organization recommends at least

150 minutes per week of exercise,

potentially adding 4 years to your life.

This could be either swimming or even... shopping?

A Taiwanese study found that those who shop daily,

even if they didn't buy anything,

lowered their risk of death by 23% to 28%

Also, have sex,

One study found that men who had sex only

once a month, had a 45% higher risk of heart disease

than those had sex 2 to 3 times a week.

When it comes to sleeping, a long term study

found that men who got less than 6 hours a night

were 4 times more likely to die over the

14 year period of the study.

With this in mind, it's important to be realistic


A German study found that those

who overestimate their future happiness

have a higher risk of death compared to

thier peers, who predicted a darker future.

People who identify as Hispanic live an average

live an average of 2.5 years longer

than the average American.

Researchers hypothesize that values of

family togetherness provides a longevity boost.

A polish study found that dads of girls

live 74 weeks longer than average

than fathers of sons.

And if your a women,

be more like Beyoncé and hope for twins.

New research has discovered that having twins

could be an evolution adaptation

where healthy moms pass on double

the genes at once

And these moms are also known to live longer.

When it comes to planning your life,

get married, a Danish study of gay men

found that those who were married

had lower mortality rates.

But, don't get married to the wrong person

Another study of 1700 married adults found that

the more a coupled argued,

the worse their health.

Don't force for retirement, as the

Harvard longevity project

found that those who have satisfying cariers

and continued to work into their 70s

made it to older ages.

And, just throw a pet in there as well.

Research shows that both cat and dog owners

tend to live longer than those without.

Even if you havn't been living healthy so far,

it's never too late to start.

A study found that taking on

healthy habits like: eating good food,

exercise, meditation and support from

friends and family

can increase the length of your telomeres,

the caps on the end of your chromosomes that

that fray as we age.

So, get started with all these tips, and

start prepping for the 100 year-old birthday bash

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