The Art of Living is Loving (1 Corinthians 13) - Pastor Daniel Fusco

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so I'll never forget when I went to

college my parents everybody much

everyone said oh wait for it you're

gonna gain the freshman 15 you know what

that is it's like when you go to college

and all of a sudden you can go to eat

the cafeteria and everyone gains 15

pounds you know and so and parents love

that kind of thing because they just pay

like the meal plan and then they can eat

as much as they want to eat so I heard

about this for a long long time and you

know and being all Italian from the East

Coast everyone's like listen you know

once you start to bulge out it's never

gonna stop so so as I was getting a good

hard time and I remember I got to

college now being all Italian from New

Jersey I was raised by people who really

did a great job of cooking so like in my

family growing up food is a love

language so like you know you see my

grandma she feeds you my dad tells the

story what he wanted to marry my mom he

had to go meet my mom's grandmother who

would be my great-grandma who we knew as


and and my dad nan he kept giving him

food my dad was all times we just kept

eating and after he left the house he

went down the block he threw up you know

I'm like dad that's nasty like but it

was so good I didn't mind eating all of

it but I couldn't anymore so so food was

a love language when I grew up and so

like literally you grow up you know my

mom she could cook you know my grandma

she could cook every aunt uncle every

family member if I wasn't really sure if

they were a family member all of them

could cook right and so then I go to

college and sure enough it's like okay

the freshman 15 I walk in and there's

like this buffet of food and like the

chicken was rubbery the meatloaf was had

like a green tint to it a little bit and

it kind of freaked me out like a lot you

know cuz I remember thinking like this

is not what this is supposed to taste

like so I had a bright idea I was gonna

become a vegetarian now I didn't do it

for social reasons this was long before

hipsters were anti you know industrial

food complex and stuff and say I just

didn't want to eat meat that was not me

like and so I remember when when I went

home for my first break from college you

know my grandma was just like what is

this that I hear that you have become a

vegetarian what is wrong with you you

know and I mean and I'm like what

you don't understand I mean like you

know you and mom you guys cook so well

and it's just amazing everything tastes

like it's perfect you never have to eat

out and and then I went to college and

she started laughs like Oh everything's

nasty on I'm like yeah and she's like we

can fix that I'm like oh yeah she's I'm

gonna teach you how to cook so I thought

to myself this is a good idea I'm a

single guy if I know how to cook and I'm

kind of handsome you know I got a

college degree I might have a shot here

you know I'd sosamma okay grandma you

got it and so me and my grandma we sit

on down and my grandma's like the first

thing you need to know how to make is

you know how to make sauce cuz you're

Italian and so everything goes good in

sauce so she's like and so she started

to show me how to make this thing right

and so I'm making and she's like talking

me through and it's really beautiful cuz

my grandma means she's an Italian

grandma so she doesn't she's not working

off a recipe book she's not measure

anything out you know half the time

she's eating what's in the pot and she's

like my dad he's a little more of this

it was totally gross unsanitary but it

tastes delicious you know and so so sure

enough my grandma made my first pot of

sauce but it's not quite right it's not


and so I'm eating it and and like I grew

up literally my grandma's sauce was so

good that we would walk into the kitchen

and we would take bread and we throw it

into the sauce thing like learn from

across the room because if you got it in

there then you had to go fish it I had

to eat the bread with the sauce dripping

all over it was so awesome you know so

my grandma literacy and then she's like

running after you with the wooden spoon

it was beautiful life you know and so

and so I tasted my grandma it's missing

something grandma what's it missing and

she got a big smile on her face she's

like ah I forgot to tell you the most

important ingredient you gotta put a lot

of love in it and she got this big smile

on her face and she gave me a big sauce

bread kiss ran outside of my face you

know I gave me a big hug and she said

all I love you and she gave me this big

warm hug and I've never forgotten that

story because in a lot of ways that's

the key to an extraordinary life I mean

if you think about life like so like

like I had to write this book up were

doing one and out work because I wanted

to write a book about life a life that

we're all living and can we make sure

that we get the right ingredients

they're right

I mean look a good sauce you need the

right ingredients she needs your you

need your basil and you need your garlic

you need your olive oil and you need

your salt if you really like it that way

and sugar if you're don't know how to

really make a sauce no I'm just kidding

I know that's a big thing right now like

do you are you supposed to put sugar in

the Italian sauce we can talk about that

later and talk about the acidity of the

of the tomatoes and it really needs

sugar or we just like sweet tooth's and

almost anyway so if you want to have an

amazing life and I believe that you do

because it's the only life that you get

to have here so it's like it you better

get it right you need the right

ingredients but even if you have all the

right ingredients if you don't have a

lot of love in it it's not gonna be an

extraordinary life and what's beautiful

about this is that we've learned that

from Jesus why because when they asked

Jesus what the greatest commandment was

Jesus said you need to love the Lord

your God with all your heart soul

strength in mind I need to love your

neighbor as you as yourselves as you

implied as you love yourself that's we

get upward inward and outward from right

like upward is loving God and then

inward is loving yourself because God

loves you and then outward you live out

from all of that love out into the world

but upward inward and outward I like to

say it that the art of living is loving

love is the ingredient like you can have

everything in your life together you can

have health you know you can have a good

family that you came from you can have a

career that you find fulfilling you can

have all these ingredients but if you do

not have a ton of love in the midst of

that life it might be a good life but

it's not an extraordinary life so I

wanted to make sure that as we're kind

of breaking this open that we give due

attention to something as simple as the

necessity of love now let's do this show

hands how many think that the world

could use with a little bit more love

yeah I see you guys in Portland as well

they have an importance like who

everyone online put those hands up right

we all agree that the world needs more

love in it and here's the thing because

of who Jesus is we have access to the

most extraordinary love in the world and

as the followers of Jesus we need to

make sure that love is the centerpiece

of the ethics by which we live we need

to make sure that at every turn whether

it's upward with God whether it's the

way we view ourselves because of God's

love for us and as we move out into the

world that love is essential and

necessary and primary on who we are now

what's amazing is if you think about

that I know and I've thought about that

I realize all these ways that I don't do

a great job loving and what I love about

God is that he knows we're all in

process he knows that none of us have it

all together

so I want to call to our remembrance

today the necessity of love because you

could have all the right ingredients in

your life but without a lot of love in

it it's not gonna be an extraordinary

life so in order to unpack this I want

to unpack this with the most famous

passage of the Bible about love first

Corinthians 13 cut open up your Bibles

there you probably some you don't even

need to open up your Bibles there

because you've been to enough weddings

you got this thing memorize but I want

you to go to your Bible there because

even if you haven't memorized I want you

be able to read along first Corinthians

it's easy to find you to bring a Bible

with you to church I know some of you I

didn't do that those books on the seats

in front of you all of them are Bibles

they're not phone books to not romance

novels I heard that in one of the

Bible's there's a hundred dollar bill at

first Corinthians 13 now I'm just



first Corinthians 13 it's easy to fight

in your New Testament you have Matthew

Mark Luke and John right and they have

the book of Acts the Acts of the

Apostles then you have Paul's letter to

the Romans and then first Corinthians so

all those books Matthew Mark Luke John

acts Romans all longer books and then

first Corinthians and of course I still

have to say chapter 13 is between

chapters 12 and 14 just to close in all

those loops I want you to read along it

begins this way

first Corinthians 13:1 though I speak

with the tongues of men and of angels

but have not love I have become sounding

brass or a clanging cymbal and though I

have the gift of prophecy and understand

all mysteries and all knowledge and

though I have all faith so that I could

remove mountains but have not love I am

nothing and though I bestow all my goods

to feed the poor and though I give my

body to be burned but have not love it

profits me nothing so we begin with this

reality that love is better love is

better all the things listed here and

each one of these verses they're good

but love is better now the Apostle Paul

begins by first saying though I speak

with the tongues of men and of angels so

the idea is though I have all the

eloquence that a human can come up with

though I know all these different

languages even if I know the language of

heaven but if I don't speak with love I

become a sounding brass and a clanging

cymbal now think about that for a second

I mean even take a moment notice here at

honor crossroads Vancouver stage we have

our little house for the drummer and the

reason we give the drummer house is

because we realize that drummers don't

have the house unless they marry


every drummer knows exactly what I'm

talking about so we got the drummer a

house here so you wanted to give the

drummer a little sum and we realized if

he didn't have a house he'd be in

trouble but notice has anybody here

complained about the sound of this

cymbal since we gave the drummer house

no how many of you complain about the

sound of the drums before here across

let's don't raise your hands

see cymbals are loud right I've been

playing music my entire life and went

eyes the bass flashed him right next to

the drummer and I have a ringing that

comes in and out of my ears because the

overtones of those cymbals are so loud

especially when I was playing you know

rock and roll and heavy man on those

drummers like you know no sense to hit

the drum to make news you gotta slam

that thing so the thing goes like this

and and it sounds crazy and so so your

ears get all jacked up right now how

many of you like standing next to a

symbol all day long every day anybody

likes love that like I just want that

symbol ringing in my ear 24 hours a day

some of you do I bet your spouse feels

the same way about you no I'm just

kidding I'm just kidding but listen if

you speak with the greatest eloquence

you have the language of heaven but you

have not love you are just a headache

waiting to happen

that's what this means so eloquent

speech is good tongues is good but love

is better from there notice what it says

and though I have the gift of prophecy

and understand all mysteries and all

knowledge and though I have all faith so

that I could remove mountains but have

not love I am nothing

see now what he says he's like listen

not only is is is is eloquence good but

love is better but now all sorts of

spiritual giftings prophecy the ability

to understand mysteries unique

supernatural knowledge even the gift of

faith that jesus said if you have the

faith of a mustard seed you can say to

this mountain be removed in the sea and

will go but if you have not love it says

you're nothing so spiritual gifts are

good but love is better

wow this reminds us of course

1st Corinthians 8:1 where it says

knowledge puffs up but love edifies Wow

in a very educated society like ours

love is better you could be the wisest

most credentialed person in your

profession but if you do not have love

it says notice I am nothing and then

verse 3 says and though I bestow all my

goods to feed the poor and though I give

my body to be burned but I have not love

it profits me nothing now this week's of

all sorts of sacrifice

whether you are exceedingly charitable

with with the resources that you have to

help people who are impoverished even

the most ultimate sacrifice for somebody

to give up their life for their faith in

Jesus says if I have not loved it

profits me nothing

see sacrifice is good but love is better

surmise me Jesus said John 15 verses 12

and 13 this is my commandment that you

love one another as I have loved you

greater love has no one than this than

to lay down one's life for his friends

and Jesus lay down his life for us he

lay that it was like for you because

jesus is saying in a sense what you need

to realize as things are good we

shouldn't neglect eloquence we shouldn't

neglect spiritual giftings we shouldn't

neglect all sorts of sacrificial living

but love is even more important now are

we cultivating that see it's a love the

choice that you make love is a decision

that you make in the moment to be

different about what might come

naturally and Jesus's idea for the

greatest commandment is I want you to

live in what is best or better for your

own lives now from there in verse 4

first Corinthians 13 we learned

something really important that's the

fact that love is specific love is

specific why because the Apostle Paul

defines love he doesn't want to leave it

up to chance he doesn't want you to

think for one second that any idea you

have about love

love he's saying I want to define it for

you and the love that's being spoken

about here this love that is better is

very specific now I'm gonna read it to

you look what it says in verse four it

says love suffers long or some of your

translations say love is patient and is

kind love does not envy love does not

parade itself is not puffed up does not

behave rudely does not seek its own is

not provoked thinks no evil does not

rejoice in iniquity but rejoices in the

truth bears all things believes all

things hopes all things endures all

things love never fails now there's no

kind of a powerful definition of love

isn't it

now there's a couple of things that you

need to know about this first the

definition of love is all described

using verbs which speaks of the fact

that love is something that you do right

they're all verbs here and this is what

happens is this who we become when the

love of God is shed abroad in our hearts

by the Holy Spirit this specific

definition of love this self sacrificial

love this love that is not needing to be

deserved to be given but is given

proactively it's the work of the Spirit

that's where the fruit of the Spirit is

love but not only that these verbs are

all in the present continuous tense in

the Greek which denotes actions and

attitudes which have become habitual

that are completely being repeated over

and over again so what that means is

that this love is not something that you

understood or practice in the past it's

something that may be a great it

happened in the past it has to be

happening right now

and I think what happens for us for many

of us is we can look back on a time when

we were really committed to the art of

living that's loving this specific love

in the Bible but now that love

begin to grow cold maybe in certain

areas of your life right now that love

has been growing cold where there was a

time maybe on your wedding day

right I love when I see couples when

they're getting married I always tell

people as a someone who's officiated

many many weddings when the bride comes

around the corner I never look at the

bride I always look at the groom cuz

that is the best moment of the entire

wedding when a man is standing there and

his eyes see his bride in her wedding

gown and listen I've never once been at

a wedding or officiated a wedding where

they didn't say I'm gonna love you with

everything I got for the rest of my life

never want anybody defender betting like


our wedding that that they don't say

that but then you fast forward like two

years or 20 years and all of a sudden

what happens where is this I am gonna

pursue you with all that I have see I

could see it in my own life I love my

bride Lane we've been married for 13

years and it's unpreparedness I'm like

man I could look like that time when I

was more passionate to pursue my wife's

heart than I am right to now and I'm

like oh Lord okay you need to do a fresh

work what I need to get back to the most

important things and I confess that

before you all because I know the same

is true for many of us see the love that

God wants us to have is specific it's

important now and it's something that

needs to be practiced today now what's

fascinating is Carl Bart was a very

well-known theologian now you guys know

this when I quote somebody doesn't mean

I agree with everything they've ever

said and you know it's we live in a

weird day and age where so if you quote

somebody everyone thinks old they're

agreeing with everything a person ever

did which is nuts it's just a good quote

all right Carl Bart's brilliant but I

don't agree with everything that Bart

stood for and but what's fascinating is

Carl Bart broke down this passage into

three different ways he said first from

verse 4 to the beginning of verse 5 that

it deals with love and

darkness within ourselves and then from

the middle of verse five and verse 6 it

deals with love and the darkness and

others and then verses 7 in the

beginning of verse 8 love and the

apparent darkness and God

now as funny as as years and years ago I

wrote this that that framework down and

I and I see it to be true first it's us

and then it's others and then it's how

we do we deal with who God is but you

know what I realize just studying it for

this message is that Carl Bart broke

down this specific definition of love

into inward outward and upward Oh

so I think if Carl was here today he did

endorse my book

I don't know this specific definition of

love is powerful now here's what's

here's what's really powerful you guys

want some homework to do for the rest of

your life nobody raised their hands okay

so if you're a follower of Jesus this is

your homework for the rest of your life

okay I'm gonna give it to you right here

I want you to take verses 4 to the

beginning of verse 8 and every time you

see the word love I want you put Jesus's

name in there check it out Jesus suffers

long Jesus is kind Jesus does not envy

Jesus does not parade himself Jesus is

not puffed up Jesus does not behave

rudely Jesus does not seek his own Jesus

is not provoked Jesus thinks no evil

Jesus does not rejoice in iniquity but

Jesus rejoices in the truth Jesus bears

all things Jesus believes all things

Jesus hopes all things and Jesus indoors

all things Jesus never fails can I get

an amen to that


that reads like hand-in-glove and that

is why Jesus is Savior and Lord and that

is why Jesus was an acceptable sacrifice

unto his father for my sins and for your

sins that is why I am more grateful

today than on the day that I got saved

to say that I believe in Jesus because

Jesus never fails and Jesus is so

patient he's so kind and Jesus doesn't

keep records of your wrongs and she

doesn't rejoice in iniquity but Jesus

rejoices in the truth and that is why

Jesus deserves our allegiance and our

loyalty the Bible says that we bow the

knee to Jesus we say Lord you are worthy

of my praise you are worthy of my life

and that is why Jesus laid down his life

for us because when it boils down to the

specifics of what true real love is

Jesus is rock solid and if you've never

put your faith and trust in Jesus why

would you not want to follow true love

why not I mean what would hold you back

from following true love I know it holds

us back the fact that true love

absolutely transforms our lives and for

many of us we don't want our lives to be

transferred we're nervous that certain

things that we like Jesus is gonna ask

us to step away from me you know what

I've learned that's exactly what he does

because certain things that we like are

not right certain things that we like

are not loving no I know

remember your homework now I want you to

put your name in there put your name in

this definition daniel suffers long and

how many guys ever seen my impatience at

work don't raise your hands just pray

for me you know is Emma right now though

they come on let's go do this thing

there's something to follow me right I

have all the reasons what Daniel is kind

and you haven't seen me before coffee in

the morning nothing funnier when I'm

making coffee if I if I ain't when I if

I see either Linda the kids and they're

like morning on my you know it's good to

see you now you put your name in I mean

some of you are incredibly patient and

some of you are incredibly kind so maybe

you make it through the first two

characteristics but by the time you read

the list you realize that all of us fall

short of this standard these this

specific definition and my friends

that's the point that's the point of the

gospel the point of the gospel is that

when true love is the standard when pure

self sacrificial life-giving love with

no expectation of anything in return is

the standard all of us fall short in

some way how do you ever kept records of

wrongs for someone you love like they

got something wrong and you're not gonna

let them live it down right it like is

it no yeah no guy will move past that I

know I get I could work this one for

hours you know what I mean because we

all have that but then it says love

doesn't keep records of wrongs how many

times have we behaved rudely just didn't

respond the right way see Jesus's love

is specific and God is interested in

transforming us from our failed attempts

at love to become more and more

conformed to his love and that's why the

fruit of the Spirit is love because the

spirit of god as he dwells in the life

of a believer begins to cultivate an


where the love of God is the first

response but it's not there naturally

it's because of the the presence of the

Holy Spirit in our lives and that's why

believing in Jesus when we put our faith

and trust in him we are justified which

means we were guilty but now we're not

guilty we were outside of God's family

and now we're inside God's family and at

the moment a person puts their faith and

trust in Jesus then the Spirit of God

takes up residence in their life and

begins to change the entire environment

internally in a person because of the

spirits presence and now all of a sudden

these shoots of fruit of love starts to

boil up in our lives no sermon on love

is gonna make us love as Jesus loved

only the Spirit of God who came because

of Jesus's love we'll do that and if

you've never put your faith and trust in

Jesus wrongly give you an opportunity to

do it by the end of this gathering and

listen I want to tell you you should run

into the arms of Jesus because the the

love that you deeply longed for will

never be found in a person who you're

attracted to or or this thing that

you've always wanted a like when I get

that then I'll really know love know

it's in Jesus it's in Jesus and listen

to what it says Paul ends great Romans

chapter 8 verses 37 to 39 this way

getting all these things we are more

than conquerors through him who loved us

for I am convinced that neither death

nor life nor Angels nor principalities

nor powers or things present nor things

to come nor height nor depth nor any

other created thing can separate us from

the love of God that is in Christ Jesus

our Lord amen

what that means what that means is that

God no matter what happens nothing can

sever you from the love of God because

through the finished work of Jesus you

are umbilical II connected to his love

nothing can separate you no angel no

demon nor height nor death nothing in

the past nothing in the present nothing

in the future nothing can separate you

from God's love because no one can pull

you out of his hand and that is the good

news of the gospel my friends

that's the best news ever you know when

when love starts to reach a person's

heart all of a sudden their life changes

they become obsessed with this love

they're always say they're Facebook

stalking people and you know and their

wait look at their phone as the text

coming in it's the text coming in and

you're you're waiting for the next thing

and that's the way we should be with

Jesus amen we're we're just so

enraptured by this love that he has for

us this love that would cause him to lay

down his life for us but not only it's

love better not only is love specific

but look what it says answer says love

never fails but whether there are

prophecies they will fail and whether

there are tongues they will cease

whether there is knowledge it will

vanish away for we know in part and we

prophesy in part but when that which is

perfect is come that which is in part

will be done away with when I was a

child I spoke as a child verse 11 I

understood as a child and I thought of

the child but when I became a man I put

away childish things for now we see in a

mirror dimly and then face to face now I

know in part and then I shall know just

as I am known what this teaches us is

that love is eternal see all these other

things that are listed here they're all

good things but none of them are eternal

things see he already used ideas of

spiritual giftings tongues all these

things in verses 1 & 2 and then he comes

back to him whether there are prophecies

they will fail whether there are tongues

they will cease knowledge it's gonna

vanish away now before I move on this

because some pastors want to take these

verses to mean that the gifts of the

Spirit don't work today my friends that

is not what this means at all don't look

like and these are people who like some

of the pastors who espouse this view

they love God they love the Bible

they're very serious about the Bible but

it completely misses the point of what

this is talking about what is saying is

that prophecies are for here and now

tongues are for here and now no this is

for here and now and there's a time when

that stuff's not going to be necessary

because when Jesus returns when we know

as we are known then all the

we'll be is the love of God that agape

of God and all these other things like

it's not like we're gonna be having

afterglow sessions in heaven with the


we're all gonna be waiting around for

like holes isn't that glory that you

know that that time this got spoken it's

like they we're gonna be the presence of

God in totality those things will cease

because God will be all in all these are

temporary measures for this side of

eternity but really what this is saying

its emphasizing once again

that God's love is the most important

thing and us walking into so that's why

I call the art of living as loving

because their each one of us walk away

today and say I want my experience of

God's love upward and he returning that

love to him I want to love God more I

want to experience more of God's life

and then because of God's love that he

loves me I want to learn how to love

myself more and if you say and I want to

learn how to love everybody else around

me more then to me this is the most

important message you'll ever hear the

book breaks open how to cultivate upward

inward and outward love I'm gonna be

over the next three weeks and be taking

one for upward one for inward one for

outward just to give you a little tease

at a taste of it but the beauty is as

paul links this love to maturity notice

what he says in these verses in verse 11

when I was to move back to verse 10 and

went and when that which is perfect has

come or that which is complete or fully

mature has come then that which is in

part will be done away when I was a

child I spoke as a child I understood as

a child I thought as a child but when I

became a man I put away childish things

now listen I love my kids but my kids

are childish and they're supposed to be

god bless them you know what I mean but

it's like like when I look at my little

Annabelle so she's three and I look at

Maranatha and she's nine I look at

Obadiah when he saw when they're being

childish I realize that that's a

temporary condition and I say thank you


I said oh praise God like like

Annabelle's in that age right now where

she just wants to take everything out

and once she takes everything out her

purpose is done and no matter how much I

say an evil one you clean up all this

stuff why now I know some of you are

still in that stage where like your

that's your house looks like bomb hit

and that's how you live and that's

praise God but we're hoping that our

kids are gonna make their way out of

that thing because there's nothing worse

than when you step on a lego can I get a

Amen those of you don't have kids yeah

you wait till you step on your first set

of Legos we'll see how long suffering

you are I was gonna be the kind of dad

ever I stepped on a like you know I was

like oh is this a know somebody Sam but

you know that this child likeness is

childishness is temporary but we always

have to remember that God's love is

meant to be experienced for us like

children its first John chapter 3 verses

1 to 3 says behold what manner of love

the father has bestowed on us that we

should be called children of God

therefore the world does not know us

because it did not know him beloved now

we are children of God and it has not

yet been revealed what we shall be but

we know that when he is revealed we

shall be like him for we shall see him

as he is and everyone who has this hope

in him purifies himself just as he is

pure I love that verse what manner of

love the father has bestowed on us that

we should be called children of God and

then he says and the world does not yet

know what we're gonna be because it

hasn't reached its culmination yet

so so we learn here that love is better

than really good things love is specific

it's uniquely defined and that love is


that so many of the things that we have

a tendency to focus on right now are

temporary but we should focus on the

biggest ideas the most important thing

and then first Corinthians 13 ends with

the one of the most famous verses in the

Bible where it says and now abide faith

hope and love these three but the

greatest of these is love so we end with

this reality that love is the greatest

these Triplets of Christian piety face

hope and love but the greatest of these

is is love

think about how powerful that is for a

second I mean we know that faith is what

saves us the ability to trust God as we

move through it's essential to how we

make our decisions right you think of

the hope God has spoken of as God of all


see it's the ability to look forward

into life with joy knowing that our

future is in the hands of God I mean

anything some of you right now your

faith is languishing because you're not

choosing to trust the faithful God

you're worried about tomorrow or you're

worried about your circumstances not

knowing that your father is good in

Jesus he's bestowed amazing love on you

and that you're his child and he's got

you hope being able to look down the

road of life I like to say hope H ope

having only positive expectations

does that mean that everything is gonna

go on exactly the way you think it's

gonna go on the future no it means that

no matter what goes on God's gonna be

with you because God is with you it's

good that's what hope is hope is being

able to live today hoping and knowing

tomorrow because God is God is gonna be

good and faith is essential and hope is

essential but love occupies that supreme

place god is love and reminds me of the

other most famous Bible verse next to

abide these three faith hope and love in

the greatest of these is love and that's

John 3:16 and for God so loved the world

that He gave His only begotten Son that

whoever would believe in him shall not

perish but shall have everlasting life

why did Jesus come because God so loved

the world Jesus came on a rescue mission

that is rooted in God's love and Jesus

knows that all of us every single one of

us have made mistakes all sorts make

some huge mistakes and other ones slight

mistakes some mistakes that we made

because we felt like being rebels and

other times because we didn't even know

that what we were doing is wrong God

knows that about us and he still says

I'm because of my love for you I'm gonna

take care of you because of my love for

you I'm gonna send my son who's gonna

live perfectly who's gonna win the

specific definition of love he's gonna

live it to the tee and because of that

he is gonna be a perfect spotless

sinless sacrifice who was worthy to be

sacrificed on the cross in accordance

with all of the Jewish sacrificial

system to conquer sin once for all

see the reason the art of living is

loving for you and for me is because God

loves you because God is love and God

wants us to learn how to walk in that

love and the only way a person can truly

experience the love of God is by putting

their faith in Jesus and I believe that

there are many of you who are here today

you've never said yes to Jesus before

and you're hearing this message and

you're saying I want to know that love

you're saying yourself I want to walk in

love and I want to learn this art of

loving upward inward and outward I want

my life not just to have the right

ingredients but I want my life to be

extraordinary because it is filled with

the amazing incomprehensible love of God

and I'm gonna give you an opportunity to

say yes to Jesus in just a moment but

listen for those of you who are already

followers of Jesus listen to me God

wants us to love more radically more

reckless recklessly and more profoundly

than we ever had as the world continues

on its course it's so easy for us not to

respond with love but to respond with

anger and frustration but that is not

what God has done when the world was

lost God sent his son because of God's

great love so that anyone who would

believe in him would come back Christian

brother Christian sister my family

listen we need to love now more than we

ever have we need to love more

passionately and recklessly than we ever

have not with the some summer some not

defined love but with this specific love

this agape this love that God has for us

and I pray that we would all say Lord

will you grow expand my heart that I

might receive more of your love and

return to you living upward and that

because of your love that I would love

myself through the lens of the cross of

Jesus Christ I might really love myself

that I might love my neighbor everybody

the world needs this today

and I believe God by his spirit is

driving us to love can I get an amen

let's bow our heads in our hearts as we

pray together