How to make life easier by living one day at a time

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what is the most powerful thing you can

do to change your life for me I've found

its living one day at a time looking at

life more like Groundhog Day then this

long drawn-out process with all these

years grades things to do Cass milestone

and ultimately caskets the easiest way

to live life is just one day at a time

and to look at it you don't have this

whole long life

filled with all these things you have to

do all you have to do is just live this

one day over and over and over again

just like Groundhog Day if you've seen

it or the recent Tom Cruise movie I

really like to did a good job with that

too one day at a time means you focus on

the similarities between all of your

days you acknowledge that life is lived

only today that life in yesterday and

tomorrow are imaginary

you've never lived a day in your life

that hasn't been anything besides today

and even if you're up past midnight and

the clock changes you'll find yourself

asking what day is it now your today has

changed and that's really helpful for

life because mostly I feel like we focus

on differences all the time what's

unique about today and the thing is that

makes life hard to live because there's

unique things about every day and if you

try and look at all the unique things

about all the days in your life it gets

overwhelming your mind and my mind is

programmed to do one day at a time

that's what it can handle it can't

handle trying to successfully give a

talk next week or trying to do something

big like have a kid in a few months like

I'm going to do or try and set up a

business over the course of several

years the mind does not have the

capacity to do a good job at these tasks

because it cannot process all of the

data there is an ax men

amount of data there's a mint amount of

sensory impressions immense amount of

knowledge that is part of every single

day and so when you're thinking ahead to

things or you're trying to remember

things you're using a small fraction of

the data and it's amazing now I listen

to people trying to explain these things

in the past you are trying to explain

something in the past through one

percent or less of the data usually when

I try and do that in my life it doesn't

work out very well in fact even trying

to explain today is challenging the easy

thing to do is give up explaining what

happened before give up predicting

what's going to happen in the future and

focus on finding the similarities you

have between every day because once you

know the similarities of every day then

you have power to change you have power

to really set your life up in a way that

works and that's what I'm doing

I've realized all I need to really

figure out is how to live today and I

really only have to figure out that one

day that's all I have to do now each day

the form of that will change a little

bit but here's the thing if I know

what's likely to happen today I also

know what's likely to happen tomorrow

and what happened yesterday so what do I

mean by that I mean things like this the

day's going to start with me waking up

every day will start like that I will

wake up that's how it will begin now

sure something could happen in proximity

to me waking up like an alarm or a

doorbell ringing but that doesn't matter

the main thing is I wake up that's how

every day begins and I'll have every day

conditioned with some pre-made mood from

dreams or from a small thing going on so

I know my mood will likely be kind of

the roll of the dice every morning so

that means I don't have to take it too

seriously I kind of get stuck with a


first thing in the morning so then I

know what I need to do is try and do

something every day all right after I've

got up to set my mood to reset my mood

to get myself in the right frame of mind

for the day so that doesn't matter where

I'm at what I'm doing exactly how I woke

up what time it is you can see that then

accounts for every little thing that

could happen in life I know once I get

up I need to intentionally do something

to get my mood in the right place so

that's what I do I eat because my body

often will get in a bad mood if I don't

treat it right treating it right

includes eating in the morning so I get

up and I eat something and then the next

thing I do is take care of my mind my

spirit I pray I ask to be of service of

use in the universe and I remember to be

grateful that I'm here today and to be

think about my health think about how

I'm feeling because when I'm sick I sure

think about how I'm feeling so when I'm

feeling good I should sure think about

how I'm feeling also so I every day I

get up and I do these same things every

day and that way since I know I kind of

get a random mood first thing in the

morning every day I do something to set

my mood for the day and then after that

I have some things to do I try and do

something useful

I think these videos or podcast episodes

are useful based on what you've told me

so I try and do one of these every

morning or I try and do something else

useful if I'm traveling I will do

something else useful and maybe it's not

make a video but I try and next do

something useful because that's very

important after I've set my mind right

is to follow through with action do

something useful and then I continue to

try and do that until it's either time

for exercise or lunch and then whenever

those are done then I have the opposite

so if I exercise first and I'll eat if I

eat first then I'll try and exercise

later be

active and then at some point I call and

talked to the same few people every day

and then call and talk to some of the

people I talk to each week send text

messages stay in touch with people and

then I have a support group meeting or

if I don't have a support group meaning

at that time of day then I put more time

and energy and talking to the people

around me and then I make time for

additional eating and some fun something

that's relaxing or something that is no

pressure no strings attached it's not

for work and that could be watching a

show with my wife it could be playing

some video games

it could be just doing something with

the dogs and then it's time to go to bed

and then I wind down to go to bed I try

not get all hyped up when I'm in bed so

I try and do things like brush my teeth

and I have some routines that I'm

cleaning up ceremoniously going to bed

and then I try and be grateful for that

day so you can see the main thing to

figure out is how to live that one day

because that one day just shared with

you is every day and I have immense

opportunity influence my life if I can

slightly modify how I go about every day

the system I used to live every single

day I have immense power to change my

life things like losing weight all I

have to do is make slight adjustments to

my daily eating system and I could have

immense influence over my weight the my

physical appearance if I want to have

more energy all I have to do is make

slight adjustments every day to my

exercise system and look at it like a

program all I need to do really is write

a program for one day that's all I

really need to do with my life is write

a program for one day it will handle any

where I'm at anything I have to do and

then I'm not likely to get too far out

of line for example I know no matter

what's going on I must stop and pray in

the morning and be grateful and have

something to eat I don't care what else

is going on I must do that or I will


and that's how powerful living one day

at a time is there aren't all these

exceptions all the time I take care of

myself and then I can be of service to

the people around me how many people

have you seen in life rushing around not

taking care of themselves thinking

they're being useful and really they're

being a pain to everyone else people

running in to work in a hurry that

haven't eaten that had certainly haven't

prayed and that aren't grateful for

their life they're rushing around

they're causing traffic accidents

they're coming into work they're making

everyone else irritable they're waiting

hours to then try and eat lunch it

doesn't take very many people living

life like that to make all of the rest

of us have to deal with it so my thing

is if I can take care of myself each day

then I can also accept when other people

aren't taking care of themselves that

the best I can do for people who aren't

taking care of themselves is to be a

role model look I'm taking care of

myself this is what works for me most of

my life I was that person running around

not taking care of themselves when I was

a police officer I'd come straight in

lots of times not have had anything to

eat be really hungry really irritable

and then I'd have to go immediately as

soon as we're on a roll call as soon as

I could to go get something to eat and

Here I am carrying a gun around wearing

a bulletproof vest with the power to

arrest people and I'm not even taking

care of myself

so that's how I used to be so that's why

I'm sharing this now is because there's

lots of people that are still living

like that and you have the opportunity

to not live like that all you have to do

is program a formula a system to live

one day buy and run that system every

single day it'll handle good and bad

feelings it'll handle bad and good

things happening in life it'll handle

everything and the coping is a more

refined you make the system it's more

tolerant of deviance in the individual

day so something really bad happens if I

have a good system for living each day

then my system handles at I don't get

way out of sorts at the same time if I

don't have a good system something far

out that happens will encourage me to

look at it and find opportunities to

make it better so that to me is a

miracle you don't have to figure out all

these things in life you don't have to

understand all these things in life you

don't have to understand your past and

why it impacted how you are now you

don't have to predict the future and

know everything you're going to do all

you have to do to have a great life is

program a formula to live one day and

then run that everyday when you get up

you run your day formula when you go to

bed you turn off when you wake up you

run you're live this day formula and

that's all you have to do and it's a

beautiful thing

so I prayed before this to be of service

and I've used to the universe and so

this is what has came out of it I hope

it is useful I pray today that I will

always take time especially now to look

at my one day at a time formula and to

make the best formula I can and to stick

by that as close as I can each day I

pray that I will be of more service to

others that I will love more of others

then that I need service and then I need

love because I've certainly needed a lot

of love and surface in my life already

so I hope to be part of the good part of

the tolerance part of the help that's

out there so I pray that sharing this

with you is useful for you in making a

formula for you to live every day of

your life one day at a time thank you

for sharing this with me and I love to

know what you think have a great day