Doing anything to live a PERFECT Life in Bitlife

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my son David asked me this today I told

them yes I did

why and he told me that you made a video

what started with me

so why check to see if he was right I am

offended that you used my email without

my permission you also said this is a

free whole dinner sarcastic tone and not

only that but you made more pent like

videos who do we go like this one then

but everything else may have been a

valid point so I reject your channel oh

so I made you think twice about my

channel okay and I saw this and then

they included all kinds of screenshots

if the curse dad it's the curse dad's

see as this should not exist they

shouldn't exist my god it is absolutely

disgusting I thought that hopefully it

was just some stupid clickbait but the

video was even worse I subscreen shots

of the most sickening photos in the

video and videos around it why would you

make videos of this stuff this is


you were lucky I cannot take legal

action that's right cuz I'm a bit life

lawyer and also you know why we're

playing more great life today screw you

mom watch this is actually real it's a

real mom you never know these days I

even like the replace you Wow no I

didn't I agree with you thanks Google if

you ever don't know what to say just

have a Google autocomplete finish it for

you no me no I didn't you know I think I

want to make mother's very angry all

across America now the question is how

many more angry messages am I gonna get

for making this bit like video today you

angry mother's coming at me I'm gonna

get Suey sue sue to come after you but

enough about the angry mothers today we

are back with some more bit life with

extra breaths I've never seen this menu

will I cover my screen today please god


today we're gonna do the zero to hero

challenge okay so this episode is all

about bettering your lives

it's to show that you can go from

nothing to everything the challenge is

literally going to be a piece of crap

loser no life no stat have an idiot your

perfect stats that's the goal if the

gutter perfect stats and even possibly

perfect babe

or rather Ricki call it the ugly to

beautiful chance you know those horrible

YouTube challenges when you show your

mommies this episode it's good is it

good episode beat you buy cares be gay I

asked you guys on Twitter I need your

help to name my loser character in bit


give me some sorry lame a loser names

deku oh my god hex vex you were going to

receive an angry email from anonymous

source sued bid life itself responded

master Posse what is that name like

Google Images and I literally got


disgrace a hey pretty good God see God

sees heated right now gotcha Michael

that's the loser

alright I'm seeing a lot of Kevin's

because apparently there's a whole

separate about how loser Kevin's are all

right welcome to Kevin Begay because

that's kind of a funny last name I'm not

gonna lie alright no offense guys it's

how you cry stupid loser oh I am a


oh no I'm Kevin but gay the bastard and

before he say it's a curse word and I

get all kinds of angry emails it's not

it's not it's a real word you put

starred okay this isn't gonna work

though I need stats that are really low

so we're gonna keep doing this until we

get a really crappy life because it's

not oppressive to change this I mean I

yeah I guess I could bring my looks of

smarts up but I want everything like up

up oh my god he's amazing no stop

whatever okay everyone for some reason

has good health and happiness in the

beginning of their life I guess Kevin we

gotta bring this loser to a hero's it's

a good boy Pam we gotta be famous

bin by any means necessary integrity you

broke your parents chainsaw while you

were playing what will you do

okay Kevin come on Kevin okay for


here's the separate of stories about

Kevin there's lots of stories about

Kevin 112 thousand people hate Kevin if

your name's Kevin I have enough that it

gets to you but apparently the whole

world does I'm sorry you didn't pick

your name's tie your fault Kevin why'd

you do it Kevin Kevin tries to give us

food why Kevin they didn't need food

apparently I can make a whole video on

this but we're not it's bit lifetime

angry mom at there but my son's name's


Oh finally at least I have one parent

that kind of loves me your father wants

to take you to an arcade will you go

with him of course I will all right if

we're gonna get our stats up I wanna I'm

achieving perfectness perfection I will

be the perfect Kevin so if anything this

video is going to make the Kevin's proud

alright so we I think every year which

we've already skipped like 15 years or

something like that

we gotta go to mind and body go to the

library and we gotta keep doing that

because gotta get smart and perfect and

also we need a study harder in school

okay are our smarts actually went down

I'm starting to think my mother is a fan

of maroon 5 did you say maroon 5 oh crap

my mom my dad died oh no at least we got

to go the arcade together that's kind of

really sad attend his funeral I paid my

respects at his funeral and you know at

his funeral I accidentally probably

pantsed him I probably fell inside the

casket and freaking in that rolled down

a hill because I'm Kevin okay now I'm

depressed okay well my happiness was

through the roof and not anymore that's

people asking for money that's what it


all right we got a boost that deputies

did we boost everything else you've been

watching tidying up with Mary condo oh

that's an amazing show by the way I've

seen I've seen youtuber reactions to

that show I mean I cleaning is it's cool

but it's kind of its kind of stupid she

can clean a lot better okay she needs to

clean in my life gonna get Marie Kondo

to freaking clean up my life I want this

Alaskan one how my get the two-year-old

wants you because oh my god

oh my god that is expensive nevermind

take it back well you know my parents

don't get it for me come on please love

me enough to buy aids I thought whatever

happened did you asking your parents to

buy it is that not a thing anymore

okay for now we need a part-time job we

gotta get that money coming okay we

could be a bike shop mechanic okay yes

there's be a bike shop mechanic okay

care I just actually need money that's

all I care let me keep me even do we go

to salon and spa I've never actually

used this at all let's get our nails

done it's a manly thing come on Duke

Evans nails come on it's just like I'm

broke okay I imagine if we go to college

then we can bring our smarts up right

information system sounds smart let's do

that why do they gotta reject noodle

Kevin huh Community College it is oh

sweet I can boost my looks okay looks

you've received a voucher for a free

stylish outfit from a department store

at the mall you've been feeling very out

of fashion lately what would you do Oh

take it hey it's a start alright so

we're getting there

we're not perfect yet it would have been

great if our dad didn't die right off

the get-go but you know what you know

there's bumps in the roads okay okay

let's you know what we need we need a

dates sure she's a little crazy it's

Nichole Romo which is a British trucker

okay it's odd but okay yeah well that's

really her D then that sets that hurts a

lot right right up right here okay I'm

not liking her looks because I need I

need someone that can make me feel good

okay actually if their looks are worse

than mine then I can feel better because

of that true love oh we are getting we

are getting the camping a makeover

okay I'm gonna haircuts cut and shave

BAM okay that actually helps us all

right we're starting here before plastic

surgery and evitable it will go to

plastic surgery oh my god oh okay well

hopefully it goes good $7,000 of course

let's get the surgery oh I don't have

enough money nevermind okay I didn't

mean to start there but it'll come it'll

come I don't know the difference between

these massage sounds great encounter

punk-rocker while walking through the

cemetery you encountered a punk-rocker

winking at you what would you do

ignore him I'm trying to be good please

don't bother me I have a tendency to

mess a lot of things up boxing salon I

went to Brazil bro I'm in a Brazilian

package boy oh yeah cos waxing hurts

I've never actually got a wax though I

just heard it hurts okay but we don't

need just the looks and all that we need

to be famous to make we have said we

have to make all the Kevin sprouts so we

got to be famous by any means necessary

so let's look for a job okay none of

these are gonna make me famous but if we

see a comedy movie does that actually

make us happy it kind of does they say

laughter is the best medicine so I made

a mistake I need to be famous there's no

way to be famous

I think it's cuz I went to college all

right we need plastic surgeries now okay

get the surgery oh my god oh my god that

bra are stuck their brothers-- that's

way down you get a facelift get the

surgery oh look at my looks okay that's

good that's good right there

basically yeah I'm just trying to be

perfect I don't know this challenge is

probably freakin stupid but just keep

watching okay

it's gonna be pointless if I can't be

famous that was what I was really going

for I want to be famous and perfect cuz

that would be the true perfection okay

all right well this is a start our looks

are great but our smarts it's something

we need to work on I've gone to the

library about 50 times what more do I

need to do our smarts are just going

down how are we getting stupider but you

could be an armpit sniffer sign me out

oh god it's horrible

I think it's a real job to people it's

got a test of deodorants all right you

know what this freakin is it going the

way that I really wanted it you owe me

hey everybody it is my circus performer

job because they say I've been pinching

the bottom of young female employees you

have no grounds fat okay yes we do Kevin

your clown paint is on their butts no

what stops me from being a clown I love

that job so much I'm gonna sue them now

oh my god this is actually work I'm

gonna sue them for $25,000 okay and I'm

getting a good lawyer

you and your lawsuit against crafty

world circus 4x4 terminating your

employment the Pan Am ideator I mean

those were awful mighty accusations okay

I deserved more I actually want to lost

you for once okay again but we're not

I'm not doing what I wanted to do I

wanted to be horrible and then perfect

but Kevin just had to screw it up

alright I'm just getting all kinds of

surgery done it's okay I'm just trying

to change I ever think about me that's

all some of these episodes require me to

sit here for a long time okay it's very

tough welcome to the new and improved

Kevin Begay okay okay if we're gonna get

our smarts up we got to go see a

documentary if they'll make us real


the film's called Amani champions

addiction two-bit life we just need a

little bit of plastic surgery did just

kind of kick us off the top top offer

looks just a little bit okay what's

something that's not gonna go horribly

wrong a nose job no that'll go really

but the facelifts oh my why okay what if

I just get another facelift oh my god

okay this is turning horrible your

supervisor at two Khan productions

Warren has taken a liking to you and

asks you to go paddleboarding with him

you are worried that it will make your

co-workers jealous

no do it's no questions come on suck up

eight you know what you know you do what

you gotta do okay if there was a way to

suck up to YouTube I'd do it too I'm

almost 40 years old and I'm still not

famous I've been doing this for like an

hour in 30 minutes my god all right we

got 100% looks I'm 41 years old but

that's you know what I still got so many


dummy years ahead of me all right I can

still have chief perfection so we can

write a book and one of the titles is

averagely in doubt let's write it it was

well-received my god

that is such a Kevin book okay come on

the hardest thing is smarts I don't know

why I keep going to libraries I keep

going to see the documentaries I don't

know what else to do I'm so famous

smarter it's only going up in percent a

year I'll die

my girlfriend was kidnapped your

girlfriend Mary Grace's big kidnapping

is being held for ransom her kidnappers

are demanding eight hundred and fifty

thousand dollars in cash for her return

and Paul that Elise the worst day of my


the police were unable to secure Mary

Grace's release no this is never gonna

go oh my god

attend her funeral she's presumed dead

after disappearing oh but it doesn't

actually show her being dead what if she

comes back termination you have been

canned from your position as an actor

sorry Mike Mike cameras gone they remind

you that you're no spring chicken

because I'm old insults I am insulting

okay my fame is gonna go down now what

thing am I supposed to do so yeah I got

a new girlfriend - I hope my old one

don't come back that would be awkward

I've been through so many things I'm

gonna name my next book a man named

Kevin it's like the third best seller I

have really good luck except for my you

know wife dying they fired me for being

old that's definitely suey sue sue okay

I'm suing them for the top amounts

justice is served I actually won great

now they won't hire me anywhere are you

kidding me just because I couldn't be

smart enough oh it's just it's just all

down if your name's Kevin you can't be

perfect I hope you guys know I'm just

kidding like it's just a dumb joke it's

this close to being perfect I let all

the angry mothers down now I'm gonna get

so many emails I thought I could show

that bit life is a good thing then your

wife gets kidnapped guys smash like for

Kevin and leave more bit life challenges

down below seriously I'm in need of more

bit life challenges I thought of a few

of them but I wanted to try to be the

perfect challenge I unfortunately have

felt I am so sorry this is my apology

party guys be sure to subscribe if you

enjoyed that and I'll see you cap into

the next one bye bye